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3 Tips for Managing Your Following List on BlogTalkRadio

We’ve been getting many questions and comments on recent BlogTalkRadio updates pertaining to followers so we wanted to explain why we made the changes and give you some options that will address your concerns.

Over the last few months we’ve been taking steps to transition from a friends to a followers model to make it easier for hosts to communicate with their listeners, and for both listeners and hosts to stay up to date on what’s new on BlogTalkRadio. Many of you voiced concern with the first step of this process, made a few weeks back. You were concerned about losing the friends that you worked so hard to connect with and build. So with the 2nd and final phase of this transition, instead of deleting your friends we transitioned them to followers, making anyone who was your friend a follower of your profile, and you a follower of theirs.

With this most recent update though, we again received feedback that some of you were not happy with the increase in messages you were receiving from shows you are now following so we’d like to offer you these 3 tips for managing your following list:

1. “Reset Accounts I Follow” Link
You can reset your account to the shows you originally selected to follow by clicking a “Reset Accounts I Follow” link that will appear for the next 2 weeks at the top of your My Account page. *Please note though that that this action can’t be reversed and will remove all of your “followers” that were formerly your “friends” on BlogTalkRadio.

2. Curate Your Following List
You can manually manage who you are following from the Shows I Follow page in your account.

3. Edit Your Email Notifications
You can make changes to your email notifications in the Notifications section of your Settings page so you don’t receive notifications to your external email.

We hope you find these options valuable. Again thanks for your feedback. As always, if you have questions or need additional assistance, contact us. We’re happy to help.

Best Practices for Messaging Your Followers

Leveraging the BlogTalkRadio messaging feature can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Before you send your next communication in the system, consider these best practices. Following a few simple rules will help get your message across to more of your audience.

What To Send
Be sure that you are crafting the right kind of message for this format. For instance, an email message is a great avenue to communicate a new and exciting upcoming guest to your show and maybe a little bit more about their background and achievements, but it may not be the right channel to send minute by minute quotes from a live interview on air (that’s what Twitter is for). In other words, look to an email message for conveying longer form content, rather than short snippets of information.

Send your followers messages when it makes sense so that your communications come across as fresh and not repetitive. For example, send an email message the day before a show so your followers can mark it on their calendars and then a follow up one with the link to your archived show in case they missed it. Think about if you received too many messages or repeat messages from one individual, wouldn’t you just start to tune them out? Take frequency of your communications seriously to ensure that your messages are not ignored and more followers are reading them.

A Complementary Communication
Email should be viewed as a complement to your other communication channels like Twitter and Facebook and a means of reinforcing your overall message. For instance, if you are live on your show and you have already sent out a message to your followers, it may be more effective to tweet out that you are live, rather than sending out another message. And say, you found an interesting article on a guest you just had on your program, Facebook would be an optimal place to share that information rather than an email message.

We hope these best practices will make your messages more relevant, timely and effective and help you to garner more followers and listeners for your program.

BTR’s Female Field Guide Launched An App and Here’s How

Gyasmine George is the host of Female Field Guide, a women’s cheat sheet to sports, entertainment and relationships, which airs on BlogTalkRadio Sunday nights at 8PM PST. She recently unveiled her very own Android app for her show that has helped to boost her listener base. We thought it would be interesting for Gyasmine to share her experiences on BTR and advice for hosts looking to create a listening app for their own shows. We are pleased to introduce you to Gyasmine George.

How long have you been on BTR?
October 30, 2010 was my very first broadcast. Since then I’ve had almost 4,000 listeners!

What’s your angle at Female Field Guide?
Female Field Guide is unique because is it geared towards women who may be sports challenged and want to boost their sports IQ or women sports fans who desire to learn more. The show benefits single gals who may want to add to their stock of sports knowledge as they navigate through the dating scene, girlfriends or wives who desire a closer bond on with the men and sports fans in their lives, or the lady or man who has always wanted to learn more about sports, but just didn’t know where or how to gain the information.

Who would be a dream guest on your show?
I would say Lisa Leslie and Billie Jean King and as for male athletes, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Tell us about your Android app. What does it do?
With my app, you can listen to my Blogtalkradio shows live or whenever you want. You can pause, rewind and play back the podcasts. You can watch my interviews via my video feeds and get the latest’s news and updates via my Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can also interact with and share articles, videos, and podcasts via Twitter, Facebook or email all within the app.

Where did you get the idea for the app?
I interviewed Billy Carson, founder of, a women’s basketball website and message board, for a special Father’s Day episode. In conversation with Mr. Carson, I found out he designed an Android and Iphone app for his daughter, April Carson, who is a highly ranked basketball player and gave it to her for her high school graduation.

Why did you decide to design one?
What I do with Female Field Guide is so unique, and since I am striving to blaze new trails, I thought why not an app?

How did you bring the app to life?
After my interview with Mr. Carson, I contacted him regarding advice about a Female Field Guide app and he replied “That’s what we do!” In addition to, Mr. Carson heads up ZenForce Media, a non-profit company dedicated to expanding businesses and individual’s social media networking reach via apps. They were great and designed my app so quickly and efficiently!

Why do you think an app is a good idea for hosts?
I have spoken to so many of my friends and supporters and sometimes it’s difficult for them to get to a computer to listen live or even to the archived episodes. BUT, everyone I know has a cell phone! Since my app dropped on Tuesday, July 12th, my listener numbers have doubled!

Do you have plans for bringing your app to other smart phones?
Oh absolutely! The iPhone app will be dropping in about a week and we are working on a Blackberry version as well.

Do you have any advice for hosts that want to make an app or learnings you can provide from your experience?
My fellow hosts, the time is now! In the past, athletes, entertainers etc. were profiled in magazines, posters, trading cards, but today they are more often featured on blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. With technology such as Androids, iPhones and iPads making a big difference in everything from education to business, we can certainly expect to see more apps featuring players, entertainers and prominent figures in the future. Also, do your research! Send out emails, surveys and ask around to find out how your target audience wants to listen – whether if it’s straight from BTR, on apps or social networking sites. And lastly, be along for the ride! This last year has been amazing and I am so grateful for Blogtalkradio. Internet radio is the future of radio! If you have any questions or advice, email me at

We’d like to thank Gyasmine for such a great interview. Please tune into Female Field Guide and visit her app here.

Big Apple Students Take to BlogTalkRadio to Make Their Mark on the Community

nydailynews-01-11-11-btr1Excuse us if we gush but, like proud parents everywhere, we can’t help ourselves.

For the hosts of our GRYC Radio—high school and college students from New York City’s Greater Ridgewood Youth Council, right here in our own back yard— are profiled in today’s Daily News (which, incidentally, is America’s fifth-largest newspaper).

“A group of Queens students are airing their issues to anyone who will listen—by tuning in online,” writes Continue reading

‘Conflict Corner’ Host Priscilla Dames Helps Rehab Former Nigerian Guerrilla Fighters

Every now and then, we meet a host whose day job makes us say, “Wow.” And in the case of Priscilla Dames, we were not only wowed, but humbled by her commitment to her cause.

It seems the host of BlogTalkRadio’s Conflict Corner made a similar impression on her hometown paper.

 CAPTION: "My training focused on making them understand that their fight is valid but they must learn how to get what they want without killing," Priscilla (above) tells The Times of her students

"My training focused on making them understand that their fight is valid but they must learn how to get what they want without killing," Priscilla (above) tells the Times of her students.

In a story in the current edition of the South Florida Times, headlined “Miamian Teaches Reconciliation in Nigeria,” reporter Juliana Accioly writes:

Nelson Mandela, the first South African president elected in a fully representative democratic election, once observed that ‘If you want to make peace with your enemy you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.’

“Those words resonate with Priscilla Dames, owner of Wingspan Seminars, a training and conflict resolution company— so much so that she was hired to lead a two-week rehabilitation program in Nigeria for former guerrilla fighters.”

The Times goes on to Continue reading

Stedman’s Formula for Suriving the Oprah Rumor Mill (Including that Nasty Lesbian Talk): ‘You Gotta Have Strength’

If you’ve ever wondered how Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham keep their relationship going strong after 23 years together, wonder no more.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, the educator, author and businessman reveals the forumla that has allowed his love for America’s most powerful woman to flourish – despite incessant rumors of golddigging, breakups and, yes, even homosexuality.

CAPTION: "It's not that easy being in the limelight," Stedman (above with Oprah) tells us. "The Michael Jackson situation will tell you that."

"It's not easy being in the limelight," says Stedman (above, with Oprah). "The Michael Jackson situation will tell you that."

“Both of us have our own identity. We’re able to operate autonomously and we’re able to operate together sometimes. We’re able to share things together,” Stedman, who will be speaking at the University of Phoenix Cleveland Campus on July 23 about his Nine-Step Success Process, tells World Talk Live! host Brett Cohen.

“But also, we have our own space. I do what I do… I speak about 100 times a year around the world. I’ve written a number of books. I have clients I work with,” continues Stedman, 58, who’s currently chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, a management and marketing consulting company specializing in corporate and educational markets.

“And she has her show. She has her magazine. She has all the things she’s involved in,” he adds of Oprah, 55.

“That’s what she does and that’s what I do. So there’s no conflict. In fact… it’s very complementary.”

CAPTION: When you love yourself and have your own identity and are passionate," says Stedman, "you really don't care the outside world defines you."

"When you love yourself and have your own identity and are passionate," Stedman tells us, "you really don't care the outside world defines you."

Later in the show, Brett asks Stedman how he stands the pressure of the Oprah rumor mill.

“For so many years, you’ve been in the limelight – being in a relationship with Oprah – and there have been a lot of rumors flying around… That Oprah dumped you or you guys aren’t together anymore or people suggest you’re only with her for her money or people have suggested that Oprah’s a lesbian – and that she’s only with you in public to cover it up,” says our host. “How are you able to put up with all that nonsense?”

“People…understand what I have to go through and what she has to go through,” says Stedman.

“It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a politician, a celebrity an athlete – or whether you’re in your own small town.

“People gossip and they send all kinds of rumors out and everything else. So you gotta have strength… And secondly, you gotta believe in yourself.

“You’re not really going anywhere doin’ the same thing over and over every single day stuck in the box. You’re not goin’ anywhere if you don’t educate yourself.

“You’re just another person, running your mouth, gossiping, talking about somebody else because you don’t have a life for yourself.”

Stedman also tells us how, in the past, his vision of himself held him back.

CAPTION: "They're doing a great job," Stedman says of the First Couple (above).

"They're doing a great job," Stedman says of our nation's First Couple (above).

“I used to have a race-space consciousness,” he says. “You know, everything was about the white man, everything was about the government, everything was about the external world, as opposed to my own development.

“So you get programmed to believe you’re a second-class citizen. So you’re not able to take control of your own life. You become a victim as opposed to a victor.”

Finally, he weighs in on America’s 44th president.

“I think he understands vision; he understands who he is – so he can’t be rocked; he understands how to develop a plan for himself; he understands how to create a value system for himself; he understands how to build a team for himself,” Stedman says of Barack Obama.

“He’s been a community organizer, which people used to laugh at and talk about and make fun of,” continues Stedman.

“Now they realize that the same process for organizing the community is the same process for running the world.”

To hear Stedman’s full interview, click here.

To learn more about Stedman’s University of Phoeniz seminar, click here.

To read more about S. Graham & Associates, click here.

Internet Safety with The Puddle People on BlogTalkRadio

Studies show that 1 in 5 youth using the Internet receive an online sexual solicitation in a 1 year period, and 29% of children will freely give out their home address if asked.

Today at 1pm ET (click to listen), Jacalyn S. Leavitt, founder of Internet Keep Safe Coalition, joins Co-hosts Mary Beth Marino and Pam Sargant discuss Internet Safety, what parents and kids should know during The Puddle People Hour Show.

ikeepsafe The Internet Keep Safe Coalition group teaches basic rules of Internet safety to children and parents, reaching them online and in school. Governors and/or first spouses formed this coalition in partnership with a growing list of crime prevention organizations, law enforcement agencies, foundations and corporate sponsors.

The land of Puddle People Hour is where you will find many resources for children and parents alike, from interview authors of children’s books, to fun crafts, and it’s been said, even parents love the storytelling as much as the kids do!

The Pentagon Welcomes Elmo and Military Health System Information

Today two of the Pentagon’s BlogTalkRadio shows provide in-depth information for military families regarding deployment and the military health system.

Elmo Discusses Deployment
Elmo Today at 2pm ET (click to listen)
ASY LIVE brings you an exclusive interview with Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, Vice President for Outreach and Educational Practices at Sesame Workshop for Elmo Discusses Deployment: A Talk with Sesame Street. Betancourt will discuss the recent unveiling of the second phase of its military outreach initiative, Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes. This initiative is designed to help military families experiencing deployments and challenges when a parent returns home changed due to a combat related injury.

Then, Understanding the Military Health System
Today at 3pm ET (click to listen) The newly launched Pentagon channel BlogTalkRadio show “Dot Mil Docs” discusses the military health system. What’s an MHS and what does it do for me? – Dr. Michael Kilpatrick, Deputy Director, Force Health Protection, gives a view of how broad the Military Health Service is and how many ways it reaches out to help service members.