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Ask Deb: BlogTalkRadio’s Community Manager Answers Your Questions


Every day I receive dozens of emails asking questions about getting started with or using BlogTalkRadio. Since many of the questions are of a similar nature, we thought it might be a nice feature to answer many of your questions here on the BlogTalkRadio blog. Check it out:

Dear Deb,

I want to play popular music on my show but some hosts say I’m not allowed. I hear plenty of shows that play music. Why can some shows have music but others can’t.

Thank you for answering my question.


Hi KS,

My advice for playing music is if you don’t have permission to use the music, don’t. Most music requires expensive licensing to play. While some of our hosts do have the proper license, most don’t. Generally the hosts who play music on BlogTalkRadio find songs that are “podfree” or “podsafe.” Most podsafe music falls under the creative commons or is from Independent Musicians who aren’t contractually obligated to a record company. To learn more about the kind of music you can play on your BlogTalkRadio show, see 17 Places to Find Podsafe Music or see BlogTalkRadio’s FAQ’s in the Learning Center.

Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions!


Dear Deb,

How come only the same people get their shows featured all the time. How come I’m never featured?


Hi M!

First of all, did you put in for a feature? The first step in being featured is to put in a feature request – you’ll find this at the same place you set up your show pages. If you have a notable guest or topic, make sure to request a feature.

We have a long list of shows requesting features for each day. We look through all those shows to find the best and most interesting for the home page and blog. If we have 50 feature requests and only a dozen spots open, it’s a given we can’t feature everyone. My advice is to use the feature request form when you have a notable show and write a very descriptive paragraph. Many times, we would like to consider a show for a feature, but the show page says nothing.

The reason many of the same hosts have their shows featured is because they often have famous guests. That doesn’t mean we don’t have room for new hosts to be featured, however. We love to feature different hosts all the time. If you have a special guest or noteworthy topic, put in a feature request. You may see yourself on the homepage next!

Hope that helps?


Do you have a question you’d like to see answered on the BlogTalkRadio blog? Send it to deborahng(at)blogtalkradio(dot)com.

It’s Spring! Gardening Tips from BlogTalkRadio


If you’re like me, you love spring because the outdoors come alive in a burst of color. As I write this, my crocuses are beginning to fade, while my daffodils and forsythia are in full bloom.  Though I plant flowers and vegetables each year and enjoy working in my garden every day, I still have so much to learn. That’s why I’ve really been getting in to BlogTalkRadio’s gardening programs.  What I especially enjoy is that all of the programming is available for download, so if a current show doesn’t offer the advice I’m looking for, I can find it in the archives.

Today I’m pleased to share some of BlogTalkRadioi’s gardening programming. Hope it adds more color to your life!

  • A Garden Gal offers practical advice all year long. Don’t think you need gardening advice in the late fall? Garden Gal can help you protect your perennials during a harsh winter. In the winter, she helps us prepare for spring. If you’re not sure when to plant certain veggies or what zone you live in, this is the show for you!
  • Audrey Post is Ms. Grow it All and she can sure grow it all! From preparing beds and lawns for spring, to practical growing advice, you’ll find answers to all your questions about gardening.
  • Garden Gossip features gardening tips from Master Gardeners and Magazine editors Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith. Whether you’re giving your house more curb appeal or planting for relaxation, the gossip gals can help you out.
  • Just because you live in an apartment, condo or townhouse, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a pretty garden too. AGH Gardening teaches apartment dwellers how to make the most of gardening in small spaces.

How does your garden grow?

Ask MomRN’s One Year Anniversary Festitivies – Featuring Fun and Prizes!


Congratulations are in order. Our own MomRN, Tamara Walker, is celebrating her one year anniversary on BlogTalkRadio.

For those of you who haven’t listened in, the Ask MomRN show features practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family. Guest have included the actor Kirk Cameron and various authors, pediatricians and other experts. Tamra is an expert in her own right. She’s an experienced RN, a parent for 17 years, and she’s worked in childcare for a dozen years. Tamara and I both have something in common too, we’re both from families of six kids!

Today, for the one year anniversary celebration, Ask MomRN will be rocking the prizes and festivities! Look at the list of today’s giveaways:

  • Detail Duster mitt donated by The FlyLady
  • 2 winners will each get a Child Safety Kit donated by My Precious Kid
    (Plus, listeners can get a 10% discount off orders by using coupon code: 10SPR09)
  • 5 winners will get a FIMMology101 e-book on communication donated by Art of Eloquence
  • 1/2 dozen Premium Scented Gourmet Votives, one “Soysational Cleansing Bar”, and one Scented Air Freshener
    donated by LaDonna Loehrke
  • (oopdoo)hug blanket
  • OnTray
  • 3 winners will each get a Name Your Tune CD (personalized with your child’s name)
    (Winners, you will need to include your child’s name in your contact info. or give us your email address so they can contact you for it)
  • 1 winner will get 25 “Mommy Cards” donated by Delightful Invites
  • Green marshmallow colored Babycape donated by Baby Capes Online
  • 3 winners will each get a pair of TieBuddies donated by Tie Buddies
  • 5-IN-1 Tasty Baker donated by PopTart Toaster
  • 1 Lavender Dot Throw blanket donated by Joan Curtis for Private Quarters

Indeed, there is a party going on. However, the true reward is in the content. Listen to Tamara’s show every Monday afternoon for advice every mom can use.

BlogTalkRadio’s Recent Media Mentions


by Deborah Ng

If your feed reader includes TechCrunch and Mashable, you’re sure to have noticed BlogTalkRadio getting mentions lately.  Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we’ve been the subject of some great articles and posts on some worthy resources. In case you’ve missed out on some of our recent media mentions, I’d like to share them with you here:

BlogTalkRadio would like to thank all who took the time to write about us and for helping to spread the word about our online social radio community.

Don’t Drive Away Your Listeners: Be Positive!


by Deb Ng

I wonder how many of us consider the tone we’re setting when we do our shows or visit other chatrooms or the forum. Sometimes we get swept away in the passion of a good rant we forget how others see us. Consider this: new listeners log on to BlogTalkRadio each day.  It only takes a few visits to negative chat rooms or negative talk shows to turn them off to the experience completely. This means you lost a potential listener. A listener who can bring in other listeners if he (or she) likes what he hears.

Something else to consider – if someone is to visit a chatroom and forum and the only thing that’s going on is name calling, complaining, or BTR bashing, what will that person think? Maybe it means he or she will decide not to visit your show anymore or become turned off to BlogTalkRadio altogether.

There are ways of discussing topics, even delicate topics, while keeping a light, positive tone. There are also ways to disagree with people without resorting to name calling, harrassment, and all around pettiness.

Here are a few best practices:

  • Keep a positive tone. No one enjoys being around a chronic malcontent.
  • Be respectful of the host as well as the community. Keep negativity out of the chat rooms and forums.
  • Don’t spam. We know everyone enjoys talking about their shows, but many hosts get irritated when you spam the forums and only talk about your shows.
  • Try and stay on topic: When visiting other chat rooms, try and keep on topic unless the chat naturally progresses off topic.
  • It’s fine to disagree, just do so respectfully. There are ways to get your point across without name calling or sniping.

We know your goal is to produce the best show possible and also to bring in lots of listeners and fans. We’re here to help in any way possible. Keep the tone positive and the community will follow!

Sunday’s Live Interview Schedule for SXSWi

Chris Brogan inteviews the Best Buy Remix Community Team

Guest Host Chris Brogan inteviews the Best Buy Remix Community Team at SXSWi

by Deb

Have you been enjoying our interviews from South by Southwest Interactive? John Havens and I have enjoyed meeting both established and potential hosts, and also conducting interviews with some terrific people.

We have more interviews scheduled for today and tomorrow, live from the BlogTalkRadio pod at the Pepsico Podcasting Playground. If you’re at SXSWi, we’d love for you to stop buy and say hello. If you’re playing the home game, we hope you’ll find today’s schedule intriguing enough to give us a listen.

Click to Listen

If you missed yesterday’s interviews, feel free to go back and have a listen. They’re in our archives for you to listen to On Demand.

Saturday’s Live Interview Schedule from SXSWi

btrbooth11by Deb

As we’ve been touting all week … BlogTalkRadio and Pepsico have partnered to bring live interviews from SXSWi and the Pepsico Podcasting Playground. Today, John Havens and Chris Brogan will be broadcasting for the entire afternoon. Check out today’s schedule:

Click to Listen

If you’re not at SXSWi, we hope you’ll tune in. If you are in attendance, please stop by the BlogTalkRadio pod and say hello. BlogTalkRadio’s John Havens and Deb Ng are there to greet you and we’re being joined by our special guest, Chris Brogan.

Check Out BlogTalkRadio’s Podcasting Pod at SXSWi!

by Deb

As we mentioned earlier on this blog, BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo have teamed up to broadcast live for most of SXSWi at the PepsiCo Podcasting Playground. Located on the first floor of the Austin Convention Center, the Playground features four quiet podcasting pods and refreshment area. To get the PepsiCo Podcast Playground, make a right upon entering the Convention Center’s main doors and follow to the end. Make a left and keep going (and I mean keep going!) until you find us!

As first on the scene from BlogTalkRadio, I took a look around to give you a first peek, check out the BlogTalkRadio Podcasting Pod:

I see we’re expecting company:


Here’s another look:


To listen live, beginning this evening, and all through the weekend, bookmark BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo’s Digital Speakeasy. Plus I’ll be adding video and images to this blog throughout the weekend.