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Karl Rove’s Hindsight on Iraq’s WMDs: ‘I Should Have Stood Up and Rang the Warning Bell’

Karl Rove could kick himself for not taking a stance against his political foes on the weapons of mass destruction debate.

Interviewed on African American Conservatives, the former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush recalls taking flack during the overthrow of since-executed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Karl: Calls Dems on carpet for "rewriting history."

Karl: Calls Dems on carpet for "rewriting history."

“You have pointed out that many prominent Democrats reversed their position in favor of countering the military threat posed by Saddam Hussein with an attack that they, quote, ‘Hoped to turn the American people against the president with a simple charge that was meant to be politically lethal: Bush had lied about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the threat posed by Saddam Hussein,'” host Marie Stroughter tells Karl, who resigned in 2007 amidst various White House scandals.

“To what degree,” Marie then asks, “was this tactic dishonest and—dishonest as it obviously was—effective?”

“I think it was effective largely because Continue reading

At the Helm of Forbes

Forbes.  The name is synonymous with American business, thanks largely to its namesake family.  steveforbes

Steve Forbes, publisher and businessman, is at the helm of the company as the editor-in-chief of top business magazine Forbes, its online property, as well as president and CEO of its publisher, Forbes Inc.

Beyond business, Steve is very active politically, participating as a Republican candidate in the U.S. Presidential primaries in 1996 and 2000.

Tonight Steve Forbes joins African American Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio to discuss how is moving into the social media space, plus his work with advocacy organizations,  his work as a panelist on TV program, Forbes on Fox, and his books.

Tune in tonight for the latest from Steve Forbes.

What Would Andrew Say?

Where is the intersection of Hollywood and politics?breitbart

Just ask one of today’s big guests, Andrew Breitbart, bestselling author, online contributor, and publisher of the news aggregation portals and  His answers may surprise you.

Andrew joins African American Conservatives tonight to dish on the latest with Big Hollywood, his group blog on what’s happening in Hollywood and politics from the center/right perspective, as well as Big Government, which has broken several high profile new stories.

Breitbart also chats about the aim and perspective of his latest group blog, Big Journalism, which launched in January 2010.

Tune into the interview tonight at 10pm ET or on demand here.

stagerightAnd while we’re at it, check out a related BlogTalkRadio show, Stage Right Radio, hosted by the blogger of the same name from Breitbart’s Big Hollywood.  (Recent guests have included Adam Baldwin, star of NBC’s Chuck, actor Gary Graham of Alien Nation and Star Trek fame, and film director Jake Rademacher, of Brothers At War.)

Let’s Get Political

Governor Deval Patrick and Ayla Brown.ayla

If you’ve been following the news, or you’re from the great state of Massachusetts, you’ve heard these names a lot recently.  Coincidentally, both the Governor of the state and the daughter of newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, are both chatting with BlogTalkRadio hosts on the very same day.

Ayla Brown first made headlines a few years back as a talented contestant on American Idol.  The statuesque Boston College basketball player survived the first two rounds before being dismissed.  Now, she’s been thrust back into the spotlight as the daughter of Senator Scott Brown, who recently won the late Ted Kennedy’s coveted and long-held senate seat, shifting the political tide in the Republican direction.

And Ayla was also singled out by her father during his acceptance speech, when he declared his two daughters’ dating status, “Just in case anyone who’s watching throughout the country, yes they’re both available.”  Is that true? Ayla herself joins Dr. Blogstein tonight to discuss the mortifying event and what she’s looking forward to as a devalSenator’s daughter.

Governor Deval Patrick sympathizes with the stress of being in the spotlight, and he discusses his job and much more with Left Ahead, a show about Massachusetts politics with a progressive viewpoint.  Governor Patrick discusses the state of the Obama administration, the potential he sees for achieving his progressive goals in the state, and how he’s coping with funding issues and the strains of serving in a difficult economic period.

Don’t miss the chance to hear these two political insiders today on BlogTalkRadio.

President Obama Enlists Help of the Faithful in Battle for Health-Care Reform: ‘I Need You to Spread the Facts and Speak the Truth’

In an address to a coalition of faith leaders today, President Barack Obama reitereated his stance on the need for health-care reform, while seeking to dispel “ludicrous ideas” on the issue that have come from those who oppose his legislation.

Appearing on 40 Minutes for Health Reform, a live BlogTalkRadio special sponsored by more than 30 religious denominations and organizations seeking to make clear to Congress that quality, affordable health care for every American family is a moral priority, the president called on congregations nationwide to assist in his charge.

CAPTION: Obama: "We are closer to achieving reform than we have ever been."

"We are closer to achieving reform than we have ever been," President Obama tells us. (Photo: Pete Souza)

“I’m going to need the help of all of you. I’m going to need you to knock on doors, talk to your neighbors; I need you to spread the facts, and speak the truth,” Obama said during the event, which was part of the “40 Days for Health Reform” cam- paign launched Aug. 10.

“Time and again, men and women of faith have helped to show us what’s possible when we’re guided by our hopes and not our fears.”

The president also analogized his health-care reform efforts to 20th century struggles for other, then-controversial social programs.

“Throughout our history, whenever we’ve sought to change this country for the better, whenever we’ve sought to promote justice, there have always been those who wanted to preserve the status quo,” he said.

“And these struggles always boil down to a contest between hope and fear. That was true in the debate over Social Security, when FDR was accused of being a socialist. That was true when JFK and Lyndon Johnson tried to pass Medicare. And it’s true in this debate today.”

To hear 40 Minutes for Health Reform, including President Obama’s full address, click here.

To read more about “40 Days for Health Reform,” click here.

Following is the full transcript of the president’s address. Continue reading

Cokie Roberts: Typical Man, that President John Adams

John Adams may have achieved immortality as America’s first vice president and second president, but according to Cokie Roberts, the Founding Father wasn’t the most sensitive of fathers – to say nothing of hubbies.

Interviewed on Sins of Omission, Cokie, whose latest book is titled Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation, discusses what she found most surprising about John’s wife while researching the historical tome.

"He was basically saying, 'I'm not gonna be there. Take care of it,'" Cokie (above) tells us of John's reaction to his absence from Abigail.

"He was basically saying, 'I'm not gonna be there. Take care of it,'" Cokie (above) tells us of John's reaction to his absence from Abigail.

“They were alone for these long, long periods of time,” the ABC News political commentator and National Public Radio senior news analyst tells host Paulie Abeles of our nation’s Founding Mothers.

Abigail Adams is a prime example. Continue reading

BlogTalkRadio Welcomes President Obama to ’40 Minutes for Health Reform’ Special

BlogTalkRadio celebrates its third anniversary this month. And what better, more fitting way to mark the occasion than with an interview with President Barack Obama?

As TechCrunch and CNN reported yesterday, the president will appear on BlogTalkRadio this Wednesday, Aug. 19, at 5 p.m. ET. He will be discussing health-care reform as part of the “40 Days for Health Reform” campaign.

CAPTION: Obama: On the road to health-care reform.

Obama: On the road to health-care reform. (Photo: Pete Souza)

We are honored that the BlogTalkRadio platform has been selected to host this conversation as the debate on health-care reform reaches a fever pitch, and that the president is lending his voice to the dialogue.

Having embraced other popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn during his campaign and into his administration, this event is yet another example of the president leveraging social media to communicate with the American people.

As I reflect on Continue reading

Billionaire George Soros to the Empire State: Don’t Thank Me, Thank the Quakers

George Soros may be the 29th richest person on the planet – with an estimated worth of $11 billion – but things weren’t always so rosy for the illustrious investor.

Interviewed on Harlem Talk Radio, the Hungarian native, whose family was forced underground to evade the Nazis during World War II – and who later worked as a railway porter – recounts what prompted his most recent act of munificence.

CAPTION: "I hope that some of the kids who got the money will prosper," George (above) tells us. "When they grow up, maybe they can do the same thing.

"I hope that some of the kids who got the money will prosper," George (above) tells us. "When they grow up, maybe they can do the same thing.

This week, George announced that his Open Society Institute made a $35 million donation to Back To School New York, a joint effort with the State of New York and U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services that provides grants of $200 per child to more than 850,000 families receiving public assistance or food stamps. The money is to be used to buy clothes and supplies for the new academic year. Continue reading