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William Mapother: No Comment on Scientology (Thanks to Tom Cruise!)

"The relationship with him is terrific," William (above) tells us of Tom (below).

"My relationship with him is terrific," William (above) tells us of cousin Tom (below).

“Don’t expect William Mapother to jump up and down on Oprah‘s sofa anytime soon.”

So notes the New York Post today in its Page Six column, citing from host Jamie Ruby‘s Lost Causes,  which is devoted solely to the hit ABC series Lost. (Where else but BTR would you find such a cool idea for a radio show?)

“Interviewed this week on BlogTalkRadio, the Lost actor—aka Tom Cruise‘s cousin—is cagey as to whether he shares the Mission: Impossible star’s adherence to the gospel of L. Ron Hubbard, But one thing’s for sure: He has learned from Tom what not to do,” The Post continues, before citing from Jamie’s interview.

When a caller asks him, “Are you now a Scientolgist?” Continue reading

Andy Garcia: I’m No Mimbo—So Don’t Ask Me to Strip!

CAPTION: Oscar champ Jeff Bridges "set a great example for me in showing me the way," a buttoned-up Andy (above) tells us.

Jeff Bridges "set a great example for me in showing me the way," a buttoned-up Andy (above) tells us.

Latin hunk or no Latin hunk, Andy Garcia doesn’t like being asked to bare his pecs—at least not before being cast.

Interviewed today at 1pm ET on Milling About, the Oceans Eleven (and Twelve and Thirteen) star recalls an incident early in his career that soured him on, ah, curious casting directors.

When host Robin Milling inquires about Andy’s all-time worst audition, he says:

“They asked me to take my shirt off and I said, ‘You first.’ And then I walked out.

“I don’t think that person is in the business anymore. It was for one of those silly Continue reading

Kevin Schmidt on Fellow ‘Y&R’ Star Eric Braeden: Lots of ‘Restless,’ Not Much ‘Young’

Does Kevin G. Schmidt think it’s time for TV granddad Eric Braeden to hang it up?

Maybeif we’re hearing him correctly.

CAPTION: Eric: Daytime stud past his prime?

Eric: Past his daytime prime?

Interviewed on Mr. Media, Kevin weighs in on the controversy surrounding Eric’s departure last week from The Young and the Restless.

Eric, 68, who has played Victor Newman since 1980—and took a voluntary pay cut two years ago —reportedly quit the CBS soap after refusing to his have his salary slashed again.

Now it seems Kevin, who has played Noah Newman since 2008, feels Eric—and other Y&R cast members —are getting a bit too long in the tooth.

“Our show was created 37 years ago. And 37 years ago our business was very different.” Kevin, 21, tells host Bob Andelman.

“Now it’s so interactive. People just want Continue reading

‘Baywatch’ Babe Alexandra Paul: My Jailed Brother Teaches Spinning in the Big House

Former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul‘s brother, Jonathan Paul, is making the most of his four-year prison stint—by whipping his fellow inmates into shape.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, Alexandra, 46, delivers an upbeat update on her radical-environmentalist sibling.

CAPTION: "I'm so proud of him for maintaining his values throughout his sentence," Alexandra (above) tells us of Jonathan.

"I'm so proud of him for maintaining his values throughout his sentence," Alexandra (above) tells us of Jonathan.

“My mother just saw him last weekend. I saw him a couple of weeks ago. And he can call his wife a certain amount each month,” she tells Olivia Wilder Times host Olivia Wilder of Jonathan, now 43, who two years ago was sentenced to 51 months on conspiracy and arson charges after pleading guilty to setting a 1997 fire that destroyed the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse in Redmond, Ore.

“He reads a ton. And he teaches spinning and boot camp in prison. So I joke with him, I say, Continue reading

It’s a Nostalgic Edition of ‘The Mix’

It’s no secret that BlogTalkRadio regularly features appearances by up-and-coming, recently-burst-onto-the-scene and veteran celebs.

Nor that, during their always-compelling interviews, this fabulous array of talent often waxes nostalgic about days gone by.

CAPTION: "That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do-to fight a guy that I loved," Larry (above) tells us of former boss Muhammad Ali.

"That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do—fight a guy that I loved," Larry (above) tells us of one-time boss Muhammad Ali.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re dedicating an entire edition of The Daily Mix to just such moments.

On tonight’s show, among other chestnuts, you will hear:

—Former world heavyweight champ Larry Holmes reminisce about battling Muhammad Ali in the ringafter The Greatest took Larry under his wing as a sparring partner for four years.

Space 1999 star Barbara Bain weigh in on reprising her role in that ’70s sci-fi show—and if she’s even aware that Continue reading

Say Hello to Tony Montana Jr.! ‘Scarface’ Producer Reveals Sequel in the Works

After years of speculation and wishful thinking, it appears that Scarface 2 is finally becoming a reality.

Says who? Only Martin Bregman – the producer who masterminded the 1983 remake, starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana, of the 1932 gangster flick Scarface, starring Paul Muni as Tony Camonte.

CAPTION: Marty: Raising Son of Scarface.

Marty: Raising Son of Scarface.

In a BlogTalkRadio exclusive, Marty, who also produced such Pacino classics as Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon, confirms that a sequel is forthcoming.

“Well, we’ve killed everybody else. So it’s gonna be tough,” he tells Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone when she asks if there will ever be a Scarface 2.

“You can’t have the Pacino character – pick him up from where he was shot and have him say, ‘You missed!'” Marty, 78, continues.

“No, there’s a way to do this, but it’s not that way. It’s not gonna be Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Seinfeld Phones His TV Mom — at Last

It took nearly a year, but Jerry Seinfeld finally called up his “mom” – if only to let her down.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, Liz Sheridan, who spent nine years playing Helen Seinfeld on Seinfeld, recounts how the funnyman phoned her out of the blue last week while in L.A. with Larry David shooting Curb Your Enthusiasm with fellow show-about-nothing alumni Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards.

CAPTION: "I don't like to intrude on people who are 'so busy,' Liz (above) tells us of Jerry.

"I don't like to intrude on people who are 'so busy,'" Liz (above) tells us of Jerry.

“I was in my car driving and he just said, ‘Hi, I heard you wanted to get in touch with me?'” Sheridan, 80, tells World Talk Live! host Brett Cohen.

“He said, ‘We’re working on the same set where we did Seinfeld, and it’s nice to be here.’

“I asked him if he was a good father. He said, ‘I try’… [Then] I asked him if he would possibly be interested in the movie that I’m writing about the book I wrote, Dizzy & Jimmy.”

(That 2000 memoir recounts the actress’ brief engagement to James Dean during the early ’50s.)

“And he said, ‘It sounds terribly interesting’… like a project he would love to do, but he’s so caught up in busy, busy, busy,” adds Liz, who’s currently starring in the feature film Play the Game, opposite Andy Griffith and Doris Roberts.


With her TV son on the set.

Last July, when Brett asked Liz, “If you had the ability to have dinner tonight with anyone in history, who would it be and why?” she replied:

“Jerry Seinfeld. Why? I’d ask him to help me raise the money for my movie. [But] he’s got so many ‘people’ in front of him, you can’t get to him. And I don’t have his phone number.”

To hear Liz’s full interview, click here.

To read about Brett’s July 2008 interview with Liz, click here.

‘True Jackson’ Star Ashley Argota: ‘I’m a Workaholic and a Freak’

Though she turned sweet 16 in January, Ashley Argota won’t be calling anyone her beau anytime soon.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, the cutie pie, who plays Lulu on the hit Nickelodeon series True Jackson, VP, says guys aren’t on her radar.

CAPTIONS: "I tend to shy away from guys - that's just me," Ashley (above) tells us.

"I tend to shy away from guys. That's just me," Ashley (above) tells us.

When host Zachary Sang asks, “Are you in a relationship right now?” Ashley replies:

“I am not. I am so not right now. I’m not even looking. I don’t have time.

“I’m so focused on school and work and stuff, and I’m having so much fun with that that it’s not even something that crosses my mind.”

When Zach presses on, asking “Why not?” the actress says:

“I don’t know. I guess I’m a workaholic and a freak.”

Ashley also weighs in on the questionable driving skills of co-star Keke Palmer – about whom fellow cast-member Matt Shively recently told Zach, “I would get in a car with her. But I can’t say I wouldn’t be afraid.”

“Keke has driven me around the set before, in the golf carts,” says Ashley.

“I’ve had a couple of close calls. I wasn’t there, but when she went to go to the cafeteria, I think she parked the cart sort of funky.

“So maybe I will let her drive me around town. But that’s a big maybe.”

To read about Matt’s interview on WZAP, click here.

To hear Ashley’s full interview, click here.