Ivana (talk to) Milicevic on BlogTalkRadio Today!

Witless Protection‘s model-turned- actress and Larry the Cable Guy’s co-star Ivana Milicevic will join Movie Addict Headquarters for an exclusive in-depth interview. She’ll be live and taking calls!

Ivana Milicevic Milicevic began her acting career as a stand-up comedian. Her upcoming films include the thriller Columbus Day with Val Kilmer and the drama Your Name Here with Bill Pullman.

In Witless Protection Milicevic plays a beautiful, high-class woman being held against her will by four mysterious, black-suited men. Recognizing the opportunity to save the day, Larry the Cable Guy “kidnaps” her, only to learn that she’s a key witness in an important case and her captors are FBI agents assigned to protect her.

Today at 4pm ET on Movie Addict Headquarters!

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