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Need For Speed reviewed

Ru Instant Reaction Review talks about new movie Need For Speed, based on the popular video game franchise and starring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.

They find the movie mediocre, saying that “even the stuff that was good, I didn’t really like it,” saying that Michael KEaton’s performance was the best part and that it “elevated what was there.” Of particular contention is the two-hour-plus running time, as well as “bad dialogue.” They concede that it could appeal to a “built-in audience” of car enthusiasts and fans of the video game series.

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Almost Human’s Lili Taylor

Milling About talks to actress Lili Taylor. Taylor has appeared in such films as Say Anything and Mystic Pizza, as well as HBO’s Six Feet Under, and is currently starring in Fox’s sci-fi drama Almost Human.

Taylor talks about growing up, saying that her upbringing was “chaotic… but then, what family’s normal… we were average in our abnormalty.” She also talks about her current lifestyle, saying that she does “love the outside” but, unlike her character in the 2013 film The Cold Lands, is “not an off-the-gridder.”

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Moonrise Kingdom reviewed

ScreenPicks reviews the new film Grand Budapest Hotel. The film is the latest effort by Wes Anderson, director of The Royal Tennenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Moonrise Kingdom. The movie stars Ralph Fiennes and F. Murray Abraham.

The critics say that Anderson is “just getting more and more interesting as a filmmaker” as his career progresses, and that the new film is “a lot funnier” than his previous work. “The feel, the look” of Anderson’s other films remain intact, and they agree that “if you like Wes Anderson, you’ll like this film.”

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Oscars post-show

Movie Geeks United have an Oscars post-show.

Of host Ellen Degeneres’ performance, they say that “there wasn’t any effort put into writing it… it almost seemed as if it was being improvised… I just didn’t think it worked, really,” although “she did a good job with what she was given, which is a very stale format.” They also mention such setbacks as John Travolta mispronouncing singer Idina Menzel’s name and just generally “lots of dead air.”

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Non-Stop reviewed

RU Instant Reaction Review reviews Non-Stop, Liam Neeson’s latest action vehicle.

The critics say that the movie “was really in a lot of ways a throwback to movies from the ’40s, which are awesome… it’s all about the suspense, not knowing who anyone could be, like Strangers on a Train.” They also say that “the bad guy’s own internal problems were interesting, I thought that was kind of a cool twist to put on it,” but also call other parts of the movie “completely boring.”

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Joshua Oppenheimer, director of The Act of Killing

Cinema Royale talks to Joshua Oppenheimer, director of the Oscar-nominated documentary The Act of Killing. The documentary follows Oppenheimer as he talks to members of Indonesian death squads, asking them to reenact their crimes as though they were in a Hollywood film. The film has garnered critical claim and attention from such famous filmmakers as Werner Herzog, who executive produced it.

Oppenheimer “began making the film in collaboration with a community of survivors,” who, rather than be interviewed themselves, advised him to approach the death squad leaders. He found that “every single one of them was boastful, every single one of them would recount the killing often with smiles on their faces… I had this awful feeling that I had walked into Germany forty years after the Holocaust only to find the Nazis still in power.”

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The Most Anticipated Films of 2014

FilmGordon Radio gives their most anticipated movies of 2014.

They discuss The Monument Men, starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman. The pushed-back release is reminiscent of “a couple years ago when Shutter Island got bumped out of the awards ceremony and moved to February.” They say that they are “really excited” for the film, and that the late release “may be a blessing in disguise, because a lot of those Oscar expectations are gone now and it can just be an entertaining film.” They also praise “everything George Clooney has done behind the camera.”

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The World’s End’s Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright

FilmGordon Radio talks to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, stars of sci-fi comedy The World’s End, as well as its director, Edgar Wright. The three have previously worked together on Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, as well as the TV sitcom Spaced.

Wright talks about his inspirations behind The World’s End, saying that he wanted to position the villain as “unavoidable change… all of the bars starting to look the same… commercialization of the culture.” Pegg discusses their choice to work in sci-fi, saying that “genre cinema is always a good metaphor… it’s a language we understand, what we grew up consuming”

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