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BlogTalkRadio + Facebook = Awesome!

We just released a brand new feature on BlogTalkRadio that integrates Facebook commenting on all of our show pages.  Now, when a listener leaves a comment on a BlogTalkRadio show page, they have the ability to post that comment right onto their Facebook wall in order to continue the conversation here at BlogTalkRadio or on Facebook.

Try it! Just go to your favorite show on BlogTalkRadio, click on an episode and leave a comment for the host.  Check the box that says “Post to Facebook” and just like that, you’re opening up the conversation to all of your friends on Facebook.

We’re really excited about this new update because it increases the interactivity between our hosts and their listeners and also gives our listeners the ability to promote their favorite hosts to their Facebook network.  We hope all of our hosts will encourage their listeners to use this new feature to help spread the word and give their content an extra boost to be heard across the Internet!

Now You Can 1+ Your Favorite BlogTalkRadio Shows!

We are really loving Google+ over here at BlogTalkRadio.  So much so, that we’ve added a 1+ button to all of our profile and show pages. Now our listeners can share what they are loving on BlogTalkRadio on Google+ with the click of a button.  And to top it off, now our hosts will be reaching a whole new set of people through their 1+’ing listeners!

And if you haven’t added our Google+ page yet to your circles, get to it here!

Promoting Your BlogTalkRadio Show Just Got Easier

We are happy to announce that you can now promote your show to all of your email contacts in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. right from your episode page.  You just have to click on “email” at the bottom where all of your other sharing icons live.  We are very excited about this new update because it’s going to make it so much easier for you to share your show with those in your personal network.  Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

Best Practices for Messaging Your Followers

Leveraging the BlogTalkRadio messaging feature can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Before you send your next communication in the system, consider these best practices. Following a few simple rules will help get your message across to more of your audience.

What To Send
Be sure that you are crafting the right kind of message for this format. For instance, an email message is a great avenue to communicate a new and exciting upcoming guest to your show and maybe a little bit more about their background and achievements, but it may not be the right channel to send minute by minute quotes from a live interview on air (that’s what Twitter is for). In other words, look to an email message for conveying longer form content, rather than short snippets of information.

Send your followers messages when it makes sense so that your communications come across as fresh and not repetitive. For example, send an email message the day before a show so your followers can mark it on their calendars and then a follow up one with the link to your archived show in case they missed it. Think about if you received too many messages or repeat messages from one individual, wouldn’t you just start to tune them out? Take frequency of your communications seriously to ensure that your messages are not ignored and more followers are reading them.

A Complementary Communication
Email should be viewed as a complement to your other communication channels like Twitter and Facebook and a means of reinforcing your overall message. For instance, if you are live on your show and you have already sent out a message to your followers, it may be more effective to tweet out that you are live, rather than sending out another message. And say, you found an interesting article on a guest you just had on your program, Facebook would be an optimal place to share that information rather than an email message.

We hope these best practices will make your messages more relevant, timely and effective and help you to garner more followers and listeners for your program.

Update to Show Feature Request Process

Thank you for all of the feedback on the new process for submitting your show to be featured on BlogTalkRadio.  We took it to heart and have made an update to make it easier for you to upload your images. Now, our system will help you to crop the image to the perfect size without you having to do it on our own computer.  With the new cropping window, you can move the selection box anywhere on your picture or expand it to include more area of the picture and it will automatically fit our upload limits.  Give it a whirl and submit your show today:

1.    Click on “My Account” in your dropdown menu.

2.    Click on “Feature my show” under “My BlogTalkRadio”

3.    In the “Feature my show” tab, fill out the necessary info at the bottom of the form.

4.    Click “Submit”

For tips on submitting an image and description, view this previous post.

Requesting to Feature Your Show Just Got Easier

Did you know that you can have your show featured on the BlogTalkRadio site? Well, we’ve just updated the process to make it easier for hosts to submit a show to be featured.  Now, you’ll just have to submit a description and an image according to specifications.

To help you get started, we thought we’d give you a few pointers:


When you submit your text description, make sure that your character count is no more than 260 with spaces.  Here are some example formats you can use:

Interview Sample – [Host Name] welcomes [Guest Name], [Author/Creator of XXXX} to discuss her new project entitled, [XXXX}.  [Guest Name] was recently named [Person of the Year by XXXX].

General Show Sample – [XXX Show] with [Host Name] provides listeners with information on [XXXX]. The program is supported by [Sponsor].


Your image must 277 x 180 in png, gif or jpg format and have a  file size under 50K.   There are some great free photo editing programs you can download to crop and resize your images.  Gimp is the free program we’ve used and you can watch this tutorial on how to work with your image using it.

Here is an example of an image that is the right size to give you an idea:

You can find more info on the submission form.  In case you need a refresher on the process, to put in a feature request:

1.    Click on “My Account” in your dropdown menu.

2.    Click on “Feature my show” under “My BlogTalkRadio”

3.    In the “Feature my show” tab, fill out the necessary info at the bottom of the form.

4.    Click “Submit”

Enjoy the new process and we look forward to receiving your feature requests.

BlogTalkRadio’s New Design and Features Make Site Navigation and Show Creation Even Easier

Beginning today, BlogTalkRadio is sporting a new look, complete with functionality that makes finding what you want—and doing what you need—easier than ever.


Most notable is our new header (above), where hosts can simply create shows and listeners can quickly and easily find great content.

We have also launched a new registration process that makes signing up as a host or a listener a snap. And after registration, hosts and listeners alike will be welcomed with new landing pages that offer tips on how to get started and best utilize the tools and features available on BlogTalkRadio.btr-drop-down

Once you’re logged in, a new drop-down box (right) offers a quick route to scheduling shows, accessing your account and switchboard, checking messages, connecting with friends, changing settings and upgrading to premium services.

Our footer (below) has changed, too. We have better organized content here so you can quickly do the things you want to do on the site: learn more, create content,  get support,  or follow BlogTalkradio.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to enhance our current tools, and build new ones, making it it even easier to produce online radio shows and a pleasure to tune in to them.


All of which—once again—helps make BlogTalkRadio the easiest way to create and share audio on the web.

If you have ideas for future features, be sure to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Kelly Cutrone: I Hired Stephanie Pratt Just so Lauren Conrad Could Fire Her

Kelly: Complicit in questionable workplace practices.

Kelly: Complicit in questionable workplace practice.

Now that The Hills‘ finale is finally on the horizon, public-relations maven Kelly Cutrone is revealing the reality behind the MTV reality series.

Interviewed on Artists on Demand Radio, the People’s Revolution founder dishes about what really went down with Stephanie Pratt during Season 5 of the MTV reality show, which signs off forever on July 13 after six hit seasons.

“[Stephaine] Pratt should not have been [hired at Peoples Revolution], but I let her stay there because (a) Lauren wanted to Continue reading