Time Magazine Hails ‘All Girl Talk’ for Leaving the ‘Freshest Broadcast Imprint’ in Cyberspace

Move over Barbara Walters & Co. There’s a new gaggle of talk mistresses in town (or more precisely, Motown) and they’re making more waves than a gale-force tsunami.

Meet All Girl Talk RadioTamika Montgomery (aka “The Conservative Ms. Tika”), Irresha Byrd (“Ms. Muse”), Jessica Hence (“Ms. Jai”) and Angela Smith (“Rambunctious Angie”).

CAPTION: "Not only we are all strong black women," Tamika (above with her fellow "AGT" hosts) "but we are women who respect each other."

"Not only we are all strong black women," says Tamika (above with her fellow "AGT" hosts) "but we are women who respect each other."

“This foursome of Detroit-raised businesswomen, wives and moms,” Time reports, “has steadily gathered steam in recent months as their hot topics and smart, sassy on-air personalities have reeled in thousands of listeners a week, some as nearby as W. 7 Mile Road and some as far away as the United Kingdom.

“Taken together, they’re the masterminds behind a year-old show that sounds at times like a raucous, take-no-prisoners cross between The View, the sitcom Girlfriends and the casual chatter of four homies under the hairdryers at a west-side salon,” the magazine continues.

“The All Girl Talk hosts seem especially adept at, and keenly fascinated by, relationship issues, exploring the full gamut of intimate interactions, from the dynamics of romance to the tenuousness of friendships to the thorniest aspects of parent-child ties.

“Recent episodes…have included topics like ‘I’m Loved Sexually…But Not Emotionally,’ ‘What Do Women Really Want,’ ‘Church People: Are They Backstabbers?’ and ‘What’s Up With These Damn Kids?'”

Congratulations ladies—on hitting the, ah, big “Time.”

To sample All Girl Talk Radio, click here.

To check out the ladies’ website, click here.

To read the full Time profile, click here.

4 thoughts on “Time Magazine Hails ‘All Girl Talk’ for Leaving the ‘Freshest Broadcast Imprint’ in Cyberspace

  1. Latashia Turner-BRothers

    My goodness, It is a thrill to see that you all are doing so well. I M VERY PROUD AND EXCITED ABOUT THE VOICE THAT THESE LADIES ARE BRINGING TO THE AIRWAVES. So much that I hear on the radio and on the news is always one-sided and without the true essence of the a typical black woman. I look forward to following you all as you reach the mainstream with your show…what a brilliant idea and a neccessity for the world.. DO ya’ll thang! Miracles and Blessings ALways and Forever!

  2. Angie

    Thank you to all the listeners, as we say on the show: You could be anywhere or listening to anything but you chose us and we thank you so much. We really enjoy bringing fun to your lives, please keep listening.

    Thank you Blog Talk Radio for this opportunity!

    The Ladies of All Girl Talk Radio
    Twitter @allgirltalk


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