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Blogging’s Greatest Hits


by Deborah Ng

As a professional blogger, it took years for me to learn the ropes. Blogging isn’t something I entered into blind. I did a lot of research to learn from the best probloggers in the business. There’s a lot more to blogging than just posting some content.

After browsing our blogging-related content, I realize we have so much educational content from both well known bloggers, and up and comers. If you’re interested in learning more about blogging, you might be interested in these gems from the BlogTalkRadio vault:

Blogging’s Greatest Hits

  • My friend “Authority Blogger” Chris Garrett, who is also a blogging superstar and all around nice guy, visited with SobCon Radio in December to discuss blogging.
  • At BlogWorld Expo ’08, another of my blogging friends, Darren Rowse, the ProBlogger himself, stopped by the BlogTalkRadio booth to talk about b5Media, blogging and more.
  • Darren also visited with Wayne Hurlbert last July to discuss blogging for a six figure income.
  • Chris Garrett and David Peralty dropped by to chat with me on FWJ Radio to talk about whether it’s more profitable to blog for one’s self or become a blogger for hire.
  • My idol (and friend), Liz Strauss, visited with Wayne Hurlbert to talk about Blogger and SOBCon founder Liz Strauss talks relationship blogging and power of conference participation
  • Liz also visited with Sherry Borzo last month to discuss blogging and social media as a way to build community.
  • A couple of weeks ago, Jim Turner of Social Mediasphere discussed the future of blog networks.
  • Behind the Blog answers all your questions about blogs and blogging.
  • Another blogging friend, Wendy Pearsall of Sparkplugging, visited Let’s Talk Blogging in December 2007 to discuss building her blogging network and an online business.
  • Blogger’s School offers practical advice for starting a profitable and successful blog.
  • Business Builders offered tips for blogging for business.
  • Blog Wold Expo Radio features interviews and advice with the movers and shakers in blogging and social media.
  • Another friend, Jenn Mattern discusses how to become a professional blogger
  • The Blog Training Academy teaches all about how to start a blog from scratch.

BlogTalkRadio features over 500 hours of blogging-related content. Please see the search results page for a look at all of our blogging-related content, or subscribe to the blogging feed to receive alerts to all upcoming blogging-themed shows.

Chris Brogan’s Greatest Hits


Social media expert, Chris Brogan

by Deb Ng

So we’ve been talking about social media as way to bring in traffic and build community. All of our discussions on the blog, BlogTalkRadio Insider and our forums are terrific and yielding great results. But it occurred to me we have a wealth of information in the BlogTalkRadio vault. We have interviews with Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki, Jeremy Owyang, Robert Scoble and many other leaders in this field. With that in mind, I thought it might be cool and useful to bring out each expert’s greatest hits.

Today, we’re going to start with someone I had the pleasure of meeting last fall at BlogWorld Expo ’09, Chris Brogan. What impresses me about Chris is that he puts on no airs, the same regular guy you see on Twitter or his blog, is the same regular guy you get in person. That he really knows his stuff is the icing.

Chris Brogan is no stranger to BlogTalkRadio. Here are his greatest hits:

  • In December 2007, Chris joined Alan Levy to talk about social media and social networking.
  • Kris Smith sat down with Chris Heuer and Chris Brogan at SXSW interactive last year, to talk about the current state of social, new and emerging media.
  • John Havens interviewed Chris in October 2007 to discuss community issues and marketing in a pitch averse environment.
  • In December 2007 John Havens and Chris chatted about transparency and using Twitter as a way to increase a businesses transparency.
  • Innovations Insider‘s first show in August 2008 featured a discussion with Chris on how companies are using social media as a channel to reach new audiences and how social media can help organizations reach their business goals.
  • Oh, look! John Havens features another discussion with Chris Brogan who was joined by Fast Company’s Lynne D. Johnson and lijit’s Ronald Lewis. (It’s looking more and more like a man crush, John)
  • Chris visited with Talking HR in December to discuss social media and business.
  • In August 2008, John Lawlor spoke with Chris Brogan & David Alston about the results of their project.
  • When Chris visited with Ron Hudson in October, 2008, he spoke about how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value.
  • Chris joined Jim Turner on BlogWorld Expo Radio in October, 2007.

Just another way to learn from the best on BlogTalkRadio. Follow Chris on twitter @chrisbrogan.

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Blogging


by Deb Ng

As a professional blogger I learned a lot about what it takes to run and build a successful blog and community. Perhaps even more important, I learned why blogs are an important promotional, social networking and community building tool. For serious podcasters and online radio hosts, blogging is a must. Here are some reasons to consider starting your own blog:

  1. Blogs bring in search engine traffic – Blogs have the ability to bring in massive amounts of search engine traffic. You can use this traffic to your benefit.  Talk about your show and promote upcoming guests and topics.
  2. Blogs give you a place to showcase your shows and podcasts – Did you know you can embed your show’s player on your blog? This gives your readers and listeners a convenient place to listen, and keeps traffic where you want it most. Plus, when hear your most recent show, they might be inclined to visit BlogTalkRadio to check out the archives.
  3. Blogs allow you to share news and ideas – Explore your niche and bring readers and listeners the latest news, tips and ideas in your topic.
  4. Blogs offer you the opportunity to build up a community – For many bloggers, the best part of blogging is growing a community. When folks comment on a regular basis, you know they’re interested in you and what you have to say. When your community is turned on to your blog, they’ll want to learn more about your radio show.
  5. Blogs allow you to keep the conversation flowing long after your show ended – A blog is the perfect vehicle to follow up on radio show topics. Plus your community and listeners can continue the discussion long after the chat room ends.
  6. Blogs are an awesome promotional tool – Your blog is yours to do with whatever you like! Use it to promote your shows to your heart’s content. Discuss upcoming guests, topics and more.
  7. Blogs allow you to share links and resources – After each show post links to informative articles and resources for further exploration.
  8. Blogs give you the opportunity to take your podcast to a whole new level – and vice versa – Blogging allows you to expand on your day’s topic and reach a whole new audience.
  9. Blogs are fun – Most bloggers blog because they love what they do. Blogging about your favorite topic is fun and addictive.
  10. Blogs helps you become established as an expert in your niche – Use your blog to showcase your expertise. Show off your knowledge. When you know what you’re talking about, folks want to read what you have to say.

Tell us about your blogs – how do you use them as a promotional tool for your radio shows?

Bob Cox of the Media Bloggers Association on Blog World Expo Radio


Members of the blogosphere won’t want to miss out on today’s Blog World Expo Radio show. Hosts Jim Turner and Rick Calvert will be chatting with the president of the Media Blogger’s Association, Robert Cox.

Why is this a big deal?

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave or off Twitter for a while, there’s a big ‘ol storm brewing because of a funny little blog called The Drudge Retort which poked a bit of fun at the real deal Drudge Report. Not everyone has a sense of humor and the Associated Press went DMCA on The Drudge Retort’s butt. Backlash ensued.

Read Rick Calvert’s explanation at the BWE blog:

Very short version of the story, The AP sent several DMCA take down notices to The Drudge Retort. Some of those notices went beyond normal fair use standards. Rogers Cadenhead the publisher of The Drudge Retort complied with several of the notices and called the Media Bloggers Association for help.

Then all hell broke loose. The Blogosphere is railing against the AP. Jeff Jarvis has been very vocal. Sites like TechCrunch and Little Green Footballs are banning all AP content.

Mike Arrington and numerous others suspect a conspiracy between The AP, The NYT and The MBA.

Others are calling the MBA a flat out scam and even attacking the man at the center of this bruhaha Cadenhead.

Now some are coming to the MBA and Cox’ defense.

What is the real story? I don’t know and the truth is most folks in the Blogosphere don’t either but that doesn’t stop many from forming opinions and lynching parties.

To get the whole story and to find out how this will effect you as a blogger, tune in today at 3:00 p.m. EST to BWE Radio. You can call in at 646-716-7047 or add your views to the chat.

See you there.

7 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level with Radio

BTR Logo

As someone who has been blogging for several years, I’m always looking for ways to take my blogs to the next level. I’ve done redesigns, contests, and even implemented video. Something else to consider is radio.

Blogging is all about community. What better way to really connect to your community then by letting them hear the passion in your voice? Today I’d like to share some ways you and your community can benefit from having a radio show:

  1. Talk about a specific subject for as long as you like – You’ve heard all the blogging experts: when writing for the web, keep it short and sweet. With radio, you can expand and get into more detail without having to worry about eyes glazing over.
  2. Have a Q&A with your listeners – By allowing your readers to call in and ask questions or offer their own point of view, you can learn about the topics that are important to them . It also enables you to get to know them better.
  3. Bring on guests and experts within your niche – By putting together a panel or bringing on an expert, you’re letting your readers learn from others in the field. It never hurts to give another point of view.
  4. No typos or spelling issues here – Your first radio experience might be a produce a case of the nerves, but you won’t have to deal with formatting issues, image uploads, spelling or typing.
  5. It’s a wonderful way to connect with your community – Once you build up an audience you’ll feel a connection with your community, inspiring you to blog more with them in mind.
  6. It provides fodder for future blog posts – Getting into discussions with your readers or guests will no doubt provide you with tons of ideas.
  7. Your readers can connect with each other – Did you know your listeners can chat about your day’s topic while the show is going on? Invite them out of the comments and into real time with radio.

I’ll get into this in detail more on another post, but it doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment and technical know-how to have a radio show with BlogTalkRadio. All you need is a phone and an idea.

What ways can you think of to use radio to take your blog to the next level? Are you a blogger with a radio show? Tell us about it!

Fausta's BlogTalkRadio Show Wins High Praise

Congrats, Fausta!

Fausta, a longtime esteemed host on BlogTalkRadio, has earned high honors at The Best of Blogs Best Podcast/Video Blog category.

After competing with other top Podcasts and Videos, Fausta’s fans made their voices heard.

When the votes were tallied, Fausta came out on top with her show on BlogTalkRadio, which focuses on political and cultural subjects and guests.

Check out Fausta’s blog.  Her show is affiliated with Pajamas Media and Heading Right on BlogTalkRadio.  For news and political discussion 24/7, tune into the Heading Right Station.

Fausta’s BlogTalkRadio Show Wins High Praise

Congrats, Fausta!

Fausta, a longtime esteemed host on BlogTalkRadio, has earned high honors at The Best of Blogs Best Podcast/Video Blog category.

After competing with other top Podcasts and Videos, Fausta’s fans made their voices heard.

When the votes were tallied, Fausta came out on top with her show on BlogTalkRadio, which focuses on political and cultural subjects and guests.

Check out Fausta’s blog.  Her show is affiliated with Pajamas Media and Heading Right on BlogTalkRadio.  For news and political discussion 24/7, tune into the Heading Right Station.

TechTalk in Menorca with the Internet Gurus

MenorcaMartin Varsavsky is hosting his second Menorca TechTalk this weekend. Among the who’s who on the roster is Alan Levy, BlogTalkRadio CEO.

Alan, who wrote a post earlier this year about Martin, will be attending the four day event with some of the web’s greatest minds. From Martin’s blog post:

Last year we celebrated our first Menorca TechTalk, a gathering of Tech Entrepreneurs at my farm in Menorca. It was fun, relaxing, a great learning experience for all of those who participated and for those who attended the TechTalk itself…The gathering starts on Thursday morning and ends Sunday evening.

Some of those attending include Om Malik (Giga Omni Media), Andrew Mclaughlin (Google), Loic Le Meur (Seesmic), Jennifer Schenker (BusinessWeek), John Markoff (The New York Times), Joi Ito (Creative Commons, Six Apart Japan, Investor) and many more.

You can read the entire list of tech gurus on Martin’s original post.