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Earn Money With Our Affiliate & Revenue Sharing Program

The great thing about being a host on BlogTalkRadio is that not only do you get to create your own live talk radio show, but you can also make money while you’re at it.  Just this week, we did a BlogTalkRadio University show all about our Affiliate and Revenue Sharing Programs, which you can listen to here.  We had special guest, Mike Shelton, our Director of Marketing Acquisition at BlogTalkRadio, come on to break down our Affiliate Program, which he runs.

Here are the programs in a nutshell, which will help you to understand why being a part of both programs is a win/win for you.  Did we mention, they are free for you to join?

Affiliate Program

How does it work? You place BlogTalkRadio banners and text links, that we provide to you, on your website or blog.  Each time, someone clicks through and signs up for one of our Premium, Plus or Pro packages you get paid from $25 to $175.

To join the program, click here.

Revenue Sharing Program

How does it work? Earn 35% of advertising revenue for advertising impressions (video, audio, banner) displayed to your BlogTalkRadio listeners that visit your profile or episode pages.

To join the program, click here.

Of course the income  you generate from both programs varies and is dependent on how much work you put in to marketing your show.  The more traffic you can drive, the more revenue you can generated for yourself.  For tips on marketing your show, visit Marketing Club and to listen to the entire broadcast on the topic of Affiliate and Revenue Share, click here.

Tips on Working with Advertisers From Nick Faber of Blogads

Last week, Nick Faber of Blogads made a special visit to our Marketing Club show to talk about tips on working with advertisers and sponsors. He is the Social Media Coordinator at Blogads, a network that connects bloggers with advertisers.  Blogads helps bloggers generate revenue and helps advertisers reach niche communities online.

Nick shared best practices on the topic as it related to how BlogTalkRadio hosts could work with advertisers more effectively.  He had some great advice to share on getting your show ready for advertisers, examples of effective advertising partnerships he has seen on his network, tips on putting together a media kit and much more. Tune in here to listen to the broadcast in its entirety.

Don’t forget to tune into future Marketing Club shows every other Tuesday at 1PM EST and listen to archived shows that you may have missed here.  You can see the complete list of educational shows for hosts that we offer on our BlogTalkRadio University page here.

The Show Must Go On…Even When You’re On Vacation

We get a lot of questions from hosts on how to properly load up rebroadcasts to play if they are unable to do a live show. Especially during summer months, when you may be on vacation or away for stretches of time, scheduling rebroadcasts are a good idea to keep the momentum going for your show.

We just did a segment on the topic for Planning Committee with special guest, John Sweet, Assistant Director of Operations at BlogTalkRadio. John breaks down the three ways to rebroadcast a show: Using your RSS feed, uploading audio when you are scheduling a show and uploading audio straight to your studio. You can listen to the show here and follow along with these visuals and tips from the show below:

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is basically a standardized web feed that allows users to subscribe to updates with new content from many different types of sources online – blogs, audio, video, etc.  Your show actually has an RSS feed that anyone on the web can subscribe to and it will appear in their RSS feed automatically.  If you go to any show page on BTR, you’ll see the rss icon, which allows anyone to subscribe to your show and add it to their feed.

Rebroadcast Using Your RSS Feed or Uploading Audio

This method just requires you to schedule a show as usual, but you click the blue link at the top and you will be prompted to either upload an audio file or put in your RSS feed address.  Your show’s RSS feed follows this format: (i.e. Planning Committee’s RSS feed is

The only thing you have to remember about rebroadcasting in this way, is that your listeners will actually have to press play for the show to begin and it will not show up in your upcoming episodes so you have to send a reminder to your audience in email or by social media to drive listeners to the show at the time and remind them that they should click play to begin the broadcast.

Rebroadcast By Uploading Audio Straight Into Your Studio

You can also upload audio files straight into your studio if you’d like to rebroadcast.  You can download a previous episode of your show by clicking on “Download this episode.”  Once a window pops up select “File” in the top navigation and then  “Save As” in the dropdown.  The file will save as an mp3 and you can choose “All Files” for the type of file.

You can then upload the file straight into your studio:

When you schedule the rebroadcast, make sure to select the audio file that you just uploaded as your startup audio:

If you choose this option, you will have to actually call into your show using your host call in and pin number at the time you have scheduled it and wait for the audio to start up.  Once the audio starts up, you can hang up (and enjoy the rest of your vacation:)

Submitting Your Show To Be Featured Can Pay Off

We get quite a few questions from hosts on how they can submit their show to be featured on BlogTalkRadio‘s homepage so we decided to dedicate a whole Planning Committee show on the topic.  Listen in to get some valuable tips and tricks. Tune in.

Why Submit Your Show?

If selected by our Editorial team, your show could appear on the top of the homepage in our Staff Picks section and be seen by millions of visitors to our site.  So remember, every time you schedule a new episode of your show that features a notable guest or trending topic, don’t forget to submit it!


How To Submit Your Show

1.    Click on “My Account” in your dropdown menu.

2.    Click on “Feature my show” under “My BlogTalkRadio”

3.    In the “Feature my show” tab, fill out the necessary info at the bottom of the form.

4.    Click “Submit”

For more tips on submitting your show, visit this post.

7 BlogTalkRadio Sharing Tools To Grow Your Audience

BlogTalkRadio makes it easy for you to share your show with the world. And in 2011 we were happy to announce a number of *NEW* ways to help you spread the word. Take advantage of all of it to grow your listener base:

*NEW* Update your Settings with your Facebook page so you can easily communicate with your audience right from the Studio.

*NEW* Encourage your listeners to connect their accounts to Facebook so that they can share and discover new BlogTalkradio shows  from their network.  Here’s how.

*NEW* Update your Settings with your Twitter handle so you can easily send updates to your followers right from the Studio. Twitter tips.


It’s easy to to embed your show on your website or blog.  Here’s how.


Make your show available on ITunes to attract listeners on the go. Learn about it.



*NEW* Remember to blast your show out to all of your email contacts and followers. Read up on our email update to take advantage of the feature.


You can fill in keywords for your show and episode descriptions to drive traffic & listeners from search engines. SEO Tips.


*NEW* Encourage listeners to like, share and +1 your content on Google+. Read up on this update.


And last but not least, take a listen to Marketing Club for tips on how to better market and monetize your show. Tune into the archives here and follow us to get updates of upcoming broadcasts!

BlogTalkRadio + Facebook = Awesome!

We just released a brand new feature on BlogTalkRadio that integrates Facebook commenting on all of our show pages.  Now, when a listener leaves a comment on a BlogTalkRadio show page, they have the ability to post that comment right onto their Facebook wall in order to continue the conversation here at BlogTalkRadio or on Facebook.

Try it! Just go to your favorite show on BlogTalkRadio, click on an episode and leave a comment for the host.  Check the box that says “Post to Facebook” and just like that, you’re opening up the conversation to all of your friends on Facebook.

We’re really excited about this new update because it increases the interactivity between our hosts and their listeners and also gives our listeners the ability to promote their favorite hosts to their Facebook network.  We hope all of our hosts will encourage their listeners to use this new feature to help spread the word and give their content an extra boost to be heard across the Internet!

Now You Can 1+ Your Favorite BlogTalkRadio Shows!

We are really loving Google+ over here at BlogTalkRadio.  So much so, that we’ve added a 1+ button to all of our profile and show pages. Now our listeners can share what they are loving on BlogTalkRadio on Google+ with the click of a button.  And to top it off, now our hosts will be reaching a whole new set of people through their 1+’ing listeners!

And if you haven’t added our Google+ page yet to your circles, get to it here!