Suzanne Somers: ‘If I Had a Hot Date, I’d Manipulate Taking the Pill’

As Suzanne Somers fans know, the actress is one clean-living lady.

Not only that, but she has in recent years become something of a wellness guru, thanks to her 2006 book Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones.

And now she’s got a follow-up titled Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness.

 CAPTION: “What an awful thing to do to nature,” Suzanne (above) tells us of her recreational pill schedule.

“What an awful thing to do to nature,” Suzanne (above) tells us of her recreational pill schedule.

But on Gab with the Gurus this week, the Three’s Company star discusses how she came to realize that her old lifestyle was doing her in.

“When I got cancer, it was like being cold-cocked. That was nine years ago, and I thought, What have I been doing in my diet and lifestyle habits that has created this in me?” she tells host Connie Bennett.

“I took full respons- ibility for my cancer. So I sat back and I thought, Well, Suzanne, all those years on television series, every time you passed a crafts table you always stopped. And a bite of this, a bite of that.

“It was all crap . . . There was no real food [but] I never connected the dots. And then I thought, What else have I done?

“Well, I took birth-control pills for 22 years. All of us baby boomers who took those, we were told they were safe. We manipulated our periods.

“If I had a hot date – with who I’m now married to – I’d manipulate taking the pill so I wouldn’t have to get my period ‘til Monday or Tuesday.”

To hear Suzanne’s full interview, click here.

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