Role Mommy Founder Says BTR a Must for Entrepreneurial Moms

Beth Feldman

Beth Feldman

Beth Feldman, former vice president of the CBS Communications Group who now runs the popular website, thinks BlogTalkRadio is indispensable for “mom-preneurs” like herself.

As testament to her belief in the network, Beth recently provided the McClatchy-Tribune news service with tips on helping moms find success in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Tip No. 3 on that list?

“Create a blog or try BlogTalkRadio ( to gain publicity for whatever it is you want to advertise.”

Beth also puts her money where her mouth is – she’s host of BTR’s Role Mommy on the Run.

Thanks for the tip, Beth. As you’re well aware, McClatchy-Tribune distributes to 1,200 media outlets worldwide, so you’ve done untold moms a great service!

Read the full newswire story here.

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