David Duchovny & Ed Harris On Their New Submarine Thriller Phantom

Acclaimed actors David Duchovny and Ed Harris are both on BlogTalkRadio this week talking about their roles in the new suspense submarine thriller, Phantom.  Based on a true story, Ed Harris plays the captain of a Cold War Soviet missile submarine who suffers from seizures that alter his perceptions.  During his mission, he is challenged by a rogue KGB group led by David Duchovny trying to take control of the ship’s nuclear missile.

 David Duchovny

The Californication star, David Duchovny chats with host Robin Milling Friday 3/1 at 11AM ET about why he didn’t feel claustrophobic and panicked shooting in an actual Russian sub. Tune in here.

Ed Harris

Four-time Academy Award nominated actor, Ed Harris stops by Movie Geeks United Sun 3/3 at 6PM ET to talk about the plight of his character in PhantomTune in here.

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