Della Reese: I Want to Return to TV – in Another Spiritual Show

For nine years, Della Reese warmed our hearts as Tess in the hit CBS series Touched by an Angel.

Della: Hoping to “touch” us once more.

Della: Hoping to “touch” us once more.

Now the legendary actress and singer says she’s aiming to return to the little screen.

Only this time, she’ll have more creative control.

“I’m writing a tele- vision show to go back to work on TV. I want to do some- thing in a spiritual vein. Sort of like Touched by an Angel,” Della tells REEL Ladies on the Spot host Nikki Love.

“I did nine years with Touched by an Angel and I want to do 10 years with this show that I’m writing,” adds the hard-working, 77-year-old entertainer.

“By that time, I might want to sit down. I’m not sure, but I might.”

CAPTION: Angel-ic cast (l-r): Della, Roma Downey, John Dye and Valerie Bertinelli.

Angel-ic cast (l-r): Della, Roma Downey, John Dye and Valerie Bertinelli.

Della also reveals why Johnny Carson chose her as a Tonight Show guest host – mak- ing her the first African-American woman to fill the late late-night king’s shoes.

She chats, as well, about her real-life role as a minister at the Under- standing Principles for Better Living Church in Los Angeles, telling Nikki:

“We call it the Up Church, because our message is up, our music is up and when you leave, you feel up!”

To hear Della’s full interview, click here.

4 thoughts on “Della Reese: I Want to Return to TV – in Another Spiritual Show

  1. mznaffiliates

    I have always loved Ms Della Reese. She has always been an aspiration to me through her dramatic and comedic performances, not to mention her lovely voice. If I have an angel watching over me I would hope she’s much like Della. I hope to see Dellado much more in tv and in cinema. I think she is a fabulous and talented actress and should be given more to reach the audiences who still have yet to feel her presence. (Ravenda)

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  3. Kim Harris

    Dear Rev Della,

    When will your knew show be starting? I am so totally excited. I just read your book and I feel like God is calling me back to worship him with others. I just don’t know where to go as I am gay and lots of churches will only accept me if I promise not to practive the lifestyle. I don’t have any luck at that but reserve the right to if God ever sends me someone to love. Peace and love Kim


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