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BlogTalkRadio Host Kevin Ross Moves The Needle For Diversity On LA Public Airwaves

Days after Kevin Ross, BlogTalkRadio host and host of “America’s Court with Judge Ross” aired a special 2 hour show on the recent rise of inflammatory remarks made against minorities and women over the talk radio airwaves, Los Angeles City Council passed a motion requiring conservative talk radio station KFI-AM 640 and it’s parent company Clear Channel Media, to “do everything in their power” to make sure that their hosts refrain from voicing prejudice sentiment on air.

The motion was raised as a result of public outcry from a number of minority and women’s groups in response to the racially charged comments made by KFI talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of the “John and Ken Show.” Three days after Whitney Houston died last month, the radio show hosts referred to the pop music icon as a “crack ho.”  The resolution also cites radio host Rush Limbaugh’s recent derogatory commentary on Sandra Fluke.  According to this article on NBC’s site, Councilwoman Jan Perry wrote in her motion that the “Clear Channel Media Holding’s commitment to diversity is not being realized at its flagship station KFI 640 AM, where out of 15 on-air personalities, one is a female and none of them are African American.”

On his BlogTalkRadio program, Kevin Ross was joined by guests including attorney Gloria Allred and Comedian D.L. Hughley who discussed the growing controversy surrounding racist and sexist sentiment spreading across the country’s talk radio waves by hosts.  You can listen to the broadcast in its entirety here.

At BlogTalkRadio, we have a variety of hosts like Kevin Ross, representing perspectives from all backgrounds and genders.  If you are interested in hosting your own show on our network, we welcome you to sign up today.

BlogTalkRadio’s Where Is My Guru at SXSW

We were so happy to see BlogTalkRadio hosts Jessica Durivage and Diane Ferraro on a panel at SXSW this year.  They host and run Where Is My Guru, a weekly radio show and social media hub committed to making positive social change through the lens of yoga, community, leadership and service.

Their panel entitled “Radio Free Yoga: Self-Realize x Social Enterprise” featured some outstanding guests in the world of yoga, film and spirituality including Seane Corn, Vikram Gandhi and Waylon Lewis. The discussion explored how the worlds of social media and spirituality can intersect to affect personal growth and philanthropic progress.

We were lucky enough to attend the panel and get this shot of it in action!

It was a fascinating discussion and kudos to the girls on getting their panel into SXSW this year! Don’t forget to tune in to their show live this Friday at 11AM EST for a recap on their SXSW experiences and an interview with Sue Jones, yoga rebel and founder of yogaHOPE.

A BlogTalkRadio Host Turned Comedian?

Our very own, Garrison Leykam of Conversation Crossroad was recently challenged by a guest of his, comedian, Stephen Rosenfield to take his Stand Up Workshop. The workshop includes a “live” graduation appearance at the famous, Gotham Comedy Club, which has hosted the likes of Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld and Jackie Mason. Stephen Rosenfield has been dubbed “The Best-Known Comedy Teacher In The Country” by The New York Times and is founder of the prestigious American Comedy Institute.

“Becoming a stand up comic is something I’ve never done. It’s totally out of my comfort zone,” remarks Leykam, “but I’m never one to shy away from a challenge.” As part of the workshop, Leykam will attend an orientation followed by three comedic workshops. Rosenfield will also one-on-one coach Leykam to fine-tune his delivery before his debut performance. Leykam’s evolution into the world of stand up comedy will be filmed, edited and directed by Jared Silberkleit of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Host Leykam will be taking to the stage at Gotham Comedy Club on November 19th for his debut performance of “Comic on a Half Shell.” We wish him luck!

Wayne Hurlbert: 5 Years on BlogTalkRadio

Wayne Hurlbert hosts the longest running show, Blog Business Success, on BlogTalkRadio and just recently, he celebrated 5 years on the network. You can listen to his 5 year anniversary show here with a special guest appearance from our very own, Alan Levy. I was so happy to catch up with him on his experiences and as a veteran host, he had some great advice and tips for his fellow hosts on the network.  We are pleased to introduce you to host, Wayne Hurlbert.

What is your show about?
Wayne Hurlbert: My Blog Business Success show is one hour in length, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, and features interviews with guests on various business and economics related topics. I have guests on the show that discuss small business, sales and marketing, business management, personnel management, creativity and innovation, systems and processes, project management, search engine optimization, personal development, and the economy.

What inspired you to start a show on BlogTalkRadio?
WH: I had long been intrigued by the idea of internet radio and its tremendous potential for sharing ideas. When I was approached, just after the platform’s initial launch, to conduct an interview with BlogTalkRadio CEO, I decided to start a show. After examining the platform, I could see that BloGTalkRadio was the ideal system for me to launch a business show.
My goal with the show was to provide a platform and and opportunity for thought leaders in the business community to share ideas with listeners. I also wanted to give something back to the business world through a sharing of ideas from thought leaders, and from my own years of business experience. I decided that the interview style program would be the most effective, and provide the best means for both flexibility in the approach and freshness in the content and style.

What is your most memorable show to date?
WH: My most memorable show remains my very first show. At that time, I wasn’t entirely certain if my vision of an interview style format would be effective and have lasting appeal. My very first guest was my good friend and thought leader Toby Bloomberg, of the well known Diva Marketing Blog. We actually created the style of show that i still use today. We started the show with a traditional question and answer format, but as the show went along, we became more conversational in the approach. That conversation and direct interview blend is the format that I still use for the show today; five years later,

What do you like about hosting your show on the network?
WH: I like how easy and convenient it is to host a show on BlogTalkRadio. There is no software to download. All that is required is an internet connection and a telephone. Hosting a show doesn’t get much easier than that. I also like the support provided by the great staff at BlogTalkRadio, and by the help shared by the many tremendous BlogTalkRadio hosts. In many ways, the network operates like a family or a team, where the network, the hosts, and especially the listeners benefit from the atmosphere of sharing and assistance.

Looking back on your 5 years as a host, what advice would you give to new hosts that are getting started on the network?
WH: While it might seem obvious, a host must be prepared for the show, for any guests they may have, and for any callers into the show. If a host is interviewing someone in their show’s area of interest, it not only makes for a better show if the host is familiar with the guests and their work, it’s also a courtesy to the guests and the listeners. A host who develops a reputation within their area of interest as always being prepared, for asking great questions, and providing a rewarding experience for the listeners, will always have a steady supply of guests. That steady stream of guests will also include people who hold different views, opinions, and ideas from those of the host. A well prepared host can disagree with a guest’s ideas if the host is well prepared and understands the subject matter well.

All hosts should develop good and respected relationships with people within their show’s area of interest. That can include public relations professionals, thought leaders, guest staff people, publicists, and other hosts. These people can share their expertise, provide assistance with guests, and connect a host to the very biggest and the most interesting names in the host’s field. A host should always be courteous to everyone, respect others’ right to a different opinion, and be professional at all times.

Prepare a set of questions, prior to the show, to ask the guest during the show. Even if the guest doesn’t know the questions or received them in advance, the questions provide a framework to keep the show and guest conversation on track. A bit of structure keeps the show from drifting aimlessly and losing listeners as well. All hosts, regardless of their tenure on the network, should listen to other successful BlogTalkRadio shows, and how other hosts conduct their programs. There are many new and refreshing ideas being tried and used successfully by other hosts, and those concepts can be incorporated into other shows.

When the show is completed, a host should send a thank you email to the guest and any staff member, public relations representative, or publicist who helped facilitate the interview. Be certain to include a link to the show podcast and let everyone know that they can post that podcast link on their blogs and websites. Not everyone is aware that they can share their completed BlogTalkRadio interview on their blogs and sites. The thank you emails, along with being a courtesy, also strengthen relationships with everyone who helped make the episode a success.

We get a lot of questions from hosts about growing their listener base – what are some tactics that have worked for you?
WH: Once a person becomes a BlogTalkRadio host, they are always a marketer of their own show, other shows on the system, and the BlogTalkRadio platform. Through use of social media, including a blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, a host can reach a very wide audience of contacts as both guests and listeners. A host should also remind the guest to help market their appearance on the show through their own social media network and blogs. Many guests are not aware that they can and should promote their own show appearances, and they are thrilled to be asked to help make their appearance a success. BlogTalkRadio offers a vast array of host promotional tools, including the valuable press release function. Getting a show covered by the mainstream media can create a surge of listeners and an entirely different level of credibility.

Thanks so much Wayne for your interview. We really appreciate your loyalty and support for the network. Congrats on 5 years with BlogTalkRadio!

BTR’s Female Field Guide Launched An App and Here’s How

Gyasmine George is the host of Female Field Guide, a women’s cheat sheet to sports, entertainment and relationships, which airs on BlogTalkRadio Sunday nights at 8PM PST. She recently unveiled her very own Android app for her show that has helped to boost her listener base. We thought it would be interesting for Gyasmine to share her experiences on BTR and advice for hosts looking to create a listening app for their own shows. We are pleased to introduce you to Gyasmine George.

How long have you been on BTR?
October 30, 2010 was my very first broadcast. Since then I’ve had almost 4,000 listeners!

What’s your angle at Female Field Guide?
Female Field Guide is unique because is it geared towards women who may be sports challenged and want to boost their sports IQ or women sports fans who desire to learn more. The show benefits single gals who may want to add to their stock of sports knowledge as they navigate through the dating scene, girlfriends or wives who desire a closer bond on with the men and sports fans in their lives, or the lady or man who has always wanted to learn more about sports, but just didn’t know where or how to gain the information.

Who would be a dream guest on your show?
I would say Lisa Leslie and Billie Jean King and as for male athletes, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Tell us about your Android app. What does it do?
With my app, you can listen to my Blogtalkradio shows live or whenever you want. You can pause, rewind and play back the podcasts. You can watch my interviews via my video feeds and get the latest’s news and updates via my Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can also interact with and share articles, videos, and podcasts via Twitter, Facebook or email all within the app.

Where did you get the idea for the app?
I interviewed Billy Carson, founder of, a women’s basketball website and message board, for a special Father’s Day episode. In conversation with Mr. Carson, I found out he designed an Android and Iphone app for his daughter, April Carson, who is a highly ranked basketball player and gave it to her for her high school graduation.

Why did you decide to design one?
What I do with Female Field Guide is so unique, and since I am striving to blaze new trails, I thought why not an app?

How did you bring the app to life?
After my interview with Mr. Carson, I contacted him regarding advice about a Female Field Guide app and he replied “That’s what we do!” In addition to, Mr. Carson heads up ZenForce Media, a non-profit company dedicated to expanding businesses and individual’s social media networking reach via apps. They were great and designed my app so quickly and efficiently!

Why do you think an app is a good idea for hosts?
I have spoken to so many of my friends and supporters and sometimes it’s difficult for them to get to a computer to listen live or even to the archived episodes. BUT, everyone I know has a cell phone! Since my app dropped on Tuesday, July 12th, my listener numbers have doubled!

Do you have plans for bringing your app to other smart phones?
Oh absolutely! The iPhone app will be dropping in about a week and we are working on a Blackberry version as well.

Do you have any advice for hosts that want to make an app or learnings you can provide from your experience?
My fellow hosts, the time is now! In the past, athletes, entertainers etc. were profiled in magazines, posters, trading cards, but today they are more often featured on blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. With technology such as Androids, iPhones and iPads making a big difference in everything from education to business, we can certainly expect to see more apps featuring players, entertainers and prominent figures in the future. Also, do your research! Send out emails, surveys and ask around to find out how your target audience wants to listen – whether if it’s straight from BTR, on apps or social networking sites. And lastly, be along for the ride! This last year has been amazing and I am so grateful for Blogtalkradio. Internet radio is the future of radio! If you have any questions or advice, email me at

We’d like to thank Gyasmine for such a great interview. Please tune into Female Field Guide and visit her app here.

‘Soul Food’ Star Darrin Henson, Rocker Geoff Tate of Queensryche and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

darren-hensonDarrin Henson: The star of Showtime’s critically-acclaimed series Soul Food—who has also choreographed for such artists as Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Usher—stops in to That’s Entertainment to chat with host Tammy Jones-Gibbs about his new fitness DVD, Get Fit & Stay Fit.


Geoff Tate: The Queensryche frontman, whose 11 albums have mixed heavy metal with thought-provoking lyrics, drops in on Icon Fetch to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his album Empire. Geoff also chats with host Tony Peters about the band’s surreal performance at the 1992 Gammy Awards.

robert-golphinRobert X. Golphin: The actor who appeared opposite Denzel Washington in the 2007 feature flick The Great Debaters—who’s also a writer, director and producer—drops in on After Thoughts host Denice Newton to discuss his new film, Punch Me, in which he confronts homophobia.

jason-obrien1Jason O’Brien: The host of Oscar, Oscar!—whose guests have included Wall Street director Oliver Stone—celebrates his 4-year anniversary on BlogTalkRadio (way to go, JO!) by reliving some of the show’s most memorable moments during this red-carpet birthday bash.

Featured Host: The Cyber Dating Expert, Julie Spira


“I do what I love best every Saturday. Not only do I marry love and technology, but I help singles with dating advice. The program is about dating, love and romance in a Web 2.0 World.”  -Julie Spira

Julie Spira started her radio career as the first female announcer at the FM rock station WAAL in Binghamton, New York. Julie returned to her first passion of radio on Valentine’s Day, 2009 when she launched Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio. As the bestselling author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online,” she is passionate about helping singles find love and her BlogTalkRadio show helps her “share the love” with a growing number of listeners every week.

“Returning to radio and hosting the only online dating radio show is a dream come true. With my program, I interview bestselling relationship authors and online dating CEOs to help educate singles on the dating scene,” says Julie.

And, BlogTalkRadio is lucky to have her. Julie is a worldwide authority in online dating. Her dating advice has appeared on ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, KTLA, WPIX, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Glamour, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, Cosmo Radio, Huffington Post, Your Tango, JDate, Zoosk, eHarmony Advice, and Gen Connect TV.

In addition to her time at WAAL, Julie spent many years both on the air and in management at several syndication companies and at RKO Radio Networks. Julie also spent some time in the digital space at several technology and Internet companies, so she is no stranger to what it takes to survive in our Web 2.0 world.

Visit her at Follow her on twitter @JulieSpira

Tune in to her Ask the Cyber-Dating Expert Radio show airs live weekly on Saturdays 2pm/ET.

Featured Host: Vicky Gorman of “Artist On Demand”


“Starting Artists on Demand for me was about spotlighting my favorite bands, some of which I felt didn’t get the attention they deserved” –Gorman

Vicky Gorman is a 23 year old entrepreneur and the brains behind Artists On Demand.

Artists on Demand Radio came about when Vicky Gorman brought the idea to start a talk radio show
to Nikki Moore, one of the shows other four managers. The inspiration behind it was that their favorite independent bands weren’t getting the recognition they deserved. They started inviting bands and musicians that needed an outlet to share their music and their stories. As they continued to grow, the listeners voiced the idea of having other forms of artists on the show. They now host shows that feature some of today’s hottest celebrities in categories including acting, dance, music, authors, directors, and producers.

For all of you vampire lovers out there, Artists on Demand has recently featured actors from “True Blood” and the latest in the “Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

“I’m very proud of what we have achieved with Artists on Demand. The team we currently have is giving their best and is really getting the show out there. The sky is the limit!”

When asked about their future goals for the show, Gorman shared “We want to take Artists on Demand to a bigger audience. We want people to recognize that we can bring them opportunities that most radio shows don’t. We enjoy giving the fans one to one time with their favorite celebrities.”

You can tune into Artists on Demand here.