Noah reviewed

ScreenPicks reviews Noah, the new biblical epic directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins. The film has proved controversial due to its religious themes. The critics call it “bizarre, as Darren Aronofsky can be”,” but concede that it’s “told in a fairly straightforward way” and remains mainly faithful to its source. They also praise Crowe’s performance, as well as his onscreen chemistry with Connelly, and question whether the film could lead to more mainstream biblical films.

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Eddie Huang on Carmelo Anthony

Eddie Huang talks about Carmelo Anthony’s ten years in the NBA and line of sneakers, saying that “‘Melo shoes are broke shoes,” calling it tacky an “ugly-ass shoe” but conceding that it’s “excellent” in terms of comfort and optimal for playing basketball, if not as streetwear.

Huang and cohost Elene Bergeron also discuss cultural blind spots, Huang confessing that, despite being a fan of Nas, he did not listen to Illmatic “until my senior year of high school.”

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Grand Budapest Hotel reviewed

Cinema Royale talks about Wes Anderson’s new movie Grand Budapest Hotel.

The critics “really enjoyed” the film, despite “not really being a Wes Anderson fan” and understanding his “detractors.” They say that “there’s an element to this movie about history… the characters are all intentionally choosing to invent, basically, a world.” They compare the characters’ willingness to “inject a little bit of nostalgia” into their lives to Anderson’s process behind making the film itself.

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M.I.A. vs NFL

Tammy Jones Gibbs talks about the ongoing feud between rapper M.I.A. and the NFL.

The dispute started when M.I.A. made a supposed offensive gesture during the broadcast of the Super Bowl, for which she was fined $1.5 million, a sum that was recently increased to $15 million. The NFL is now seeking “what advertisers would have paid in the two-minute appearance” during Madonna’s halftime show performance. M.I.A. is apparently reaching out to Madonna for help with the fine, and has criticized the NFL for singling her out while other performers have made similar transgressions.

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Actress Alysia Reiner

Summer Rayne Oakes interviews actress Alysia Reiner, best known for playing warden Natalie Figueroa on Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black.

Reiner talks about her method of getting into character, comparing it to raising children in that one needs to be “willing to keep on wondering about your child… and with your character, the same… ‘I wonder who you are.'” She says that she will “experience something, and then I sort of digest it to see how it relates to this character.” She also mentions the roles she won’t take, including “a killer” or “someone whose spouse has been killed.”

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Need For Speed reviewed

Ru Instant Reaction Review talks about new movie Need For Speed, based on the popular video game franchise and starring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame.

They find the movie mediocre, saying that “even the stuff that was good, I didn’t really like it,” saying that Michael KEaton’s performance was the best part and that it “elevated what was there.” Of particular contention is the two-hour-plus running time, as well as “bad dialogue.” They concede that it could appeal to a “built-in audience” of car enthusiasts and fans of the video game series.

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Eddie Huang on Rick Ross

On the first episode of his show Monosodium Glutamate, celebrity chef Eddie Huang and cohost Elena Bergeron talk about hip-hop and life in New York.

They mention rapper Rick Ross’s past as a corrections officer, saying that he “couldn’t run from it anymore” and asking “why should we care?” They mention that the revelation was at odds with his drug-dealing persona, but saying that most “never believed Ross” in the first place. He also mentions that Ross invested in rapper Wale’s now-suffering career.

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Almost Human’s Lili Taylor

Milling About talks to actress Lili Taylor. Taylor has appeared in such films as Say Anything and Mystic Pizza, as well as HBO’s Six Feet Under, and is currently starring in Fox’s sci-fi drama Almost Human.

Taylor talks about growing up, saying that her upbringing was “chaotic… but then, what family’s normal… we were average in our abnormalty.” She also talks about her current lifestyle, saying that she does “love the outside” but, unlike her character in the 2013 film The Cold Lands, is “not an off-the-gridder.”

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