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NY Times Scribes David Pogue and Nick Kristof: Digital Impersonation and Moral Indignation

Two of the Grey Lady’s greatest voices graced BlogTalkRadio yesterday; one with a titter-worthy Twitter tale, the other enraged by enslavement of the fair sex in South Asia.

Interviewed on Zane Safrit, New York Times personal-technology columnist David Pogue recalled his ironic road from social-media critic to social-media convert.

CAPTION: David: Illicit aid accumulating Twitter followers.

David: Underhanded aid in accumulating Twitter followers.

“Interestingly, I didn’t start on Twitter. An imposter did!” he told host Zane Safrit.

“I used to employ an office assistant, whose husband unbeknownst to me, had signed up for a Twitter account using my name— and had been tweeting, with absolutely no knowledge by me, for months!

“When I finally discovered this, somebody said, ‘Hey, I’ve been enjoying following you on Twitter.’ And I was like, ‘But I’m not on Twitter,'” continued David, who also pens the popular “Pogue’s Posts” blog and who authored the new book, The World According to Twitter.

“So the guy wound up Continue reading

Traditional Print and Broadcast Can Thrive in the Digital Age, Say NBC’s Jean Chatzky, Hearst’s Lincoln Millstein and Other Gurus

Here’s a newsflash you don’t stumble across much these days: Old-school media isn’t going the way of hoop skirts, gas lamps and horse-drawn carriages anytime soon.

In fact, it’s poised to thrive in our ever-engulfing digital age.

“People will start feeling so overloaded by information that they’ll have to make choices,” says Jean (above). “That’s what is going to ensure that real journalist with real training will contrnue to rise to the top.”

“People will start feeling so overloaded by information that they’ll have to start making choices,” Jean (above) tells us.

So say media gurus from both sides of the equation who spoke today in Manhattan at “Don’t Write Them Off: Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Reinvented,” an Algonquin 3.0 conference hosted by Kaplow Communications President Liz Kaplow.

On the panel at the event (which was streamed live on BlogTalkRadio and were Jean Chatzky, financial editor for NBC’s Today show and a columnist for New York’s Daily News; Lincoln Millstein, Hearst Newspapers’ senior vice president for digital media; Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief of More magazine, Sree Sreenivasan, new media professor at Columbia Journalism School and host of BlogTalkRadio’s SAJA; and BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy.

Following are highlights from the panelists. Continue reading

Helen Thomas: Barack Obama Doesn’t Have the Courage to Do the Things He Should

EDITOR’S NOTE, June 8, 2010: In response to criticism about her May 27, 2010 comments to Rabbi David Nesenoff on the state of Isrealnamely that the Israeli Jews “should go home” to “Poland, Germany…America and everywhere else”Helen Thomas resigned from her position as a columnist with Hearst Newspapers on June 7.

NEW YORK, July 3, 2009 (BlogTalkRadio): Unabashed John F. Kennedy fan though she is, Helen Thomas is less than thrilled with the current incarnation of Camelot.

Interviewed on the Judy Joy Jones Show, the Godmother of White House correspondents—who has covered every Oval Office occupant since JFK—doesn’t hesitate to opine on America’s commanders-in-chief.

CAPTION: "Why should we go there and kill and die?" Helen (above) says of President Obama's new counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan."

"Why should we go there and kill and die?" Helen (above) says regarding Obama's new military strategy in Afghanistan.

When host Judy Joy Jones comments to Helen, “I’m sure that you don’t have a favorite president. I guess you have to be pretty detached in that regard,” the former UPI bureau chief says:

“No, no, I had a favorite: Kennedy. I thought he was brilliant. I thought he had great ideas.

“He created the Peace Corps. He signed the first nuclear-test-ban treaty. And he said, ‘We’re going to land men on the moon.'”

Shortly after that, she offers her take on our nation’s 44th president.

“He’s disappointing me. He has a conscience, but he doesn’t have the courage to do the things that he should have donewhich is single-payer, on medicine,” Helen says of Barack Obama. “Nobody in this country should lack for medical care. We have 47 million people who don’t have any insurance and medicine. And that’s shocking.”

(Single-payer health care is an approach to health-care financing with only one source of money for paying health-care providers. On Wednesday, President Obama rejected the single-payer model, citing instead one that would preserve private insurance companies, while offering a government-run option.)

Helen also slams the president”s foreign policy.


Helen covering her No. 1 presidential pick.

“He’s going into Afghanistan, and he’s broadened the war. He has not learned the lessons of Vietnam and Iraq,” says the veteran journalist, who currently writes a column for the Hearst Newspapers syndicate, and whose new book, Listen Up, Mr. President: Everything You Always Wanted Your President to Know and Do, will be published in the fall.

“We should not be there. To put U.N. peacekeeper forces there would be fine. But to get involved in another no-win war?

“Afghans know every cave, they know every stream, they know every mountain. It’s their country.”

To hear Helen’s full interview, click here.

‘Wilshire & Washington’ Host Ted Johnson: Blogger of the Year

The Los Angeles Press Club has named BlogTalkRadio’s own Ted Johnson Blogger of the Year.

But we can’t say it came as a surpise to us; we’ve been a fan of the Varierty managing editor’s incisive writing ever since he joined the network last year.

CAPTION: Ted: No. 1 on the web.

Ted: No. 1 on the web.

Ted was honrored for his Wilshire & Washington blog, which “highlights the enduring relationship between entertainment and politics.”

Specifically, the LAPC singled out his September 5 column, “Arrested Development and The Night at St. Paul,” which the judges called a “compelling story with great descriptions that affected many members of the media” – as well as “a great read.”

Held last night at Universal City, the 51st Annual Southern California Journalism Awards recognized the best work of 2008.

To read Wilshire & Washington on Variety, click here.

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NBC News Tech Guru Mike Wendland: I’m Hooked on BlogTalkRadio

Jon Parrett, host of Hip Talk Radio was right: BlogTalkRadio is addictive.

And NBC News correspondent “PC Mike” Wendland seems to agree.

On this week’s edition of his package for NBC television affiliates nationwide, Mike reviews BlogTalkRadio, giving it two thumbs up.

CAPTION: "We're talking cool; really cool; easy cool," Mike (above) tell his NBC audience about BTR.

"We're talking cool; really cool; easy cool," Mike (above) tells his NBC audience about BTR.

“I’m hooked,” the veteran tech reporter says.

“Built-in audience-building tools to Twitter and Facebook and social-media sites can alert your friends and follow- ers to know when you’re on.

“What makes this even cooler is that it turns the live broadcast into a podcast.”

But Mike isn’t just a critic, he’s also a BlogTalkRadio host.

After last week’s test spin of the network, the granddaddy of Internet reporting officially launches PC Mike’s Tech Talk tomorrow, April 25, at 2 p.m. ET.

On that maiden outing, he’ll explore the addictive nature of social- media sites like Facebook and Twitter, while talking calls and offering his trademark tech tips.

To tune into PC Mike’s Tech Talk, click here.

To see Mike’s NBC News report on BlogTalkRadio, click here.

To read more about Jon Parrett (and download Addicted – our unofficial anthem), click here.

Pulitzer Prize Chief Sig Gissler on ‘SAJA’

Sadly, not a week goes by these days without news of some vener- able newspaper filing for bankruptcy, slashing editorial staff, moving exclusively to cyberspace or dying outright.

CAPTION: Prof. Gissler (above) bemoans realities of Fourth Estate struggle.

Prof. Gissler (above) bemoans realities of Fourth Estate struggle to survive.

From the Boston Globe to the Chicago Tribune to the Seattle Post Intelligencer to the Rocky Mountain News to the Christian Science Monitor it seems the entire industry is teetering on extinction.

That’s why – if you have even the slight- est interest print journalism – you won’t want to miss today’s special edition of SAJA.

Joining host Sree Sreenivasan at 4:30 p.m. ET will be Columbia Journalism School Prof. Sig Gissler, who has been administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes since 2002.

A former editor himself – of the Milwaukee Journal – and Pulitzer Prize winner, Prof. Gissler will discuss the rapidly changing newspaper landscape, and its potential negative impacts on democracy.

To tune in, click here.

To read how Fishbowl New York covered Sree’s interview with Prof. Gissler, click here.

‘Worldfocus’ Wins Prestigious Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Congo Series

In October 2008, WNET.ORG’s Worldfocus traveled to eastern Congo as fighting in the decade-long civil war there – which has been called the deadliest conflict since World War II – intensified.

The crew was comprised of correspondent Michael J. Kavanagh and cameraman and producer Taylor Krauss.

Two months later, Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge would take to the PBS airwaves with one story about the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Congolese, and another detailing the use of rape as a political weapon in the Congo.

CAPTIONS: Michael reporting from the Congo for his award-winning series. (Photo: Taylor Krauss)

Michael reporting from the Congo for his award-winning series. (Photo: Taylor Krauss)

Now, in recog- nition of Michael, Taylor, executive producer Marc Rosenwasser and producer Lisa Biagiotti‘s efforts to expose these war-wrought horrors, the night- ly news program has been honored with a Robert F. Kennedy Journal- ism Award for Crisis in the Congo: The Story of Pascal and Vestine.

“This two-part ‘Signature Story’ reflects the courage, timeliness and skill in bringing an underreported story to a large American audience,” WNET.ORG President Neal Shapiro tells us.

The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award honors outstanding reporting on the lives and strife of disadvantaged people worldwide. Led by a committee of six independent journalists, the annual awards are judged by more than 50 journalists.

BlogTalkRadio congratulates the entire Worldfocus team on its achieve- ment.worldfocus

To learn more about the RFK Journalism Awards, click here.

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To tune into Martin’s Dec. 16, 2008 BlogTalkRadio show aired in conjunction with Crisis in the Congo, click here.

To tune into tonight’s edition of Worldfocus on BlogTalkRadio, focusing on African women in power, click here.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez ‘Is the Chief Twit’ Says Colleague John Roberts

EDITOR’S NOTE (Oct. 1, 2010): CNN’s Rick Sanchez has been fired from the network for calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” and suggesting that “everybody who runs CNN” is Jewish. Below is a story involving Rick from March 19, 2009.

John: All a-Twitter over colleague's cyber-success?

John: All a-Twitter over colleague's cyber-success?

Democratic though it may be, social media can still breed petty jealousies.

Case in point: John Roberts, who gives fellow CNN newsman Rick Sanchez a good ribbing this week.

Interviewed on Morning Media Menu, John and his American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry discuss their show’s newly-launched Facebook and Twitter applications with host Steve Krakauer.

“How many people are calling us now in ‘amFIX’ on Twitter?” Kiran asks John.

“I think we had about 100 when we started off on Monday. We’ve got 600 now. I mean, we’re not up to Rick Sanchez’s 65,000 yet. But we’re increasing exponentially.”

Later in the chat, Steve, who’s podcasting from American Morning‘s Manhattan set, returns to the topic of the CNN Newsroom anchor.

“You talk about Rick Sanchez as sort of the standard-bearer of Twitter,” he says. “But what about—”

That’s when John whips out this zinger:

Rick (above): Sultan of Social Media.

Rick: The Sultan of Social Media.

“He is the chief twit—ter here.”

After a hearty laugh, Kiran—who, like John, begins her workday at 3 a.m.—jumps to her co-anchor’s defense.

“He got up this early,” she tells Steve. “He can say that!”

Will Rick respond? Stay tuned.

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