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BlogTalkRadio on WNBC TV

WNBC’s technology reporter Sree Sreenivasan reviewed BlogTalkRadio during his Tech Report this morning on WNBC.

His entire review was posted on the site and the video can be seen below:


Immediately following his WNBC broadcast, Sreenivasan hosted a special interactive talk show entitled “Tech Chat with WNBC Viewers” on his own BlogTalkRadio show, Sree Tips, to discuss the BlogTalkRadio platform, as well as new and emerging technology trends. They had such a good response, they’ll be doing it again next Thursday, May 1 from 7-8am ET, as well. Join them live at

This is the first use of BlogTalkRadio as an extension of a television news broadcast. BlogTalkRadio has been used as a discussion tool for major U.S. Newspaper articles with live interactive call-in shows between author, source and the larger community, but this is the first major television venture.

Sreenivasan, is the tech reporter for WNBC-TV, Dean of Student Affairs & professor at Columbia Journalism School and author of and the New to Sree blog. Sree uses BlogTalkRadio with SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association; his tech tips site; and, more recently, to extend the reach of the Columbia Journalism School. Editor-in-Chief Jacob Weisberg on Bush

Jacob Weisberg, Editor-in-Chief of Slate, an award-winning site “offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, and culture.”

Weisberg joins hosts Eric Olsen and Shaun Daily on BlogTalkRadio Today to discuss his newest book entitled The Bush Tragedy.

Weisberg was previously Slate’s chief political correspondent, and has written for New Republic, Newsweek, and New York Magazine, to name a few.  Weisberg has authored several books on politics including In Defense of Government, The Road to Chadville, about the 2000 election, and the Bushisms series.

The discussion gets underway here.

TheStreet.Com: BlogTalkRadio Takes on the Satellites

Internet entrepreneur Alan Levy is unleashing BlogTalkRadio as a way for ordinary people to become global radio stars. Should the satellite and terrestrial radio giants be worried?

Those words come from Gregg Greenberg of, who interview CEO Alan Levy and posted his interview on TV (click image to play video).

The Street Video is a free, award winning web site of, Inc., a leading financial media company whose network of Web sites serves as the premier online destination for all areas where money and life intersect. distinguishes itself from other financial Web sites with its journalistic excellence and unbiased coverage of the financial markets, economic and industry trends, and investment and financial planning.

The Hindu: BlogTalkRadio…A Sharing Platform for Experts

The, the online edition of India’s National Newspaper, featured BlogTalkRadio in a recent tech column.

NETSPEAK columnist J. Murali, penned an article titled “Podcasting: emerging scenario netspeak” about current trends and the next evolution of podcasting, introducing BlogTalkRadio as “an online service enabling live/interactive podcast content.”

“Blogtalkradio,” Murali writes, “a service that lets you broadcast, interactive/live audio content is another means for generating interactive podcast content.”

The article goes into great detail on the simplicity of hosting one’s own show and new industries using online audio content.

Murali also writes, “Blogtalkradio may serve as a sharing platform for experts. So, even if one is not inclined to create a programme with it, she may still find it useful.”

ABC News Features BlogTalkRadio – Thanks Dad

For those of you that have followed BlogTalkRadio, the story of how I came up with the idea was told.

When I was growing up in Seaford, Long Island my dad was in the dry cleaning business. He and my uncle owned a few dry cleaning stores located in Manhattan. The store my dad spent most of his time (and life) at was just adjacent to Lincoln Center on W. 64th in Manhattan.

During my adolescent years, I used to take the train from our house in long island to help my dad out in his store. I would sweep up, tag and bag clothes and my favorite job…..delivering the dry cleaning. In those days, getting a dollar or two dollar tip from the wealthy NYC customers was big stuff, especially for a 14 year old kid in the 70’s.

ABC TV studios was located adjacent to the apartment building where my dad’s store was located. Some of his customers were Sam Donaldson, Geraldo Rivera, Barbara Walters and many other ABC personalities. If I was lucky enough I used to deliver dry cleaning to some of these TV personalities. It was exciting stuff!!

Yesterday, with great help from Marisol at Middleberg Communications, our excellent PR agency, we were able to secure a TV spot on ABC News Now called Money Matters for BlogTalkRadio (video below):

Host and BlogTalkRadio fitness director Peter K joined me on the 5 minute piece. I was pleased with how the clip came out and as a follower of BlogTalkRadio, you will notice that the anchor on the broadcast sounds just like the British lady which proceeds every one of our broadcasts.

AlanCleaners So here I was standing outside my father’s dry cleaning store just having been broadcast on a major TV network, the network where I used to deliver dry cleaning. This is the first time I had seen my dad’s store in perhaps 20 years. Of course, I had to pop my head into the store and tell the non English speaking Korean owners that 30 years ago my dad owned this store. They had no clue what I was talking about, but they did smile a lot.

Peter took this picture of me in front of Lincoln Plaza Valet. I felt my dad everywhere yesterday afternoon. As I looked around the store, as I walked into the ABC building and as I sat in front of the camera answering the question…”What inspired you to create BlogTalkRadio?”

Thanks Dad.

Washington Post Gives a Nod to the Citizen Broadcast Network

Today, Washington Post columnist Howard Kurtz has written a piece about BlogTalkRadio that makes us proud.

In his column Media Notes, Kurtz explains how “With BlogTalkRadio, the Commentary Universe Expands.”

The article talks about the story behind our Citizen Broadcast Network, how some “unlikely stars have been born,” and BlogTalkRadio’s emergence as a tool for more empowering and interactive experiences online.

CEO Alan Levy says:

Its great that BlogTalkRadio is recognized by the number one media critic in the country, Howard Kurtz, as “a populist force in cyberspace.” This validates BlogTalkRadio as a powerful online medium that is a true Citizen Broadcast Network. As I said in the article, my Dad would be proud.

Alan Levy, 2007. Photo credit Lisa Padilla.We have grown so much since August of 2006. Starting from the ground up, an empty network with no hosts, to our current impressive lineup of content, Kurtz observes that in addition to bloggers, “some better-known people are also gravitating toward the outlet.”

We want to take this opportunity to thank the many hosts and listeners who have brought their enthusiasm, energy, and discussions to our community.

Read the Washington Post article here.

Talkers: BlogTalkRadio and The State of Internet Talk

Jayne Pearl, Special Projects Editor, Talkers Magazine, penned an article titled “The State of Internet Talk,” in which BlogTalkRadio was prominently featured. A PDF of the article, which was originally published in the March 2008 issue of Talkers, can be found here.

Talkers The article premise is that:

“…Internet talk radio has been growing steadily” and “…a strong case can be made that Internet talk radio is rapidly on its way to being a major media movement in popular culture.”

“BlogTalkRadio, which bills itself as the first social broadcasting network, includes many hosts whose shows are obscure, but somehow manage to nab guests who are anything but –– including the likes of Yoko Ono, presidential candidate Senator John McCain, Brad Pitt, Frank Rich and best-selling authors.”

CEO Alan Levy was quoted as saying:

“If Nike wants to focus on a sports category, we can give them 5,000 impressions or video pre-rolls, audio ads. We can drill down further to, say, college radio. Or to March Madness. We target exactly what advertisers want. If a host brings us a sponsor to their radio show, we’ll share the revenue 50-50 with that host. If we bring advertisers to the table, then the hosts get 35% and we’ll get 65%. By having a platform that incentivizes the hosts, they have more interest in promoting their show and creating content.”

An online version of the entire article can be found on the Talkers Magazine web site (subscription required) here or via the downloadable PDF.

Web and Satellite Causing Static for Terrestrial Radio

Portfolio writer Liz Gunnison posted an article today entitled “Radio’s S.O.S.” that highlights the disruption of terrestrial radio by satellite and web entities.

Today’s Gunnison article sites two reasons terrestrial radio is hurting 1) content options for audiences is mushrooming and 2) the changing local advertising markets. Today’s post references an earlier Portfolio article from this week in which writer David Levine referred to BlogTalkRadio as “the dominant player” in citizen broadcasting. Gunnison writes:

Offerings on the internet include not only a wealth of audio streaming commercial-free, but now even the likes of BlogTalk radio—a site which essentially allows anyone to broadcast their own radio show for free over the internet…

And while internet offerings have long been stealing their share of listeners at home, terrestrial radio is steadily losing listeners on the road as well. Many cars now come equipped with options like satellite radio and mp3 device hookups, allowing drivers to listen to downloaded music and podcasts as they drive…

Our recent Reciva deal also indicates that Internet radio’s move to mobile will continue to cause static for terrestrial radio.

The focus for niche and on-demand entertainment that sources like BlogTalkRadio provide will continue to disrupt mainstream broadcasting business models. BlogTalkRadio’s diverse live and RSS enabled content will increasingly make it more appealing to advertisers seeking tailored ways to reach quality consumers – and for consumers to get relevant information that appeals to them. In addition, the business solutions programs offered by BlogTalkRadio provide easy, direct contact between businesses and their audiences in branded environments.

The article also quotes Barry Parr, a media analyst for Jupiter Research Group, who said “internet and satellite rivals can’t yet deliver professional-level coverage of local news.” BlogTalkRadio hosts are already challenging that assertion as well.