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Market-Savvy 'Content Black Woman' BlogTalkRadio Host Struts Her Stuff

Here’s a lesson for all BlogTalkRadio hosts. Every day I get questions about how to get more listeners. Here is a great example of self promotion at work. You just need to find that angle and use the tools we’ve given you.

Content Black Woman host Valencia Roner has taken her popular show and written a press release all hosts can learn from. And while Roner’s got 15 years of specialized marketing and public relations experience, all hosts can take steps to effectively promote their shows.

Recall that we provided templates and tools for hosts to use located on the promote page, including press release templates, press release distribution sites and a publicity 101 starter guide.

I want to highlight some important things about Roner’s release to keep in mind when writing your releases.

  • Leading with the news hook: “After only four outings since its January launch, the hugely popular Internet radio program, The Content Black Woman Show (CBW), has nabbed the #1 spot for current events programming on” This is newsworthy. What’s your news? Special guest? Hot topic?
  • Great quote: “These are exciting times in our nation’s history,” said Roner, who was a featured panelist at the 2007 BlogHer Conference…” The quote is natural and important.
  • Leveraging the BlogTalkRadio platform: “BlogTalkRadio tops the ranks of those providing expansive Web 2.0 audio programming…” BlogTalkRadio is a unique service that empowers people to do the amazing. What are you using BlogTalkRadio for that couldn’t be done elsewhere?
  • Plugging herself and the show: “CBW is clearly meeting a demand for strong advertiser-supported content appealing to woman in general, and high-end black consumers in particular.” Roner talks about why this show is important to people. How is your show important to people? How have you made a difference?
  • Plugging Upcoming Show: “On Wednesday February 6, 2008, Roner will feature guest co-host…” Roner uses the news release to plug her upcoming shows. Do you plug your upcoming shows anywhere?

As always, you get more listeners by having quality content and promoting that content to the people who will want it. Also, be sure to join the conversation on the BlogTalkRadio Insider every Wednesday at 4pm ET for more tips and information.

BlogTalkRadio Nutty Campaign Makes News Again

Host Shaun Daily continues to make headlines with BlogTalkRadio-empowered movement to save the CBS show Jericho.

An article this week in the Canadian Press titled “A really nutty campaign brings ‘Jericho’ back for a second season” revisits the outstanding work by BlogTalkRadio’s Shaun Daily to get the canceled CBS show “Jericho” back on the air. The article also brings up some more contemporary issues.

The campaign involved nuts. Lots of nuts. About 40,000lbs of nuts fueled by Shaun’s BlogTalkRadio show. The article reads:

“I don’t think CBS really grasped that the show had a worldwide appeal,” said host Shaun Daily of Las Vegas, who is credited with initiating the nuts campaign, an idea he derived from star Skeet Ulrich’s often-used expression – the one-word lament: “Nuts.” – in the season finale.”

“I meant for people to send the little packets of peanuts that they have on the airlines,” he said, “but then it just blew up.”

‘Jericho is in a good position, but the worry isn’t over…

Sci Fi Channel will run a four-episode marathon from season one of “Jericho” the day before its second season premiere on CBS. If ratings are good, “Jericho” could be in a unique position for season three, what with the ongoing writer’s strike putting the broadcast pilot season in limbo and fewer new developments in the pipeline.

Daily’s not taking any chances.

“I’ve been all over the Internet and on my show trying to keep the fans interested,” he says. “If we’re going to get a third season, the fans have got to pull it through. It’s up to us.”

And with the power of BlogTalkRadio with him, Daily is in a good position to continue to mobilize his audience and Jericho fans.

Check out the entire article at Canadian Press > > .

Web Worker Daily Throws Down The Gauntlet

Bob Walsh, writer for Web Worker Daily, gave BlogTalkRadio a peek this week and posted about it.

WWD In his provocatively titled post “Web Workers to Rush Limbaugh: We Don’t Need You Anymore,” Walsh gives a quick rundown of BlogTalkRadio, highlighting the citizen-broadcasting nature of the site as well as the business component:

BlogTalkRadio is pulling in some unexpected hosts like Sun Microsystems and The Yankee Group…

The GigaOM Network, of which WWD is a member, highlights the most interesting startups, trends, products, and people in technology. Web Worker Daily is for those who use the web to be more productive, more connected and more successful than they could otherwise. Sounds like BlogTalkRadio to us. So take that, Rush.

BlogTalkRadio – The Logical Progression

Not our words, but those of writer TimK for BlueVerse SEO, a development and search engine optimization blog.

The post, “Blog Talk Radio. The Logical Progression.” echoes a lot about how we feel here at BlogTalkRadio. Alan built this platform originally as an extension of the blog – but it’s grown into a new medium and so much more. BlogTalkRadio enables the purest form of conversation and communication over the Internet.

It’s the best of live interaction:

  • real-time social network
  • no downloads
  • listening is free and easy
  • your audience is just a phone call away

AND recorded audio:

  • RSS feeds
  • streaming or downloadable archives
  • embedded player codes for other sites

Here’s a clip from Tim’s post:

Blogtalkradio is the Logical Progression of bloggers everywhere, no longer confined to either type or badly made video, blogtalkradio combines the freedom of the blog with a structured talk radio format.

I believe that it is the perfect forum to learn, interact and grow as a blogger and all of us who are serious about blogging should get involved, support, click the ads and do all we can to support it.

Plus, TimK provides some jazzy beats in the post, too. Even more reason to read the whole post.

BlogTalkRadio and Yankee Group Produce Live Call-in Radio Show

“Post 2008 Consumer Electronics Show Analyst Roundtable” to Air on January 16th, Featuring Key Yankee Group Consumer Analysts

NEW YORK, NY — January 15, 2008 — BlogTalkRadio (, the Internet’s first live social talk radio network for citizen broadcasters, today announced that it is partnering with Yankee Group, the first independent technology research and consulting firm exclusively focused on connectivity change, to produce the “Post 2008 Consumer Electronics Show Analyst Roundtable” radio program. The live program will air on January 16th at 11:00 AM ET.

BlogTalkRadio’s VP of Business Development, John C. Havens, will host the live broadcast, and it will feature three Yankee Group analysts, Michael Goodman, director of digital entertainment, Josh Martin, consumer research analyst, and Jennifer Simpson, consumer research analyst. Each analyst will provide insight on the top trends and products from this year’s CES. The show can be heard live online the Yankee Group profile page on BlogTalkRadio ( Listeners are encouraged to call into the show and discuss the topics with the analysts at (347) 205-9329.

“We are witnessing swelling ranks of connected-consumers raising demand for digitally-delivered content due to the impact of ubiquitous connectivity,” said John Jacobs, senior vice president of Marketing and Product Management at Yankee Group. “Together, BlogTalkRadio and Yankee Group will offer listeners important and interesting developments of 2008 CES through this new channel that is beginning to resonate strongly with our audience.”

“After participating in Yankee Group’s 2007 Mobile Internet World, we’re very excited to be working as a partner with Yankee Group for this CES-specific program,” said BlogTalkRadio’s Havens. “Yankee Group’s unparalleled research on global connectivity change is in-line with what BlogTalkRadio seeks to deliver to our wide audience; rich, socially-impacted news and insights.”

After the live broadcast, listeners will be able to hear a podcast of the show on Yankee Group’s profile page on BlogTalkRadio.

About BlogTalkRadio

Originally launched in August 2006, BlogTalkRadio is a free, web-based platform which allows any user with a phone and a computer to host a live, interactive radio show. Hosts call into the service by phone, managing callers on the web-based host dashboard. Shows stream live directly from the host’s BlogTalkRadio webpage. Since the company’s 2006 launch, thousands of hosts have broadcast more than 47,000 shows on BlogTalkRadio. Notable hosts include Marla Cilley, the FlyLady home and life organizer; Doug Christie, former NBA player; and the LAFD. Guests on BlogTalkRadio have included Yoko Ono, Brad Pitt, John McCain, Brian DePalma, Shirley MacLaine, Oliver Stone, and Mike Huckabee, just to name a few. BlogTalkRadio relaunched an updated site with special features in September 2007, at

# # #

For BlogTalkRadio:
David Bray
Middleberg Communications, LLC
P: 212.812.5665 X 107

BlogTalkRadio and Reciva Strike Partnership

BlogTalkRadio is proud to announce that its programming will be added to Reciva Internet enabled radios.

btrreciva.jpgBlogTalkRadio and Reciva Limited, the global leader in Internet radio technology, have struck a partnership to bring BlogTalkRadio’s programming to users of Reciva-powered Internet Radios and networked devices. Products from more than 30 Consumer Electronics brands stand to gain access to Blogtalkradio’s unique service.

Reciva-powered radios allow users easy and convenient access to thousands of live radio stations from across the world without the need for a PC. Finding content is as easy as turning the dial on your old transistor set. Except that now, turning the dial doesn’t mean tuning into specific radio frequencies: instead, web addresses for specific online radio stations or archived radio programs are being accessed. The radio call sign or program name is shown on a little display, just like on an AM/FM radio.

The partnership with bring BlogTalkRadio’s 44,000 shows across more than 60 content categories to Reciva listeners.

Alan Levy, CEO and co-founder of BlogTalkRadio commented:

“This partnership allows BlogTalkRadio to transcend the online space, enabling listeners to enjoy our growing slate of quality citizen broadcast programming, without being tethered to a computer – further establishing BlogTalkRadio as the radio network of the 21st Century. With our increased reach to Reciva listeners, BlogTalkRadio’s content will be even more attractive to strategic partners and advertisers.”

Andrew Rhomberg, director of business development and strategy at Reciva said:

“This partnership with BlogTalkRadio is exciting for us, and exciting for our customers. Their service is unique in that users can participate not only as interactive listeners, but also as hosts and show moderators. We aim to offer the most comprehensive platform of audio services, both live and on-demand, to our partners and users and the addition of BlogTalkRadio is a major step towards this goal.”

If you’ll be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you’ll be able to enjoy a sneak preview before the service goes live on Reciva powered Internet radios in a few weeks.

Read the entire release on BlogTalkRadio’s Press Page > >

Read the entire release on Business Wire > >

Alan Levy on Apple Universe

Daniel Brusilovsky, host of the Apple Universe podcast, welcomed BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy to his program for a chat about BlogTalkRadio.

Apple Universe Apple Universe is a podcast hosted by Mr. Brusilovsky, who also hosts Tech Today, Web Review and is an almost-BlogTalkRadio host. He is an Apple computer enthusiast and a very bright individual.

So you may be surprised to hear that he is also a sophomore in High School, plays in the Jazz and Wind Ensembles, and is the Co-President of the technology club, Mousesquad.

Apple Universe Episode #83 “Blog, Talk and Radio!” features Daniel grilling Alan on the BlogTalkRadio platform. Tune in for details. Daniel is a tech, web and Apple guru and is racking up quite a collection of guests on his podcast. Check out his blog and his Apple Universe podcast for more.

BlogTalkRadio – All You Need is Phone, Computer

The Akron Beacon Journal published an article today in its Your Business Solutions section today featuring BlogTalkRadio and, um, me.

Caller, You’re on the Air“, By Paula Schleis, Beacon Journal business writer, sums BlogTalkRadio up with this subhead: ALL YOU NEED IS A PHONE, COMPUTER.

Since becoming the public relations coordinator for BlogTalkRadio in August, Luke Armour said the Web site — which allows people to host their own free, live call-in talk shows — has surprised him in two ways: What it’s used for. What it’s not used for…

Thousands of average Joes have turned themselves into talk-show hosts, lining up guests to interview and inviting callers to join in their discussions…

”Many of our hosts had a passion for something and now have hundreds or thousands of listeners and get to talk to their heroes, icons and idols,” Armour said.

Read the rest of the article > >

The sidebar of the article details some of the outstanding content on the network.