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Most embeddable players are designed for music content. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new podcast player. We set out to design a highly-shareable podcast player with a talk-format specific user interface and our accurate measurement system under the hood.

You can embed our new, sleek player anywhere – from mobile pages and social media feeds to websites and blogs. Our player measures all of these listens, whether they happen via a tweet, mobile visit, or fan blog post.

You can track listens from all channels in one place – including listens from the BTR site and RSS feed, your website, social media, external blogs and websites, mobile, iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, and other pod catchers. 

Everyone can embed the single-episode player and multiplayer. You can even encourage listeners to embed episodes on their blogs and social media posts. Hosts with large accounts can also use the player to stream their live shows.

During our soft-launch phase, we saw a significant increase in listens for hosts who adopted the player on websites, blogs, and social media posts.

If you’ve embedded the old player, you’ll notice we’ve updated the look and feel. If you’d like your listeners to see the wave animation, you’ll need to update the embed code.

We’ve written a support article that explains how to embed the single-episode and multiplayer. Check it out and feel free to email if you have any questions. We’d also love to hear host feedback about the player. Email your feedback to

NBA Roundtable Podcast on BlogTalkRadio

With another season of the NBA about to debut, BlogTalkRadio gathered five of their popular hosts to preview the 2016/2017 season.  The roundtable includes Nate Duncan, Danny Leroux, Chris Sheridan, Coach Nick and is moderated by Adam Stanco.  Listen to learn about how teams reacted to the Warriors winning the title, what role LeBron James will play with a loaded roster and season predictions.  

This season preview is the beginning of a basketball roundtable series. Download and listen to all of these shows all season long for the best coverage of the NBA around.

Here are the participants of the roundtable:

Nate DuncanDunc’d On

Nate hosts the most in-depth NBA podcast around.  New episodes are available 5 days a week featuring detailed game breakdowns, salary cap analysis and scouting.

Danny LerouxReal GM offers users all the data and tools required to simulate the experience of a real general manager. NBA teams have been using RealGM’s breakthrough technology since 2003. Danny hosts the weekly podcast keeping listeners abreast of the latest happenings in the NBA.

Coach NickBBall Breakdown

Coach Nick (founder of has dedicated himself to preserving the fundamentals of basketball. By paying close attention off the ball, he opens up a whole new way to watch and analyze the game. Coach Nick is a basketball historian as well, amassing exclusive interviews with some of the great minds of the game including Tex Winter, Pete Newell, Pete Carril, and Dean Smith.

Chris SheridanSheridan Hoops Radio

Chris offers daily podcasts with the best that the NBA and basketball journalism has to offer. After six years at ESPN and 18 years at the Associated Press, Chris is providing NBA and international basketball news, commentary and analysis on an independent level.

Adam StancoGreat Point Podcast

Adam is a former producer from ESPN and currently works at the Pac-12 Network. Using his vast array of contacts, Adam presents interviews with some of the most interesting minds in basketball and TV.

4 Podcasts for Modern Parents

Here’s to the parents who play video games, crack jokes, or run their own business after they drop their kids off at school. These four podcasts are for you.

Gaming with the Moms

Moms Linda Breneman and Nicole Tanner and non-mom Simone de Rochefort talk and laugh about the intersection between games and family life. Whether you have consoles in the house, want to select educational games for your children, or miss Yoshi, this podcast is for you. In episode 19, they interviewed the Former Senior Advisor for Digital Media for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy about educational video games.

Gaming With The Moms on BlogTalkRadio


HaHaas for HooHaas Podcast

In 2011, Anna Lind Thomas realized that funny women needed a funny website. Now, she’s on a mission to create a podcast for women to share their funny stories with co-host Susannah Lewis.

“Motherhood and womanhood can be a very serious thing, which is why it all needs to be made fun of relentlessly” says Anna. Laugh along with their latest episode below.

HaHas for HooHas Podcast on BlogTalkRadio


The Indie Parent

Amy Bellgardt & Désirée Fawn are Indie Parents on a mission to offer stories, tips, support and inspiration for other self-employed and entrepreneurial parents out there. They talk about everything from self care to social media. You can catch-up on season 1 and start season 2 now.

The Indie Parent on BlogTalkRadio



Nominated for an IAWTV Award for Best Live Series, MomCave LIVE has been described as “Wayne’s World for Moms”. Each week,  Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, Valisa Tate, and Stephanie Faith Scott laugh, confess, and sometimes play mommy-themed drinking games with their entertaining guests. Laugh and learn about everything from making mom friends to lactation.


MomCave LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

TV Time Machine, the long-running syndicated radio show, expands distribution to BlogTalkRadio as a featured Podcast

TV Time Machine, the syndicated celebrity interview radio show heard on terrestrial stations across the Salem Radio Network and on flagship KCBQ-AM in San Diego, California, is now exploring the digital landscape, landing as a featured Podcast on BlogTalkRadio. Travelling beyond the program’s terrestrial orbit, Jim Benson’s TV Time Machine is scheduled to blast-off on the website beginning September 24th.  

“I’m extremely proud to be a part of the BlogTalkRadio family,” says TV Time Machine host Jim Benson. “BlogTalkRadio is a legendary name in the field of podcast distribution, and we’re tremendously excited about harnessing the reach of BTR, and combining it with the star-power of TV Time Machine. It’s a marriage made in the heavens!”

BlogTalkRadio General Manager Andy Toh added “Jim produces a consistently high quality show, including illuminating interviews with experts and celebrity guests, and we’re privileged to support his podcasting venture.”

Host Jim Benson has interviewed many of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars on his long-running radio program. Celebrities who’ve recently travelled on Jim Benson’s TV Time Machine include Ron Perlman, Jeffrey Tambor, JoBeth Williams, Linda Hamilton, Mariel Hemingway, Maury Povich, Alan Thicke, Ed Begley, Jr., Andie MacDowell and Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau—joining past guests such as Mel Brooks, Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Weiner and Debbie Reynolds—just a few of the many stars that comprise the TV Time Machine galaxy.  

TV Time Machine on BlogTalkRadio


TV Time Machine, also heard online at and every weekend on radio stations across the country, is a dynamically entertaining radio program featuring TV’s biggest celebrities and spotlighting shows ranging from The Voice to The Virginian. TV Time Machine explores worlds beyond nostalgia, featuring interviews with today’s hottest stars, while also visiting with the TV legends of yesterday.

About BlogTalkRadio

Founded in 2006, BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. The platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live, publish on-demand, syndicate, measure and monetize conversational format podcasts. Hosts can capture interviews with guests from any geographic location using nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and a broadband internet connection.

About Jim Benson

In addition to hosting the TV Time Machine broadcast for over a decade, Jim Benson has contributed to dozens of television productions for TV Land, Showtime, Nick at Nite, NBC/Universal, CBS Entertainment, and Starz/Encore, including a featured appearance on Penn & Teller’s Bull****. His production company, TV Time Machine Productions, was recently enlisted to help produce a “lost episode” of the classic 1970’s TV horror series Rod Serling’s Night Gallery for Universal Home Entertainment’s DVD release of Night Gallery: Season Three.


Lisa Rothstein

(310) 987-2433

The Motley Fool’s Podcasts Come to BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio is proud to announce the addition of The Motley Fool’s podcasts to its lineup.

BlogTalkRadio General Manager Andy Toh said “We believe that the future of podcasting rests on great content delivering real value to listeners. We couldn’t be happier to feature top quality investment advice from The Motley Fool on our platform, especially at this critical time in the market. They’re well known for imparting otherwise intimidating information in a friendly, conversational manner. It’s podcasting at its best.”

Chris Hill, head of radio and podcast strategy for The Motley Fool, added “Our mission is to help the world invest better, and podcasts are just one of the ways we’re doing that. We’re excited to bring our shows to such a well-known and respected platform as BlogTalkRadio. At a time when some financial media companies have turned away from podcasting, we’re thrilled to be expanding our offerings to a new audience.”

The Motley Fool podcasts are:

Motley Fool Money – Hosted by Chris Hill, the show features a team of Motley Fool analysts discussing the week’s top business and investing stories, interviews, and an inside look at the stocks on our radar.

MarketFoolery – A daily look at stocks in the news, as well as the top business and investing stories. Hosted by Chris Hill.

Industry Focus – A deeper dive for investors into the biggest news in healthcare, technology, energy, consumer goods, and more.

Motley Fool Answers – Saving, spending, planning for retirement— you’ve got money questions and our personal finance experts have answers. Hosted by Alison Southwick.

Rule Breaker Investing – Each week, Motley Fool Co-Founder David Gardner shares his insights into today’s most innovative and disruptive publicly traded companies — and how to profit from them by following his signature “Rule Breaker Investing” principles.

Rule Breaker Investing on BlogTalkRadio


About The Motley Fool

Founded in 1993 in Alexandria, VA. by brothers David and Tom Gardner, The Motley Fool is a financial-services company dedicated to helping the world invest better. Every month, millions of savvy investors rely on the Motley Fool’s expertise and guidance through, The Motley Fool book series, newspaper column, subscription investment advisory services, podcasts, and media appearances.

About BlogTalkRadio

Founded in 2006, BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. The platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live, publish on-demand, syndicate, measure, and monetize conversational format podcasts. Hosts can capture interviews with guests from any geographic location using nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and a broadband Internet connection.

For interview requests, please contact Alison Southwick at

For inquiries about BlogTalkRadio, email Jay Soderberg at

The Week In Podcasting debuts on BlogTalkRadio

In an effort to expand podcast discovery and promotion, BlogTalkRadio presents The Week In Podcasting. Every Thursday, the trio of Seth Everett, Val Reilly and Jeff Adams will talk about current events and topics brought up in three other podcasts. Listeners will not only get an entertaining, topical show, but they’ll also hear clips from three other podcasts they may not have heard before.  

“It’s a no-brainer concept,” says Jay Soderberg, Head of Content at BlogTalkRadio, “Word of mouth is the best way to expose your podcast to more ear buds. And I love the idea of making a show around the topics of the three shows being presented in the show.”

In the debut episode, Seth, Val and Jeff explore a topic brought up in the Market Foolery podcast – why more Americans don’t read foreign news. They dig into the start of the NFL season and everybody’s favorite pastime – fantasy football – with the Fantasy Guru podcast. Plus, Val shares how much she loves the Real Housewives as they listen to the brand new Girls In Heels podcast featuring Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea from the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  

Audience members are encouraged to submit their favorite podcasts to be featured on the show. They can email with their suggestions and the team will choose the submissions that fit best that particular week.  

The Week In Podcasting will be available to download every Thursday on iTunes and at  

Getting to Know The Hosts:

Seth Everett is a sports talk show host and has three podcasts of his own – Hall of Justice, The Diamond and Sports With Friends.   

Val Reilly is a full-time mom and freelance writer who loves watching the Real Housewives shows.    

Jeff Adams is the host of The Jeff Adams Show and founder of JA Creative, an online video production company.  

About BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. Founded in 2006, the pioneering BlogTalkRadio platform is a unified toolkit that helps podcasters record, stream live or on demand, syndicate, measure and monetize conversational format podcasts featuring guests and listeners from any geographic location, with nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and a broadband internet connection.

The First Annual BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Football League

In an effort to get you the best fantasy advice, 10 shows got together to compete in a fantasy football season. You can hear the experts employing their different strategies. You can hear the weak attempts at playful smack talk. You can hear the utter disdain when things don’t work out. The good folks at volunteered to host the league (they are the home of FFToolbox and other fine fantasy podcasts). This is a recording of what happened on that fateful, draft night:

These are the participants of our First Annual BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Football League. The draft was merely the beginning. Download and listen to these shows all season long for the best fantasy advice around and find out who finishes on top.  

John Hansen representing Fantasy Guru

Online since 1995, is one of the oldest and most connected fantasy information sites on the planet. Merged with in 2008, they offer quality information and professional analysis from a staff that is predominantly comprised of individuals who cover and analyze the NFL full-time. The episodes featuring regular guest, Greg Cosell, are not to be missed. Even if John ran into a few issues drafting, I fear he’ll be a competitor to watch for.  

Matt Chatham representing Football By Football

A players-only roundtable discussion of NFL and college football topics offering listeners unparalleled insight into the game. Experienced. Real. Football insight by football players!  Matt really broke down the players as the draft went on. Always good to have a “real football” analyst in a fantasy draft.

Gary Davenport representing The Fantasy Sharks

There are two types of Fantasy Owners. Sharks and Chum. Which are you? Gary Davenport and Walton Spurlin look at which players fantasy owners should be marrying this year and who they should be asking for divorce. Gary was drafting with us, but couldn’t join us on the podcast. Which is a shame because I would have liked to hear why he drafted Teddy Bridgewater.

Dennis Farrell representing The Fantasy Sideline Show – 

Dennis Farrell is joined by some familiar old faces and some new ones to bring the Fantasy Sideline Show back to the top in fantasy sports entertainment. Dennis had to disappear early in the draft to take care of his kid, only opening the door for an excuse later this season when I beat him.  

Jeff Ratcliffe representing PFF Radio – 

PFF Radio provides award-winning football and fantasy football analysis for the thinking fan, powered by Pro Football Focus. Much like Matt, Jeff was also providing valuable breakdowns for all the players on his draft board – and he got to speak for Dennis once as well.  

Joel Henard representing The Fantasy Insiders podcast –

Host Joel Henard will sit down with co-host Mike Hilbig (@TheFantasyDR) from The Fantasy Insiders and get you up to date on the latest news and notes from around the baseball and football world. Hey, wait a second. Baseball??? What is baseball???

PodVader representing Next Fan Up – 

Next Fan Up is a twice a week check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. We have 32 SuperFans, each representing one of the 32 NFL teams. And we speak with the occasional guest. I also drafted Mark Ingram much too early and I’m still willing to trade him for rather cheap.

Ramona Rice representing The Sports Gal Pal

The Sports Gal Pal is a show to help the novice fan find their team spirit and embrace their love of sports. If that isn’t enough you’ll at least learn why the sports fans in your life go a little nuts once in awhile. Ramona believes fantasy football is one of the best ways to initiate new fans into football.

Ashley Williams representing Her Fantasy Football

The Williams’ sisters – Ashley, Courtney, Brandon – are women talking to women about fantasy football. They’re the hosts, analysts and competitive. Except for Ashley, who drafted nothing but Denver Broncos for her fantasy team.  

Mark Morales-Smith representing (home of FF Toolbox) –

Since 1997, smart players have turned to FFToolbox for the best in fantasy football information on the ‘Net. They cover the latest news, topics and trends – all aimed at helping you dominate your fantasy football league this season. And one last thank you to for hosting our league this year.

At the end of this season, PodVader will be crowned champ <ahem>. I mean, someone will be crowned champion, complete with bragging rights and a spiffy trophy!

Hollywood Hookups and Breakups with Cooper Lawrence and Bravo TV host Vikki Ziegler launches on BlogTalkRadio

September 2nd is the launch date for Hollywood Hookups and Breakups, a new podcast by radio and TV personality Cooper Lawrence and Vikki Ziegler of Bravo TV’s hit show Untying the Knot, which enters its second season in November.

BlogTalkRadio General Manager Andy Toh expressed his enthusiasm about the new show “We love to offer listeners dynamic and knowledgeable personalities like Cooper Lawrence and Vikki Ziegler. Who better than a psychologist and a divorce attorney to give advice on the ups and downs of marriage and other relationships?”

Cooper Lawrence said “The on air chemistry I feel with Vikki is contagious. It’s smart talk which will also make you laugh and be able to identify with our personalities. We are women supporting other women and keeping it real, and BlogTalkRadio shares our philosophy, so it’s a perfect fit all around.”

Vikki Ziegler added “As an expert in the divorce field, I think it’s time for someone to step up to the plate and teach people what goes wrong in marriages so we can all try to stay in healthy happy ones…And who doesn’t like to talk about a celebrity hookup or breakup?!”

Cooper and Vikki are prepping for an exclusive interview with Alyssa Milano this fall. She’ll be dishing on celebrity hookups and breakups like the recent split between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.

Other episodes will focus on topics like the dysfunctional Kardashian family.


Fans can subscribe to the weekly download of Hollywood Hookups and Breakups on BlogTalkRadio each Wednesday.

About BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio helps podcasters thrive and profit from their content. Founded in 2006, the pioneering platform is a holistic toolkit that helps podcasters record, broadcast live, distribute, measure, and monetize conversational format podcasts featuring guests and listeners from any geographic location. All podcasters need is a laptop, microphone, and a decent Internet connection to run a high-quality show. 

For interview requests, contact