Tina Brown: BlogTalkRadio’s ‘Like a Dating Service for Bloggers'

After helming two of America’s greatest mags – Vanity Fair and The New YorkerTina Brown landed in the blogosphere two weeks ago with a spanking new cyber-glossy called The Daily Beast.

So is it any wonder that the editrix extraordinaire is fast becoming a BlogTalkRadio fan?

BlogTalkRadio helps her make the cyber-scene.

Tina: BlogTalkRadio helps celebrated editrix make the cyber-scene.

(Answer to rhetorical question: no.)

After chatting this week with everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, about her latest literary project, Tina took two calls from bloggers whose cyber-efforts piqued her curiosity.

That was when she gave us two ink-stained thumbs up.

“[BlogTalkRadio] is like a dating service for bloggers,” gushed Tina. “I’m making all these new friends – I love it!”

But her enthusiasm didn’t stop there.

When Shaun told her, “I’d love to have you as a daily or weekly presence on my show,” Tina was quick to reply:

“That sounds exciting.  Let’s talk after the show.”

Will Tina return to BlogTalkRadio?

(Answer to non-rhetorical question: Time will tell.)

To hear Tina’s full interview, click here.

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