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CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio is fast becoming one of the big dogs in media. And Shaun Daily has single handedly given progressive politics – specifically Democratic presidential candidates – a voice and a platform on BlogTalkRadio this past week.

ShaunDuring the Nevada caucus, Shaun opened the live streams of two channels, BlogTalkRadio Today and Live at the Event. Both show pages bring exclusive coverage and live interviews from all around Nevada during this important election time.

Shaun says it was an honor being the only radio representative at the Press avail at the Signature Air Terminal in Las Vegas as Senator Hillary Clinton prepared to leave Las Vegas after winning the Nevada caucus. Check out the exclusive live coverage from the airport, including Senator Clinton answering Shaun “BlogTalkRadio” Daily on the tarmac. Also this past week:

Browse some of the other democratic events captured by BlogTalkRadio LIVE at the event.

BlogTalkRadio Welcomes Senator John Kerry

Senator John Kerry joins BlogTalkRadio Today with host Shaun Daily for another exclusive BlogTalkRadio interview.

Kerry BlogTalkRadio Today brings you Senator John Kerry at 11:30am ET [note new time] this Friday to discuss his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for Democratic Presidential Candidate.

John Kerry appeared on Heading Left early last year and BlogTalkRadio welcomes him back.

Also on, a special Friday program of Live At The Event: Ann Lewis, senior adviser to Hillary Clinton.

Democracy in Action on BlogTalkRadio

Democracy is alive and well on BlogTalkRadio as our hosts continue to cover Election 2008 from here, there and everywhere.

Democracy for America will host live discussions from Iowa tonight at 9pm ET. Hear from Jim Dean and DFA boots on the ground in Iowa one day before caucus.

Obama CA 2008 will providing live coverage during their Dispatch from Iowa; Election Eve segment live tonight at 10:30pm ET. California volunteers in Iowa will recount their experience as election day approaches.

Heading Right Radio continues its Election 2008 coverage today at 3pm ET as Ed Morrissey hosts Mike Huckabee as he responds to his critics on the press conference and ad pull in a recorded interview. Also Senator Talent explains his support for Mitt Romney and NRO’s Jim Geraghty gives us the run-down on the races!

Robert Wexler Cries Impeachment on BlogTalkRadio

Congressman Robert Wexler pushed for impeachment hearings for Vice President Cheney on BlogTalkRadio tonight.

Florida Progressive Radio and Kenneth Quinnell of the Florida Netroots Caucus hosted Rep. Wexler; Bob Fertick of; Dave Lindorf, author of “The Case for Impeachment;” and David Swanson with, to discuss the impeachment of Cheney and the Wexler Wants Hearings campaign.

Listen to the full archive of The Impeachment on Florida Progressive Radio for more information.

Lyle McIntosh Talks Barack Obama in Iowa

Host Jacob Gold will be interviewing Lyle McIntosh, co-chairman of the Barack Obama campaign in Harrison County, Iowa.

McIntosh McIntosh was recently featured on the front page of the New York Times and will now join the ranks of BlogTalkRadio. As the campaign heats up, McIntosh will share his insights and observations as an insider. Join host Jacob Gold on Gold Meddles at 2:30pm ET.

Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich Graces BlogTalkRadio

As we close in on the primaries and the races get tighter in Iowa and New Hampshire, tune into BlogTalkRadio for the latest in the politics of djk.jpg2008.  Straight from the candidates’ lips to your ears.

We are very pleased to welcome Dennis Kucinich to BlogTalkRadio.  Kucinich is a Democratic presidential hopeful, and a longtime fixture in presidential elections, having run in 2004 and now in 2008.  Mr. Kucinich currently represents the 10th District of Ohio in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Wake up this Saturday, and turn on Blue Jersey with Jeff Gardner and Jay Lassiter.  The show gets underway at 10:30 am ET.

Katie of The Erie 6 on ePluribus Radio

Katie is a war mother, a grandmother and a minister in the American Baptist Church. Katie and five others, including a nun, were recently jailed for peaceful anti-war protests.

courthouse White joins ePluribus Radio today at 11:30am ET to tell Adam Lambert and David Atkins her story of The Erie 6. On March 19, a group from the Erie Peace Initiative and nine members locked arms and knelt at the doors to the Erie courthouse. They were arrested after half an hour. They were fined $500, plus court costs. Six of them, The Erie 6, wouldn’t pay and went to jail.

Interestingly, two of White’s 10 children are in the armed services. An article on quotes White as saying:

“My debt to society is paid through active citizenship,” she said. “There are worse things, both in heaven and on Earth, than going to prison for that which I believe.”

Find out more about why they did it and what happens now. Join this discussion in the chat room and by calling in.

BlogTalkRadio Becomes Congressional Content Provider to AirCongress, the Online Voice of Capitol Hill

BlogTalkRadio is pleased to announce that it has formed a partnership to provide original content to AirCongress, a site dedicated to the issues and members of Congress.

AirCongress AirCongress, headed by Danny Glover, is the online voice of Capitol Hill, the aggregated home of audio, video and latest news of, by and about Congress. AirCongress collects information publicly posted by members of congress and highlights additional content about federal policy from other sources, including the executive branch, trade associations, advocacy groups, government watchdogs, journalists, bloggers and now BlogTalkRadio. AirCongress is a multi-media platform which hosts text, audio and video content.

“Talk radio has been a staple in American political discussion for a generation,” said Glover, Executive Producer of AirCongress, “and BlogTalkRadio is expanding that conversation by moving it online and making it more democratic. AirCongress exists to help broadcast those kinds of messages to policy and political junkies on the Web, so I?m thrilled to have BlogTalkRadio as a partner.”

BlogTalkRadio Political Director, Ed Morrissey added, “The BlogTalkRadio network produces many content-rich shows in its political channel, which makes it exceptionally valuable as a content provider. AirCongress gives that congressionally-specific content a welcome home.?

You can read more about this partnership by viewing our press release on the BlogTalkRadio Press Page or visiting this news site.