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Actor Andy Garcia

Actor Andy Garcia stops by Milling About to talk about his upcoming projects. His Daughter, Daniella, co-stars in the film At Middleton with him. Garcia says that she needed to audition herself, and that he could do no more that “put in a good word.” His other daughter is studying film as well.

He also talks about his work directing the upcoming Hemingway & Fuentes, for which he hired a professional boatbuilder to build a replica of Hemingway’s boat as well as “a Cuban fishing skiff from the 1940s and 50s.” He calls it a “beautiful boat” and says that they “actually needed to make it look worse than it is.”

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Actor Harry Lennix

Harry Lennix has appeared in such films Man Of Steel, Ray, and The Matrix and such TV shows as Dollhouse, and is now appearing in NBC’s crime thriller The Blacklist. Tammy Jones Gibbs talks to Lennix about his career.

Lennix talks about the show, “a list that is compiled by a well-known criminal” who offers to help the FBI track other dangerous criminals in exchange for “complete anonymity.” Lennix is “pretty well-versed in law enforcement,” his brother having had a 30-year career as chief of police. Lennix talks about working with James Spader, calling him “one of the few people in the world who could pull off being a murderous, villainous criminal… and also make you laugh.”

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Grammys recap

Hampton Blu Radio talks about this year’s Grammy awards.

Host Stacey Brewer talks about how “many believe the Grammys are not hip to what’s going on today and are a little behind with certain things.” She talks about Beyonce’s performance of “Drunk In Love,” calling the performance “hot” but says that “reviews have still been mixed,” including accusations that Beyonce may have been lip-syncing. There have also been complaints from parents about the “sexiness” of the performance. She also addresses the controversy of rapper Macklemore beating critical favorite Kendrick Lamar in four categories.

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MArtin Luther King III

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, TheForbiddenFruit talks to his son, Martin Luther King III.

King recently wrote a children’s book entitled My Daddy, Martin Luther King Jr. He talks about the inspiration for the book, saying that, although there are many books written about Dr. King, there are “very few written about him being a dad and what he taught… there are very few books that talk about what he did with his children.” He wants to share “the lessons that I learned from the examples he provided for our nation and the world.”

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NCAA Football

The NCAA Weekly Blitz talks about the latest news in the college football world. Former Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Corey Allen stops by to talk about the lates going on in college football as well as the NFL. OF the recent departure of Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, Allen says that his “decision to leave us and take that money… it put us in an awful position, but at the same time I think we capitalized greatly” by hiring Jeremy Pruitt. Of Pruitt, Allen says that “he’s a young guy who has a lot of energy to bring to the table, a lot of new ideas… I’m extremely excited.”

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Academy Award winner Rita Moreno

Actress Rita Moreno won an Oscar in 1961 for Best Supporting Actress in West Side Story, also known for her role in Singin’ In The Rain. She’s also won Emmy, Grammy, and Tony awards, making her one of very few two have received all four major awards. This year she won the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award as well. Moreno stops by Movie Addict Headquarters to talk about her career.

Moreno talks about the experience of watching Singin’ In The Rain on a big screen with an audience, saying that “unlike many other films that come back, people sit there and yell and applaud after certain numbers… that’s not something that one associates with film.”

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Dionne Warwick on her new album

Dionne Warwick has had a career as a vocalist stretching over five decades, becoming the highest-charting hitmakers of the last half-century. She stops by Cyrus Webb Presents to talk about her career.

Warwick’s new album, Now, is nominated for a Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Grammy. She calls the nomination “very exciting” and says that “to be recognized for a work that I feel very, very proud of, I think it’s wonderful.” She also says that “the fact that I’m revisiting songs that I happen to love very much” and “having both of my songs involved with the project,” including one who mixed and mastered the album, made it a very personal project for her.

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The Oscars and awards season

The hosts of Movie Geeks United talk their predictions for this year’s Oscars.

They discuss the awards in general, specifically whether “great films” actually win Oscars, saying that “Argo wasn’t a great film; The Artist wasn’t a great film… The Hurt Locker wasn’t a great film; it was a significant film… the last film that won an Oscar that was a great film was the Coen brothers’ No Country For Old Men.” They also point out Goodfellas losing to Dances With Wolves, as well as the danger of “awards fatigue” setting in before the Oscar.

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