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What’s New on BlogTalkRadio’s Featured Stations

You love your window view, but could it be contributing to symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome?  Take the “Eye Q’s and Views” Quiz to find out if your computer workstation is “eye friendly” and then tune into Healthy Vision™ with Dr. Val Jones.  Optometrist and author Dr. Jeffrey Anshel joins Dr. Val to discuss what happens to eyes when using the computer and digital devices, and offers tips for preventing visual discomfort. Tune in here.

Tune into a special Spring edition of Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana as he talks with celebrity landscaper Nicholas Walker. He’s got a heck of a resume, and has teamed up with Kathy Ireland Worldwide to bring his landscaping creations to the world.  Tune in here for an exciting chat about outdoor design and ideas.

Deborah L. Parker knows about adversity. Raised by a single mother in a small rural Virginia town after her stepfather leave the family to fend for themselves, Deborah learned early on that having a dream and a goal along with positive roles models contributed to where she is today–a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve who also has worked in corporate management positions.  Tune in here to listen to her inspiring story on Women’ Business Talk Radio Network.

AT&T’s Black History Month Series Go Out with a Bang (and Twist) on Feb. 29

Ever since February 1926, when historian Carter Woodson first paid homage to civil-rights pioneers Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass—born Feb. 12 and Feb. 20, respectively—Black History Month has been a priceless source of enlightenment for millions of Americans.

And 2012 has been no different here on BlogTalkRadio. In fact, thanks to the generosity of AT&T, we’re adding a new twist to the tradition!

Throughout the month, listeners have been treated to 28 days of compelling interviews with some of the most influential African American figures from the fields of entertainment, literature, sports, business and politics.

That via AT&T’s dual Black History Month series, Listen 2 Learn! and Ear 2 the Future!, which have featured encore presentations of conversations with the likes of Bill Cosby, Sherri Shepherd, Charles Barkley, Melinda Doolittle, Russell Simmons and Dionne Warwick.

Now, capping off those series on Wednesday, Feb. 29, comes AT&T 28 Days: Make Your Own Mark on History—Live!

The two-hour special features excerpts from documentary interviews with historic African American figures including Rosa Parks, Duke Ellington, Shirley Chisholm and James Baldwin, as well as highlights from BTR’s most popular archival interviews with African American newsmakers, like Michelle Obama, Montel Williams, Mo’Nique and Larry Fitzgerald.

Plus, the listening community will be invited to make its own mark on history by weighing in on the question “Which young contemporary African American figure do you foresee having the most profound impact on our nation in the coming decades?”

And don’t forget to bring your best trivia game because we’ll be covering African American “firsts” in government, sports, science, literature and the arts.

Hosted by Film Festival Radio’s Janice Malone and WDKK Radio’s Darryl Williams, the two-hour special gets under way 8 p.m. ET.

Brought to you by AT&T. Rethink Possible.

Interview with Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum, 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate was just interviewed on BlogTalkRadio’s We Pick Rick Online Radio last night.  You can catch Santorum on the show at the 37 minute mark (in case you want to get right to the chase!).

Santorum won the caucuses in Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and the Missouri primary and is also currently leading in the Michigan polls over Michigan native Mitt Romney.  Santorum is a former Pennsylvania Senator and is known for his socially conservative stance.  Just today he was under heat for a controversial comment he made concerning birth control.  Catch what he has to say on BlogTalkRadio here.

Be sure to check back for more interviews with key candidates in the 2012 Presidential race on BlogTalkRadio!

What’s New on BlogTalkRadio’s Featured Stations

125 million Americans suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome.  Are you one of them?  Optometrist and author Dr. Jeffrey Anshel joins Dr. Val to discuss what happens to our eyes when using the computer and digital devices and offer tips on what we can do to minimize or prevent eye strain, discomfort, and fatigue from computer or small device use.   Tune in Here.

On the latest edition of Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes designer, decorator, and television host Monica Pedersen to the studio.   She and Frank are old HGTV buddies, and she’s stopping by to talk about the latest happenings in her life as well as for a Designed to Sell mini-reunion with DIY’s  very own Robert North.  In the Craftsmanship segment, Frank welcomes Lupita Kuri of the Sweet Ride cupcake truck to the studio to chat about how her business has taken off, and how she was featured on a recent edition of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  Tune in Here.

Tom Oliver is the Founder and CEO of the World Peace Festival and the World Peace Partnership. Hailed by the CEO of Interbrand as “the portal to millions of next-generation trendsetters and early adopters”, the WPF is the biggest peace event in history, with a target audience of over 1 billion people.  He joins Deepak Chopra Radio to discuss this  first worldwide peace initiative bringing together the leaders of business, politics, military, music, film, art and the Nobel Peace Prize winners. Tune in Here.

What’s New on BlogTalkRadio’s Featured Stations

Are you set up for vision success in 2012? From the lighting at your desk, to where your computer monitor is located in your office, there are certain ways to set up your computer workstation to reduce or prevent vision-related discomfort and fatigue. Take the “Eye Q’s & Views” Quiz to see if your workstation is set up properly and then tune into the new episode of Healthy Vision™. Tune in here.

On the latest episode of the Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes comedian Jimmy Shubert — one of the busiest comics working today. He’s been all over the TV (including his recurring role on The King of Queens), and also hosts Shubert’s Alley on SiriusXM’s Blue Collar Radio channel.  Frank also checks in with Craftman product director Derek Voigt about the awesome new AssureLink garage door opener system, and you’ll also hear about some great DIY Disasters with Jody Costello of Contractors From Hell.  Tune in Here.

Deepak Chopra welcomes Jennifer Buffet to his  Keys to Success segment.  She is  Co-Chair  and President of the New York based NoVo Foundation, a philanthropic organization focused primarily on the empowerment of women and girls. She is responsible for the strategic direction of NoVo and chairs its Grants Committee. She shares leadership of the foundation with her husband, composer and producer Peter Buffett.  Tune in Here.

Celebrating Black History Month on BlogTalkRadio

We are celebrating Black History Month in a big way at BlogTalkRadio thanks to our sponsors, AT&T and Lincoln!

AT&T wants you to “Rethink Possible” with these two amazingly curated stations of content celebrating Black History Month:

AT&T’s Ear To The Future

Rappers, reality stars, soul singers, novelists, comedians, humanitarians, Oscar champs, digital gurus, entrepreneurs and more. Throughout Black History Month, AT&T brings you the most compelling conversations from 28 accomplished figures who tackle the latest trends in music, entertainment and technology, with an ear to the future of their industries and art forms. Catch interviews with Ja Rule, Regina King, Queen Latifah, Wayne Sutton and more! Tune in.

AT&T’s Listen to Learn

Grammy champs, Broadway stars, opera divas, community leaders, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, law professors, sports legends and more. On this station, AT&T celebrates Black History Month with interviews highlighting insights into family, community, career and philanthropic issues while delving into music, entertainment and literature.  Catch interviews with The Temptations, Esperanza Spalding, Charles Barkley, Bill Cosby and more! Tune in.

You can also join us for Black History Month in the Lincoln MKX Lounge for an eclectic mix of interviews from CNN’s Soledad O’Brien to self-made millionaire Brian Joubert.

Lincoln MKX Lounge

The Lincoln MKX Lounge houses some of the most interesting conversations on the web and is the place to discover fantastic new music and learn about the key issues impacting our world today. We’ve selected a crossover of the very best shows on BlogTalkRadio, all guaranteed to please. So sit back and relax or get on the edge of your seat and get involved! Tune in.

Listen daily to celebrate Black History Month and don’t forget to share this amazing content with friends and family!

A Look Back: 2011 Show Highlights

2011 was a great year for content on BlogTalkRadio.  We’ve selected just a few of our favorite shows from the past year to highlight. We hope you enjoy and are looking forward to another great year of broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio!

Emeril Lagasse: Interview with world famous chef on Small Business Roundtable.

Newt Gingrich: Interview with Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives and 2012 Presidential Candidate on Sarah Palin Radio.

Marion Nestle: Food Politics Pioneer on Stupid Cancer Show.

Guy Kawasaki: Former Chief Evangelist of Apple and Co-founder of on Mr. Media.

Debi Mazar: Actress and Cooking Channel host on Olivia Wilder.

Ja Rule: Rap star on TheKnicksBlogRadio.


Jason Kidd: NBA point guard for the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks on Hits Radio.


Emma Stone: Interview with Hollywood’s hottest ‘It’ Girl on Milling About.

Ira Glass: American public radio personality and host of NPR’s This American Life on Columbia Journalism.

Antonio Banderas: Critically acclaimed actor catches up with The Movie Geeks United.

BlogTalkRadio + Facebook = Awesome!

We just released a brand new feature on BlogTalkRadio that integrates Facebook commenting on all of our show pages.  Now, when a listener leaves a comment on a BlogTalkRadio show page, they have the ability to post that comment right onto their Facebook wall in order to continue the conversation here at BlogTalkRadio or on Facebook.

Try it! Just go to your favorite show on BlogTalkRadio, click on an episode and leave a comment for the host.  Check the box that says “Post to Facebook” and just like that, you’re opening up the conversation to all of your friends on Facebook.

We’re really excited about this new update because it increases the interactivity between our hosts and their listeners and also gives our listeners the ability to promote their favorite hosts to their Facebook network.  We hope all of our hosts will encourage their listeners to use this new feature to help spread the word and give their content an extra boost to be heard across the Internet!