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Mark Zuckerberg: Why Most Facebook Users Don’t Want Their Carpenters as ‘Friends’

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has made socializing within your desired circles—rather than having “friends” thrust upon you—easier than ever.

Interviewed by tech blogger Robert Scoble via Cinch—BlogTalkRadio’s sister platform that makes creating and sharing audio dispatches easy—the 26-year-old billionaire chats about the release of three new Facebook features: Download Your Data, Platform Apps Dashboard and Groups.

CAPTION: "It's actually very different when people self-select and create these spaces," Mark (above) says of friend lists. "And that's the social solution we're trying to go for."

"It's actually very different when people self-select and create these spaces," Mark (above) says of friend lists. "And that's the social solution we're trying to go for."

“Download Your Data makes it so you can create and archive ZIP files of all of the stuff you’ve put on Facebook—all of your photos, videos, status updates, wall messages, profile information—so you can do whatever you want with it, and just download it all,” says Mark during the in-depth discussion.

“And that is pretty important because we, philosophically, believe that people own all that information. So they should be able to upload it and take it with them wherever they want.

“The Platform Apps Dashboard makes it so you can see how apps that you’re using are using your information. That should create more transparency around the type of info that apps are requesting and using, and should, hopefully, hold them accountable Continue reading

BlogTalkRadio Helps Bring Citizen Broadcasting to South African Nation of Zambia

Brain Drain's James Mwape and wife Ruth.

Brain Drain's James Mwape and wife Ruth.

“The media in Zambia, a country which for a long time has only known the Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and the Post for stable, corporate-style newspapers, and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation and newer private TV and radio stations, is being turned on its head as bloggers as well as citizen broadcasters enter the media space.”

That according to a new story—titled “Meet Zambian Citizen Broadcasters”—on Continue reading

‘The Content Needs to be Everywhere Because the People Are Everywhere,’ Says Alan Levy

If you missed BlogTalkRadio Founder and CEO Alan Levy‘s address at the 2010 New Jersey Social Media Conference earlier this month, don’t fret.

Because now you can catch it online, thanks to ICPEN TV’s extended coverage.

CAPTION: "We're still in the early stages of this. And it's still a difficult endeavor," says Alan (above) of BlogTalkRadio. "But we're persevering.

"We're still in the early stages of this. And it's still a difficult endeavor," says Alan (above) of BlogTalkRadio. "But we're persevering."

As keynote speaker at the event—titled “The Role of Media in Social Media,” which examined the convergence of traditional and new media while exploring trends in multimedia and content creation— Alan tackled the issue of “Adding a Real Voice to Social Media.”

“The conversation needs to be everywhere because Continue reading

New Cinch App for Android

cinch3Mobile podcasting just got a lot easier for Android smartphone users.

Yesterday we released a new Cinch app for Google’s fast-growing operating system. The free, downloadable software sports the same great features as the Cinch iPhone app released last year.

(Cinch is of course BlogTalkRadio’s sister community, which allows users to share Twitter-like audio dispatches, along with text and images.)

Now recording audio on the go with is a snap, to say nothing of sharing it via Facebook, Twitter and

But don’t take our word for it. ReadWriteWeb gives the app two thumbs up.

“I marvel, every time, at the fact that I can publish my thoughts so effortlessly in audio out to the world now, from wherever I am,” writes Continue reading

Alan Levy’s ‘Little Idea that Could Is Succeeding Online Where Terrestrial Radio Couldn’t,’ Says MediaBistro

If you’ve yet to read up on BlogTalkRadio Founder and CEO Alan Levy, today’s a great time to start.

Because MediaBistro—the must-read site for media pros (and those who aspire to such)—has just published a 1,400-word profile by Kristen Fischer titled, “So What Do You Do, Alan Levy, Founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio?”

CAPTION: Alan: "Podcast innovator."

Alan: "Podcast innovator."

“With about 1,300 new BlogTalkRadio shows popping up daily covering everything from the home birthing phenomenon to African-American conservatives, anyone’s voice can be heard,” MediaBistro writes.

“And thanks to an amazing technology that lets you call in live and speak to hosts, Levy’s little idea that could is succeeding online where terrestrial radio couldn’t.”

As for Alan’s take on our rapidly-emerging media sector, he says:

“The real power of BlogTalkRadio is the live aspect of the platform. By taking live callers or interviewing a panel of guests, this dynamic medium makes the conversation much more engaging then the majority of traditional podcasts, which do not enable live call-ins.

“We have also created a Continue reading

Talkers Magazine’s Top 50 Talkmeisters List Top Heavy with BlogTalkRadio Hosts

In yet another demonstration of broadcast prowess among our ranks comes Talkers‘ 2010 Frontier Fifty, which the magazine bills as “A selection of outstanding talk media webcasters.”

If you haven’t already guessed, that list is dominated by BlogTalkRadio hosts—eight, to be exact.talkers1

“To assume that internet talk radio will simply be a continuation of its terrestrial ancestor only with expanded reach would be akin to publishing newspapers without photographs or using horses to power automobiles,” writes Talkers publisher Michael Harrison.

“Thus, this new list reflects not only a wide diversity of talent and the subjects and special interest demos they embrace, but also the wide array of mechanical, conceptual and formatic options available to the webcaster,” he continues—before adding:

“Pay attention. Some of these unknown folks are heading to inevitable superstardom.”

So without further ado (whatever “ado” means), here are our honored hosts. Continue reading

Talkers Mag: BlogTalkRadio Is ‘Redefining the Meaning of Grassroots Radio’

Sure BlogTalkRadio, what with its legions of expert, hard-working hosts, generates ample media coverage week in, week out (for which we are ever appreciative).

But rare is the occasion when the network—or, more precisely, its founder and CEO, Alan Levy—is splashed across the cover of a magazine.

Cover-age galore: Our own Alan Levy takes the stage.

Cover-age galore: Our own Alan Levy takes center stage.

In a  2,100-word report headlined “BlogTalkRadio Shows Amazing Innovation, Growth and Potential,” the new issue of Talkers details how BTR is “redefining the meaning of grassroots radio.”

“Whether it is empowering citizen journalists to better tell their story or enabling publishers of online newspapers, magazines and books to create and share a new form of interactive, monetizable content, BlogTalkRadio provides solutions to fuel the continued online conversation,” the mag quotes Alan saying.

Also cited is Continue reading

Hachette Book Group Ramps up Social Media Presence with BlogTalkRadio Network

Congrats to Hachette Book Group on the official launch of their social-media sites, which include presence on BlogTalkRadio, Twitter and Facebook.

Sophie Cottrell, Hachette Book Group VP and communications director, said that while Hachette’s imprints have long been using social media to communicate with readers, the new sites…have been launched to give the corporate communications office ‘a way to open up the dialogue about publishing with readers and others in the industry,'” Publishers Weekly reports this week.hachette-book-group-logo-web

The Hachette Book Group Network here on BTR is currently comprised of four shows that correspond to the publisher’s imprints—Grand Central Publishing, Little, Brown and Company, Center Street and FaithWords—as well as Hachette Book Group Features, where listeners can learn more about Hachette titles and authors, along with company news and other info.

To launch the new sites, Continue reading