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BlogTalkRadio – The Logical Progression

Not our words, but those of writer TimK for BlueVerse SEO, a development and search engine optimization blog.

The post, “Blog Talk Radio. The Logical Progression.” echoes a lot about how we feel here at BlogTalkRadio. Alan built this platform originally as an extension of the blog – but it’s grown into a new medium and so much more. BlogTalkRadio enables the purest form of conversation and communication over the Internet.

It’s the best of live interaction:

  • real-time social network
  • no downloads
  • listening is free and easy
  • your audience is just a phone call away

AND recorded audio:

  • RSS feeds
  • streaming or downloadable archives
  • embedded player codes for other sites

Here’s a clip from Tim’s post:

Blogtalkradio is the Logical Progression of bloggers everywhere, no longer confined to either type or badly made video, blogtalkradio combines the freedom of the blog with a structured talk radio format.

I believe that it is the perfect forum to learn, interact and grow as a blogger and all of us who are serious about blogging should get involved, support, click the ads and do all we can to support it.

Plus, TimK provides some jazzy beats in the post, too. Even more reason to read the whole post.

BlogTalkRadio: A New Medium and Much, Much More

2007 was the year BlogTalkRadio became a new medium. It was an exceptional year for us. Listenership steadily increased, we relaunched the site with new features, thousands of hosts continued to sign up and bring on top notch guests and the buzz is building. We ended the year with a bang and an inspiring Reuters article that spread like wildfire.

Is BlogTalkRadio a new medium? I say undoubtedly yes!! In fact, not only has BlogTalkRadio proven to be an effective new medium smack center in the world of blogging, podcasting, broadcasting and social media, I would argue that BlogTalkRadio is the fastest growing creator of original content anywhere; on the web or off. I know that’s a pretty bold statement for a website only 16 months old and barely noticed by the blogger “intelligentsia” in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, except Robert Scoble, who has been a friend.

Please consider the following:

  1. Since inception we have produced over 46,000 broadcasts all of which are maintained in our program guides and available for consumption. We produced 6,600 shows in December 2007 and yesterday January 10th, 315 shows were broadcast live.
  2. In December 2007, 2 million shows were listened to either live or on demand. Our content is available on our site, on our hosts blogs, all over myspace and Facebook, and throughout the web. We have also begun to syndicate our content to Reciva, podcast directories like and many others. We expect to syndicate much of our content to terrestrial radio stations throughout the country in 2008.
  3. The content that comes into the network continues to amaze me. Just before the new year Brad Pitt, Arianna Huffington and Mike Huckabee appeared on BlogTalkRadio. This week alone, Yoko Ono, Jon Voight, Steve Forbes just to name a few. Please keep in mind that we do not have a booking department. All of the notable guests that have graced this network have been introduced by our thousands of active citizen broadcasters. Here is a list of notable guests who have appeared on BlogTalkRadio.
  4. We are approaching 200,000 daily RSS feeds a day hitting our site, pulling blog posts and audio files. This number has quadrupled since we launched our redesigned site at the end of September.
  5. There is no easier platform or technology on the web which can be used to create audio content where the publisher can use any type of phone, which is broadcast live, can accommodate unlimited listeners and archivable.
  6. As noted in a recent article in publishers weekly, we are creating “stations” and other private label solutions for major companies such as publishers, on-line communities, media companies, etc.

Last night as I was surfing the web, I came across a post by Heather Hobson at Trendhunter Magazine, which was entitled “Rebirth of Radio.” I enjoy seeing blog posts that recognize the power of and help spread the word about this truly special medium.

Finally, I want to thank our thousands of hosts and millions of listeners for helping to build BlogTalkRadio into what it is today. In 2006 we pieced together three words and created BlogTalkRadio. In 2007, BlogTalkRadio became a viable medium. Any guesses what 2008 will bring? Please let me know your thoughts.


Scoble Talks the Power of Peas

How can BlogTalkRadio, peas, and Twitter improve the world? Find out at 3pm on the new Endless ROI show – and learn how social media tools can change your business and your life.

scoblepeasRobert Scoble is the featured guest on the new BlogTalkRadio show Endless ROI with Susan F. Heywood today at 3pm ET. Robert and Susan will talk about the Power of Peas, Twitter and why social media can improve the world all while taking your calls.

Endless ROI explores how social media, which includes tools like BlogTalkRadio, can generate virtually infinite returns on your investment. These tools are so affordable, sometimes free, and Susan F. Heywood of and guests from the world of social media will dive into this topic every week.

Enjoy Our Very Own BlogTalkRadio Holiday Marathon

Everyone knows that holiday times mean media marathons. In past years at this time, you may have watched hours of The Twilight Zone, Law and Order, or A Christmas Story, but this year you can tune into hours of BlogTalkRadio!

bestof.jpgCheck out our channel BTR Best of 2007. You can find it on our homepage at the top of our Featured Today list both today and all day tomorrow.

We are broadcasting shows from 2007 continuously.  We have featured some of our best content from our Best of BlogTalkRadio list as well as segments that have been nominated by members of our community throughout the year.

Tune in, since you never know if you’ll be hearing your own voice next!

You can also nominate segments for our New Year’s Marathon.

Wall Street Journal Spotlights BlogTalkRadio Host

When Kat of The Burb Blog started a website called as an outlet to complain about her neighbor’s holiday decorations, she had no idea how many Americans could relate.
theburbbloglogo.gifOn her blog and her show on BlogTalkRadio entitled Suburbs and the City, Kat, a married southern California girl stuck in the suburbs of the Midwest, and her two co-hosts Kyleen and Chandra talk chat about the issues they face in their respective geographic situations. The show stems from Kat’s Burb Blog where she talks about neighborhood gossip, PTA meetings, and the drama of suburban life.

In her observations in the ‘burbs, Kat noticed increasingly unsightly holiday decorations, and thus she had the idea to create The site took off in popularity, becoming a safehaven where net surfers could post photos of their neighbor’s tacky Christmas decorations and receive sympathy and support. The Wall Street Journal caught wind of it, and the rest is history.

Tune into the special holiday episode of Suburbs and the City where the gals talk about their experiences with the website.

Read The Wall Street Journal’s article Abominable Snowmen: the war on lawn decorations.