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The Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang on BlogTalkRadio

Jeremiah Owyang is a senior analyst with Forrester Research and an expert in web strategy. He drops by BlogTalkRadio today to share his thoughts on business transparency.

Jeremiah Jeremiah often discusses business transparency as an element of a strategic online presence. A popular blogger and prolific Twitterer, Jeremiah will provide insights based on his experiences and his research on Media 2.Open today at 3pm ET.

Jeremiah’s blog, Web Strategy by Jeremiah, focuses on how web tools enable companies to connect with customers. He strives to help companies define and deliver community needs, business goals, and web technology for successful web programs.

Join them live today.

Podcasting is a Cinch with BlogTalkRadio

Today we launched a new service called Cinch. What is it? How about the easiest way to produce and syndicate a podcast. Or as Dave Winer called it, “The simplest podcast API ever.”



Introducing Cinch, the easiest way to produce and syndicate a podcast.

Using Cinch is simple:

  1. Call (646) 200-0000
  2. Talk
  3. Subscribe or use as the RSS feed as an API –


We provide the network, storage and feed. What can you build on top of this service?

Join the Conversation with Joseph Jaffe and Alan Levy

Joseph Jaffe, President and Chief Interruptor of crayon, a conversational marketing company, specializing in community, dialogue and partnership joins Alan Levy on the Alan Levy Show today.

joseph_jaffe At 3pm ET today, Joseph Jaffe will join the conversation with Alan Levy about Jaffe’s new book Join the Conversation.

Jaffe’s popular blog and podcast “Jaffe Juice”, provides commentary on all things new marketing. His podcast was voted a Readers’ Choice Award as “Best Marketing Podcast” by MarketingSherpa.

jtc_book.jpgHis new book, Join the conversation: How to engage marketing-weary consumers with the power of community, dialogue and partnership, continues to push the envelope and shift perspectives on the way marketers think about marketing. It is an appropriate follow up to his first book, Life After The 30-Second Spot: Energize Your Brand With A Bold Mix Of Alternatives To Traditional Advertising, which provided a much needed industry eye-opening. Join the Conversation, and its complementary blog, outline the birth and rise of “conversational marketing” – a vision of literally what comes next and how marketers can become part of the conversation, instead of constantly disrupting it.

Join the conversation live today at 3pm ET on The Alan Levy Show.

For Immediate Release: The Hobson And Holtz Report Goes Live on BlogTalkRadio

Bleeding edge communicators Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz will bring their podcast to BlogTalkRadio for a live discussion this Saturday.

For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report is a twice-weekly podcast at the intersection of online communication and public relations.

This Saturday, February 9, at 1pm ET hosts Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz will host a special live call-in edition of “For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report” on BlogTalkRadio.

The call-in episode will focus on the blurring of the lines between internal and external communications. If you work in external PR, how do employees of your (or your client’s) company affect your communication efforts? If you work in internal communications, how does your role change in order to prepare employees for their growing role as points of contact and brand experiences in the social media sites where they participate?

Visit the FIR BlogTalkRadio profile page to listen or call (347) 324-3723 to join in the conversation, (you may also listen via phone, pressing ‘1’ to be put in the talking queue).

Podcasts Showing Growth in Traffic, Revenue

Some new figures released yesterday indicate podcast audiences – and revenue – are growing and that the future looks bright.

Duncan Riley at TechCrunch pointed us to interesting post by eMarketer yesterday that shows that podcasts are (again) taking off in both traffic and revenue with a healthy outlook ahead. Riley reports:


According to eMarketer, the total podcast audience in the United States was 18.5 million in 2007 and will rise to 65 million in 2012. “Active listeners” (defined as people who download more than one podcast) were 6.5 million in 2007 and expected to be 25 million in 2012.

At BlogTalkRadio, we’ve seen this growth in action. Our listener numbers continue to rise as more and more people see the benefit of a network as broad and deep as BlogTalkRadio. January saw over 2.4 million listeners tapping into our citizen broadcasts, a 40% increase in listeners since we came out of Beta.

Of course, we’re more than just an audio file shoved through an RSS feed. We are the Internet’s first live social talk radio network for citizen broadcasters. It’s our real-time audio and text interaction PLUS the social networking, asynchronous messaging and time-shifting options that makes us different and more appealing to the millions of BlogTalkRadio hosts and listeners.

The revenue figures are impressive, too as eMarketer indicates advertising in 2007 hit $165 million and is expected to grow to $435 million in 2012. This is great news for anyone enrolled in our Revenue Sharing Program who wants a piece of this action.

Tech Geek Chris Pirillo on BlogTalkRadio

Noted technology enthusiast and video blogger, Chris Pirillo, joins The Alan Levy Show today.

Join Chris Pirillo, blogger, vlogger, author, and founder of Lockergnome as he sits down with Alan today at 3pm ET on The Alan Levy Show.

Chris is a self-proclaimed Geek, Internet Entrepreneur, Hardware Addict, Software Junkie, Book Author, Once TV Show Host, Technology Enthusiast, Shameless Self-Promoter, Tech Conference Coordinator, Early Adopter, Idea Evangelist, Tech Support Blogger, Bootstrapper, Media Personality, Technology Consultant, and Thicker Quicker Picker Upper.

You wouldn’t dare miss a show with a guy like that, would you? The Alan Levy Show is hosted by BlogTalkRadio CEO and co-founder Alan Levy. Call in to join the discussion at (347) 677-0649.

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Robert Scoble Talks FastCompany.TV on BlogTalkRadio

Noted technology blogger and host of ScobleTV, Robert Scoble, sits down with BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy today.

The Scobleizer will join The Alan Levy Show to discuss Scoble’s new role as Managing Director of the new video network FastCompany.TV from Mansueto Digital today at 3pm ET.

Scoble’s daily video series, ScobleTV, will be featured on the newly launched FastCompany.TV. Scoble is highly regarded for his coverage of emerging technology trends from both start ups and established tech companies, especially in the Web 2.0 and social media space. He covered BlogTalkRadio’s new site launch in September 2007.

Join the conversation via text or phone on The Alan Levy Show and get the inside scoop on ScobleTV, and FastCompany.TV.

[photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr]

The Financial Aid Podcast Goes LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

Financial aid. So necessary and so difficult to understand – until today. The Financial Aid Podcast goes live, taking your calls about financial aid and answering your questions.

FinancialAidPodcastThe Financial Aid Podcast delivers timely financial aid, scholarship, student loan, career, and personal finance information to you in short, easy to manage doses. The Financial Aid Podcast helps you make the most of your money, in college and beyond.

Today The Financial Aid Podcast goes live on BlogTalkRadio at 2pm ET with host Christopher S. Penn to answer your questions about financial aid. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to make sense of financial aid with the help of a real live human!