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Studies show that driving in the dark for vision-corrected Americans aged 18 and over is difficult, and they have trouble seeing signs, animals, and even pedestrians.  Optometrist Dr. Cristina Schnider and John Ulczycki of the National Safety Council join Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones and discuss what happens to your eyes while driving on the road at night and discusses some of the newer vision correction options currently available. Tune into the program here now to learn more.

On the latest Sunday edition of The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes Davy Rothbart of FOUND Magazine and Nick Prueher of the Found Footage Festival.    Frank chats with Davy and Nick about their adventures finding and uncovering a wide array of neat items ranging from special thrift store merchandise to personal notes found on the ground. Tune in here.

Water is one of the biggest health and energy issues in the world today.  In the latest edition of Deepak Chopra Radio, Deepak welcomes Kevin McGovern, founder and Chairman of The Water Initiative, a company that develops and markets home-based water purification systems in developing countries, to discuss the global water issue and sustainable water solutions.  Chopra and McGovern examine how we can achieve substantial progress to cost effectively address these problems. Tune in here.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Treat Williams joins Milling About and to catch up with host Robin Milling.  The star of Everwood discusses his desire to  star in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained movie, and hopes this broadcast  will prompt the filmmaker to consider him for the project!

Award Winning Actress Thora Birch stopped by the Matty Ps Radio Happy Hour this week.  The star of American Beauty and Ghost World, joins the Matty PS Radio Happy Hour to discuss her life, and her acting plans in the future.

Jacob Young, Emmy Award-winning actor who has played “JR Chandler” on All My Children for the past eight years, speaks with Olivia Wilder about his upcoming reprisal as “Rick Forrester” on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Milling About welcomes Hollywood’s hottest ‘It’ girl, Emma Stone.  Emma starred in the hit comedy films Superbad and Easy A. Emma joins host Robin Milling where she talks about being best buds with Paul McCartney and how in her most recent film Crazy, Stupid Love, she  pulled out of plans to re-enact Jennifer Grey’s famous Dirty Dancing leap in her new movie because bad memories from a childhood gym class prompted a panic attack on-set!

Fresh off her latest Daytime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the Bold and the Beautiful, Heather Tom stops by World Footprints to talk about her recent trip to Thailand, philanthropic activities and her climb to stardom.

The star of the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson joins Family Matters.  Her parents, Bob and Rosemary Swanson (now retired school teachers) home schooled Kristy from the age of 12 while she pursued acting.  Kristy Swanson is a long time veteran in the entertainment business and is known  for her roles in many films including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Flowers in the Attic, Higher Learning, The Phantom, Big Daddy and more.

Listen healthily to Healthy Living as host Laura Theodore welcomes Dr. Pam Popper, one of the stars of the film Forks over Knives, based on the New York Times Best Selling book of the same title.   Dr. Popper also serves on the Physician’s Steering Committee for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine and on this show, she discusses her recommended dietary plans for optimal health.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

The Matty P Radio Happy Hour featured a star studded cast this week with actor Gary Busey and former Mets Cy Young winner, Dwight Gooden. Busey joins the show on his 67th birthday to celebrate and discuss what he’s been up to since wrapping up Celebrity Apprentice.

Notre Dame legend, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger joins The Drew Show.  Rudy speaks  about his inspiring story of overcoming all the odds on the gridiron and his 27 seconds of success that led him to becoming one of Notre Dame’s most famous graduate and the basis for the film, Rudy.

The Small Business Roundtable welcomes Guy Kawasaki to The Camp House in front of a live audience.  The former Chief Evangelist of Apple and co-founder of is one of the world’s most highly regarded entrepreneurs.  Kawasaki is also the author of the New York Times best selling book, Enchantment.

On this episode of the Todd Griffiths Show, Todd welcomes numismatist, James Digeorgia, author and renowned expert in gold and precious metals.  Todd also covers rare coins and the value they can add to your portfolio.

The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana welcomes to the show  Urban Access Media Group CEO, Bobby Lewis, who speaks with Frank about his new company that is providing programming content to black and minority communities and also about where traditional and new media is heading.  Frank is later joined by William Gurstelle, a science writer making a name for himself in creating new uses for technology.  William talks about his latest book The Practical Pyromaniac.

Candice Bergen Gives The Queen of Soul Her P-R-O-P-S

Candice: Can't get enough of Aretha.

Candice: Can't get enough of Aretha.

Murphy Brown may be a fictional character, but she and the actor who immortalized her on the CBS sitcom of the same name share an affinity for at least one musical icon.

Chatting on The wOw Effect, her wowOwow Talk show here on BlogTalkRadio, five-time Emmy winner Candice Bergen reveals which tune has been putting her in a frisky mood.

“The name of the song that’s been rocking my world, so to speak, lately is Respect, by The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin —who I just Continue reading

Jackée: “I Wanna Do ‘Dancing with the Stars’!”

We know Jackée can walk funnier than a mofo. But can she dance?

Interviewed on Musings of a Muse, the 227 star says she can indeed— so well, in fact, that she wants to strut her stuff on national TV.

"Reality TV is here to stay," Jackée (above) tells us. "So get with it, or quit the business."

"Reality TV is here to stay," Jackée (above) tells us. "So get with it, or quit the business."

“I wanna do Dancing with the Stars!” Jackée tells host Suncera Johnson, who replies:

“I think we should take up an online petition”—to which Jackée replies:

“I think we should. I would be fabulous.”

Fabulous, perhaps, but without flaunting too much skin.

“Unlike Pamela Anderson, I would definitely be Continue reading

Mark Ruffalo: I Won’t Be Incarnating David Koresh!

Just because Mark Ruffalo looks like a certain whacked-out cult leader who killed more than 70 followers doesn’t mean he’s going to play him.

Interviewed on Milling About, the Shutter Island star clears up erroneous reports that he’ll be bringing David Koresh to life in a biopic.

Mark (left) says no to role of Waco nut role Dave (right).

Mark (l) says no to role of Waco nut Dave (r).

“I’m not doing that,” he tells host Robin Milling of the Hollywood project about the Branch Davidian honcho who set the sect’s Waco, Texas, headquarters ablaze in 1993 following an FBI raid—killing everyone inside, including himself.

“I read it immediately and Continue reading

Oh, Snaps! Chenese Lewis Gets Her Interview on with Sherri Shepherd, Gladys Knight and Finesse Mitchell at Essence Music Fest

Midnight Train to N'awlins: Chenese with Miss Gladys.

Midnight Train to N'awlins: Chenese (right) with Miss Gladys.

Nice work if you can get it! And Chenese Lewis got it big-time, at the 2010 Essence Music Festival.

Our L.A.-based PLUS Model Radio host (who’s originally from Baton Rouge) was in New Orleans for the must-attend event this past weekend, with a prime perch on Radio Row.

There, at BlogTalkRadio’s booth, Chenese hobnobbed with such A-listers as Steve Harvey, Gladys Knight, The View‘s Sherri Shepherd, Saturday Night Live‘s Continue reading