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What’s New on BlogTalkRadio’s Featured Stations

Are you reading this on your blackberry or Smartphone? Chances are you’re holding the screen too close to your eyes. On the new episode of Healthy Vision™ with Dr. Val Jones, optometrist and author Dr. Jeffrey Anshel joins Dr. Val to discuss what happens to our eyes when using the computer and digital devices, and offers tips on what we can do minimize or prevent eye strain and discomfort.  Tune in here.

Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana welcomes a couple of great guests to the show as Shanola Hampton, co-star of Shameless, stops by to chat about her experience on the hit television show on Showtime. Also, for all the dog lovers out there, Jenna Stregowski, Guide to Dogs on, stops by to discuss  the greatest dog movies with Frank.  Tune in here.

Employee theft at small businesses is a big problem and getting bigger with the sour economy.  82% of small to mid-size businesses report they have experienced employee theft.  Tune in here as Diane Helbig and Ron Baker use their 30+ years experience, managing Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, and Human Resources to discuss this critical issue.

Aussie Hosts Help Boost BlogTalkRadio’s Profile Worldwide

Keith Keller and Annemarie Cross are taking their message of career-empowerment global—and they’re got the press to prove it.

The Melbourne, Australia-based hosts of our Career Communiqué Radio have been profiled on New Tang Dynasty Television, which has reporters in more than 70 cities worldwide and reaches some 200 million viewers in China alone.

BTR: Leading Asian headlines.

BTR: Leading Asian headlines.

Their work as career consultants “has made a big difference, but they felt the need to broaden their reach globally,” the net reports.

“So on top of their work and domestic duties, they established the Internet broadcast channel known as Career Communiqué Radio.

“Keith and Annemarie’s online career guidance now reaches over Continue reading

Smash the Career Ladder on BlogTalkRadio

Looking for career advice that enables you to circumvent the traditional career ladders and get where you want to be, your own way?

Smash the Ladder Radio is committed to help you get there.

Hosted by Anita Bruzzese and co-hosted by Diane Danielson, the show showcases business people, CEOs and those following their dreams and enables us to learn firsthand about their paths to career success.

Today’s broadcast features Jason Alba, CEO of career advice hub JibberJobber and author of “I’m on LinkedIn…Now What?” Jason talks about the ideas in his book, namely how to get the most out of LinkedIn and other online networking sites to help promote you and your career. This topic can benefit many of us, and is a must-listen.

Check out Smash the Ladder’s next broadcast on June 3 with author and negotiation expert Carol Frohlinger.