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Get Snarky with Bob Franken & FrankenSense

Former CNN Correspondent Bob Franken wants to talk a little political FrankenSense with you.

Bob Franken<br /> CNN National Correspondent<br /> Talent<br /> Washington DC<br /> Studio<br /> 06/15/2000<br /> Kyle Christy<br /> Approved<br /> ib-sgould-2/12/03Political Columnist Bob Franken wants to dissect, contemplate and yes, ridicule the strange dance of the candidates and their campaigns with you today at 3pm ET. Call ins are essential. Have a snarky but civilized discussion with Emmy-winning Bob Franken.

An Emmy-award winning reporter, recently inducted into the Society for Professional Journalists Washington Hall of Fame, he covered combat in both Iraq wars, the White House during the George W. Bush administration, the Clinton scandals, the Supreme Court, Congress for ten years. He forced world attention on the Guantanamo Bay prison camp with his extensive reporting from there. He’s a Huffington Post contributor.

So, pull up a chair, grab your phone and get a little bit of FrankenSense.

Evan Sayet, Political Satirist and Comedian

Atlas Shrugs Radio host Pamela Geller welcomes Evan Sayet, Political Commentator, Satirist and Comedian to BlogTalkRadio today.

Sayet Evan has written and/or produced in virtually every medium there is. Starting out as a standup comic, he was later the very first Creative Consultant on the highly respected “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher,” and was the original writer of the cult classic “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” After turning to political commentary, Evan was made Communications Director for Los Angeles for President Bush.

Find out more today at 12pm ET / 9am PT

McCain Clinches Republican Primary

Congratulations goes to BlogTalkRadio guest John McCain as he seals the GOP presidential bid.

mccainMcCain’s campaign went through some rough times last year and many counted him out. But he always found a voice on BlogTalkRadio. After all, that’s why we’re here.

During his three visits to BlogTalkRadio, Senator McCain had this to say:

  • May 29, 2007 – McCain: “We…unfortunately, pay way too much attention and I plead guilty first, pay too much attention to a lot of the polls; a lot of them are conflicting. And as you know polls are less, much less accurate than they use to be due to the advent of the cell phone”
  • July 19, 2007 – McCain: “We’re gonna spend a lot of time in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina doing what I do best, and that’s the town hall meetings, face to face, unfiltered communications with people, that’s the way I won back in 2000…I can convince people that I’m the one that’s qualified, I’m the one that’s experienced, and I’m the one that’s prepared to meet this great challenge we describe…”
  • October 15, 2007 – McCain: “We just came back from New Hampshire last night…I’ve been in this business long enough to detect enthusiasm. And the town meetings have been great…we’re in good shape and there is a lot of interesting things happening as people start to really begin to focus on this race.”

Reviewing these quotes today gives one a different perspective on how political races are won and how experience and determination can drive a person to victory over time. Congratulations, Senator McCain, we look forward to having you and your campaign back on BlogTalkRadio.

The Best Super Tuesday News, Coverage, Opinion is on BlogTalkRadio

The quality of content, guests and hosts you can find on BlogTalkRadio, the Internet’s first live social talk radio network for citizen broadcasters amazes me.

Super Tuesday Our hosts are smart, informed and passionate – the triumvirate of success in talk. And on Super Tuesday they are here to prove it. Hosts from all across the network will be covering and commenting on this important day for America.

Whether you want hard hitting conservative political punditry from Heading Right Radio, in-depth discussions at the Vlogger Roundtable, the best in metal politics, the biting criticism of professional comic Nick DiPaolo, or something of your own choosing, BlogTalkRadio can sate your thirst for Super Tuesday and Election 2008, today and for the rest of this campaign year.

And if you live in a Super Tuesday state, get out there and vote!

Dr. Jack Wheeler on Andrea Shea King Show

Dr. Jack Wheeler recently wrote some material about John McCain that has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Tonight, an exclusive interview with Wheeler to talk about his claim that the CIA is holding information that could sink McCain’s bid for the presidency.

Wheeler will join Andrea Shea King tonight 9pm ET on “The Andrea Shea King Show”to talk about his claim that the CIA is holding information that could sink McCain’s bid for the presidency.

Wheeler is a Washington insider — deep inside. In his most recent post, Jack reveals some extraordinary, never before published and shocking information about Sen. John McCain the War Hero and President Bill Clinton. Listen live tonight to the conversation with Andrea and Jack Wheeler.

Senator McCain Takes Florida Primary

Multiple-time BlogTalkRadio guest Senator John McCain cinched a crucial victory in Florida’s Republican presidential primary yesterday, taking the lead as the GOP frontrunner heading into Super Tuesday.

McCainFlorida There was a time when a lot of people counted McCain out – as both a politician and a serious contender for the presidential seat. At BlogTalkRadio, he found a medium to voice his opinions, issues and politics.

Senator McCain and his campaign made numerous appearances on BlogTalkRadio this past year. He was a three-time guest with Ed Morrissey on Heading Right Radio. For an interesting read and links to those shows, visit the entry we posted after McCain came back to win the New Hampshire Primary.

Congratulations, Senator McCain, when others turned their backs, BlogTalkRadio was here. As a citizen broadcasting network, we do that for presidential candidates, celebrities and everyday people. Join the conversation.

Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney on BlogTalkRadio

Governor Mitt Romney joins Ed Morrissey on Heading Right Radio to talk Florida on BlogTalkRadio.

Mitt RomneyToday at 3pm ET, Ed Morrissey airs a conversation with Governor Mitt Romney on his Florida campaign as well as his efforts to woo the traditional conservatives nationwide on Heading Right Radio.

Join this BlogTalkRadio exclusive to get the inside scoop on policies, issues and Romney’s efforts to become the next President of the United States.

Jon Voight – a National Treasure

Oscar winning actor Jon Voight current star of “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” joins BlogTalkRadio.


Kicking the Anthill with Drexel Kleber welcomes Jon Voight Thursday at 10pm ET. Voight, currently starring in the hit movie “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” and who also recently played the Defense Secretary in the “Transformers” blockbuster will join Drexel for an exclusive live interview.

Also on the program will be Matt Lewis, conservative writer and commentator from to discuss the recent New Hampshire primary and the future for the candidates from both parties.