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Satirist John Breneman Delves Deep into Cyberspace

What’s in store for Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after she resigns her seat on July 26?

“She plans to take a brief vacation, shooting media jackals from an airplane.

John: He reports, he derides.

John: He reports, he derides.

“Then she may hit the paid-speaker circuit with her inane ability to spout random strings of words that underscore her refreshing lack of knowledge and experience.”

That according to “Fox News anchor puppet Deuce Murdoch,” the latest incarnation of BlogTalkRadio’s resident humorist John Breneman.

The Boston Herald blogger, who, as primary alter ego Reid Page, anchor of the 13 O’Clock News, contributes weekly reports to BTR’s Game On!, recently launched a stand-alone Humor Gazette report here on the network.

Daily Show-like in their ability to spin headline news into biting satire, John’s dispatches have in recent weeks tackled topics ranging from health-care reform to Twitter to U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor to Michael Jackson tributes.

CAPTION: Humor Gazette headlines: All the news that's fit to kid.

The Humor Gazette: All the news that's fit to kid.

And so that he’s got the full complement of media covered, the veteran journalist also produces a TV version of the Humor Gazette, which is streamed on YouTube.

To check out John’s Humor Gazette reports here on BTR, click here.

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To watch John’s YouTube channel, click here.

Game On! airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. To tune in, click here.

‘Wilshire & Washington’ Host Ted Johnson: Blogger of the Year

The Los Angeles Press Club has named BlogTalkRadio’s own Ted Johnson Blogger of the Year.

But we can’t say it came as a surpise to us; we’ve been a fan of the Varierty managing editor’s incisive writing ever since he joined the network last year.

CAPTION: Ted: No. 1 on the web.

Ted: No. 1 on the web.

Ted was honrored for his Wilshire & Washington blog, which “highlights the enduring relationship between entertainment and politics.”

Specifically, the LAPC singled out his September 5 column, “Arrested Development and The Night at St. Paul,” which the judges called a “compelling story with great descriptions that affected many members of the media” – as well as “a great read.”

Held last night at Universal City, the 51st Annual Southern California Journalism Awards recognized the best work of 2008.

To read Wilshire & Washington on Variety, click here.

To sample Wilshire & Washington on BlogTalkRadio, co-hosted by Maegan Carberry and Teresa Valdez Klein and airing Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. ET, click here.

Pulitzer Prize Chief Sig Gissler on ‘SAJA’

Sadly, not a week goes by these days without news of some vener- able newspaper filing for bankruptcy, slashing editorial staff, moving exclusively to cyberspace or dying outright.

CAPTION: Prof. Gissler (above) bemoans realities of Fourth Estate struggle.

Prof. Gissler (above) bemoans realities of Fourth Estate struggle to survive.

From the Boston Globe to the Chicago Tribune to the Seattle Post Intelligencer to the Rocky Mountain News to the Christian Science Monitor it seems the entire industry is teetering on extinction.

That’s why – if you have even the slight- est interest print journalism – you won’t want to miss today’s special edition of SAJA.

Joining host Sree Sreenivasan at 4:30 p.m. ET will be Columbia Journalism School Prof. Sig Gissler, who has been administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes since 2002.

A former editor himself – of the Milwaukee Journal – and Pulitzer Prize winner, Prof. Gissler will discuss the rapidly changing newspaper landscape, and its potential negative impacts on democracy.

To tune in, click here.

To read how Fishbowl New York covered Sree’s interview with Prof. Gissler, click here.

‘Worldfocus’ Wins Prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Congo Series

In October 2008, WNET.ORG’s Worldfocus traveled to eastern Congo as fighting in the decade-long civil war there – which has been called the deadliest conflict since World War II – intensified.

The crew was comprised of correspondent Michael J. Kavanagh and cameraman and producer Taylor Krauss.

Two months later, Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge would take to the PBS airwaves with one story about the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Congolese, and another detailing the use of rape as a political weapon in the Congo.

CAPTIONS: Michael reporting from the Congo for his award-winning series. (Photo: Taylor Krauss)

Michael reporting from the Congo for his award-winning series. (Photo: Taylor Krauss)

Now, in recog- nition of Michael, Taylor, executive producer Marc Rosenwasser and producer Lisa Biagiotti‘s efforts to expose these war-wrought horrors, the night- ly news program has been honored with a Robert F. Kennedy Journal- ism Award for Crisis in the Congo: The Story of Pascal and Vestine.

“This two-part ‘Signature Story’ reflects the courage, timeliness and skill in bringing an underreported story to a large American audience,” WNET.ORG President Neal Shapiro tells us.

The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award honors outstanding reporting on the lives and strife of disadvantaged people worldwide. Led by a committee of six independent journalists, the annual awards are judged by more than 50 journalists.

BlogTalkRadio congratulates the entire Worldfocus team on its achieve- ment.worldfocus

To learn more about the RFK Journalism Awards, click here.

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CNN’s Rick Sanchez ‘Is the Chief Twit’ Says Colleague John Roberts

EDITOR’S NOTE (Oct. 1, 2010): CNN’s Rick Sanchez has been fired from the network for calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” and suggesting that “everybody who runs CNN” is Jewish. Below is a story involving Rick from March 19, 2009.

John: All a-Twitter over colleague's cyber-success?

John: All a-Twitter over colleague's cyber-success?

Democratic though it may be, social media can still breed petty jealousies.

Case in point: John Roberts, who gives fellow CNN newsman Rick Sanchez a good ribbing this week.

Interviewed on Morning Media Menu, John and his American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry discuss their show’s newly-launched Facebook and Twitter applications with host Steve Krakauer.

“How many people are calling us now in ‘amFIX’ on Twitter?” Kiran asks John.

“I think we had about 100 when we started off on Monday. We’ve got 600 now. I mean, we’re not up to Rick Sanchez’s 65,000 yet. But we’re increasing exponentially.”

Later in the chat, Steve, who’s podcasting from American Morning‘s Manhattan set, returns to the topic of the CNN Newsroom anchor.

“You talk about Rick Sanchez as sort of the standard-bearer of Twitter,” he says. “But what about—”

That’s when John whips out this zinger:

Rick (above): Sultan of Social Media.

Rick: The Sultan of Social Media.

“He is the chief twit—ter here.”

After a hearty laugh, Kiran—who, like John, begins her workday at 3 a.m.—jumps to her co-anchor’s defense.

“He got up this early,” she tells Steve. “He can say that!”

Will Rick respond? Stay tuned.

Click here to hear John Roberts and Kiran Chetry’s full March 17, 2009  interview.

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Carl Bernstein Sets the Record Straight on Hillary Clinton: She Didn’t Lose the Election Because of Sexism

CAPTIONS: It’s “absolutely disgusting” Carl (above) tells us of hate speech against America’s new Secretary of State.

It’s “absolutely disgusting” Carl (above) says of hate speech against America’s new Secretary of State.

If there’s one American whose objectivity we trust, it’s Carl Bernstein’s (and of course Bob Woodward’s; but as Bob has yet to grace BlogTalkRadio, his homage will have to wait).

As half of The Washington Post team that brought down the Nixon administration, Carl proved that the press is mightier than the presidency.

So when he chats about Election ’08 with Sins of Omission host Paulie Abeles, we listen closely.

During the discussion, a caller by the name of Karen, from Port- land, Ore., tells Carl:

“I’m a little sickened by your blindness to what I consider hate crimes against Hillary Clinton… I’m talking about ‘c—-’ T-shirts and ‘the nutcracker.’”

To which Carl, who in 2007 published a book titled A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, replies:a-woman-in-charge1

“I agree. I don’t know if they’re hate crimes, but I think it’s despicable speech.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that,” says Karen. “But you said that it wasn’t a factor.”

“No, I didn’t say it wasn’t a factor. I said it’s not why she lost the election. I’ve said sexism, racism is always a factor in our culture. But the idea that this is why she lost the election is absurd.”

To hear Carl’s full interview—including what he considers to be “the great failing of journalism” and why he says Hillary’s marriage to Bill Clinton remains to this day a “love story”—click here.

George Clooney’s Journo Dad Down on MSNBC and Fox News Channel

Nick Clooney is no fan of cable news – from either end of the political spectrum.


“Any information source that comes to you with a point of view cannot be news,” Nick (above) tells us.

The one-time local-market anchorman, who’s better known these days as George Clooney’s dad, believes that bottom-rated MSNBC and top- rated Fox News Channel are breeding a nation of nefarious citizens.

“MSNBC in its primetime is not news. Fox, generally speaking – in its entire 24-hour cycle – is not news,” he tells Politico host Patick Gavin.

“Those who watch only MSNBC in its primetime, or only Fox, will only be feeding their own biases. They don’t want to hear anything that contradicts their own world view,” adds Nick, who in 2004 made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“And that’s problematic, because if everybody has boutique news, then we have…300 million ignorant people. That’s too bad, because ignorant people do bad things.”

Nick also chats about his superstar son.

 CAPTION: With son George (right) at the Newseum in Washington in January.

Good news? Good luck! With son George at the Newseum in Washington in January.

“What are the chances that we might get the Clooneys to perm- anently settle down in D.C.?” asks Patrick.

“That’s very nice of you to say, but George is too much of a stormy petrol. He’s going to be all over the map. He’s going to be everywhere, trying to do what he can with regard to Darfur.

“In my case, I’m old and I’m a Kentuckian so you’ll find me never too far from my bourbon.”

To hear Nick’s full interview, click here.

Dennis Miller LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

USA Cares official spokesperson, Emmy award winner and four-time Writers’ Guild award winner, DENNIS MILLER, joins Navy Homefront Talk on BlogTalkRadio for a live, exclusive interview.

Dennis Miller Called “one of the premiere comedy talents in America today,” Miller will talk about USA Cares (, a non-profit organization serving military service families of all ranks and branches with direction, advice and grant assistance for quality of life issues caused by military service – and why he’s involved. He’ll be live with host and taking your calls on Wednesday at 9pm ET (click to listen).