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Actor and philanthropist Harper Hill

Living By Design talks to actor and philanthropist Hill Harper. Harper has appeared in CSI: NY as well as such films as He Got GameThe Skulls, and BelovedHarper also graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School, where he befriended President Barack Obama. Harper talks about his work as well as his new book, Letters to an Incarcerated Brother.

The book, Harper says, is not only directed at those in prison but at everyone, saying that he hopes “that people get inspired by the relationship between me and the incarcerated brother.” He says that “many of us are in prisons, not made of iron bars,” and calls the book “prescriptive.”

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Orphan Black’s Kristian Bruun


Canadian actor Kristian Bruun stops by The Worst Show on the Web. Bruun is most famous for appearing in BBC America’s sci-fi series Orphan Black, in which he plays the husband of one of the five clones played by Tatiana Maslany. He’s also the producer and star of the new movie Play.

Bruun talks about the process of making the show, including filming a rather intense scene in which his character is graphically tortured, which he calls “the most fun thing I have ever filmed” and “quite the experience.” He also talks about an upcoming documentary that he’s filming about his former roommate who is taking a motorcycle trip around the world.

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Dave Coulier on his career and hockey


Actor and comedian Dave Coulier, of Full House and Ghostbusters fame, talks to 24/7 Sports Hub Radio about his career and comedic inspirations. Coulier talks about the first indications that he wanted to go into comedy and acting, including an entertaining family and an early love for Richard Pryor and George Carlin. 

Coulier also talks about his process for creating celebrity impersonations, saying that he prizes comic value over accuracy. They also discuss Coulier’s interest in hockey, participating in charity hockey events with the Detroit Red Wings. He calls Jason Priestly the best actor that he’s played with.

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Jim O’Heir talks Parks and Recreation


Jim O’Heir plays the perpetually put-upon Jerry on NBC’s Parks And Recreation, among a cast that includes Amy Poehler, Rob Lowe, and Aziz Ansari. He talks to the hosts from Worst Show on the Web about his role on the show.

They talk about the path that the character has taken throughout the show, having gone through two name-changes thus far, and his respect for the show’s writers, being impressed that the show has, in his opinion, managed to improve over its six seasons. O’Heir also discusses his career, comparing a steady role on a long-running series to “winning the lottery.”

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Drew Sidora of VH1′s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story

Drew Sidora stars in VH1′s recent biopic of 1990s R&B group TLC, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. She plays group member Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, and previously appeared in Step Up and the Disney Channel’s That’s So RavenThe Biz With D talks to Sidora about her role in the film and background in theatre and music.

Sidora talks about working with the real T-Boz and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas for the film, learning their characteristics and mannerisms. She was “a huge fan of TLC growing up,” but calls the role the most difficult she’s had in her career thus far.

She also talks about recreating the music video for TLC’s 1999 hit “No Scrubs” for the film, wearing the group’s original wardrobe from the video. Sidora calls the video the most fun she had working on the film.

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Film Festival Radio talks to Grimm’s Claire Coffee


Claire Coffee plays Adalind Schade on NBC’s fairytale mystery procedural Grimm. The show’s third season premiered on October 25th, and Film Festival Radio‘s host Janice Malone talks to Coffee about what it has in store.

Coffee praises the gory, horror-inspired show, noting that this season will be replete with “zombies and beating hearts being removed from bodies.” She and Malone also discuss Coffee’s football fandom and the direction that she sees her character taking this season. We will not see a “kinder, gentler” side of the witchy Adalind any time soon, Coffee saying that she remains “reliably evil.”

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Stephen Baldwin and Ja Rule from new movie “I’m in Love with a Church Girl”


Your15Minutes Radio talks to Stephen Baldwin, Ja Rule and the writer of new movie I’m in Love with a Church Girl.

Writer Galley Molina, who based the screenplay on his own life, discusses having written the film while incarcerated, using it as an escape. He based one scene “almost verbatim” on an experience he had praying, and praises star Ja Rule’s performance of that scene in two takes.

Actor Stephen Baldwin discusses the importance of attracting a faith-based audience by providing content that speaks to them. He admires Church Girl because it “was not afraid to take a risk” in its content. Star Ja Rule talks about how he believes that the film, with its messages of redemption and change, will inspire people.

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Keeping It Reel with Lupita Nyong’o from “12 Years A Slave”

FilmGordon’s correspondent Wilson Morales interviews Lupita Nyong’o of Steve McQueen’s new movie 12 Years a Slave. The film is already garnering Oscar talk, and Morales praises Nyong’o's “raw” performance as slave Patsey.

Nyong’o talks about reading Solomon Northup’s memoir that inspired the film, calling it a “gift” and finding it relatable. Acting in the film, she says, allowed her to see slavery from a more personal perspective.

She also discusses how director McQueen helped her to develop her character and how she feels about being part of a film already being considered large and important.

The hosts also give their Oscar predictions, calling 12 Years a SlaveGravity, and Captain Phillips locks for Best Picture. They review The Fifth Estate, praising Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as Julian Assange but finding the movie overall lukewarm.

Listen to the episode here.