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SoundBits: Stand-up Guys Mike Jenkins and Jose Bacio

What can you say about two dudes from Salt Lake City, Utah, whose idea of a good time is stripping down to their skivvies and having their bodies slathered with hot wax while imbibing brews live on the air? First and foremost, you have got to tune in, because that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Each week on The Man Hour, host Mike Jenkins and his wacky Mexican sidekick Jose “The Baby Gorilla” Bacio go to epic lengths to elicit laughs from their fellow guys and (while you won’t catch many admitting it) way more than a few girls. But considering Mike and Jose’s training, it’s no wonder their show is a veritable guffaw-fest. For the past six years, they’ve been honing their comedy act alongside the likes of Dave Attell, Frank Caliendo, Lewis Black, Tommy Chong and Larry the Cable Guy. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Mike and Jose

CAPTION: Jose and Mike: Getting their comic buzz on in the Beehive State...

Mike (right) and Jose: Getting their comic (and sugar) buzz on in the Beehive State...

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The Man Hour brings comic relief to our stressful, modern-day society. If the world is our playground, let’s dress it up like a womanand have it make out with Jose; let’s send a nursing student in to practice a colonoscopy on Mike; let’s put a tutu on and make everything spin!  And if you like watching the world spin (but don’t enjoy merry-go-rounds), tune in for a play-by- play by the world’s greatest duo since Abbott and Crosby, Martin and Costello or Hope and Lewis.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

MIKE: I am undefeated in Continue reading

SoundBits: FlyLady Marla Cilley is ‘Angling’ to Help You Cut Through the Clutter

If Marla “The FlyLady” Cilley isn’t the world’s greatest home-organization guru, we dare you to find someone more deserving of the title. But good luck with that, because she’s not only co-author of the 2007 bestseller Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself and author of 2002’s ever-popular Sink Reflections: FlyLady’s Babystep Guide to Overcoming Chaos, she holds the record for world’s largest Yahoo! user group. Last year, Marla’s online community (aka “FlyBabies”) surged past the 500,000-member mark, and currently attracts fans from all 50 U.S. states, as well as 78 nations. And each week on her top-rated FlyLady and Friends show, the Ashville, N.C., resident offers loyal listeners her trademark tough-love tips on organizing, economizing and streamlining daily domestic tasks, while keeping the kids happy, healthy and immersed in their studies. But enough promotional clutter. Time to get to the woman we here at the network often refer to as BlogTalkRadio’s very own Oprah


Marla: Organization chops galore.

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Are you living in CHAOS—afflicted by Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome? Need help cleaning your home? Come join FlyLady and get your wings to fly!

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I used to teach Continue reading

SoundBits: Yeeee-Haw! It’s… Spanky Brown?

When you tune into The Spanky Brown Show, be prepared for anything, all of it outrageous. From his James Brown-inspired opening track to his twisted entertainment-news updates to his rambunctious confabs with fellow comedians, the funnyman is incapable of delivering a dull moment. What’s more, the Memphis resident, who’s regularly featured on BET’s Comic View, frequently hosts his BTR show from clubs across America where he’s performing. So don’t be surprised to hear a gaggle of listeners giggling in the background. Until then, please put your hands together for Mr. Spanky Brown...

CAPTION: Spanky: Eliciting laughs the old-school way.

Spanky: Kickin' it old-school style.

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I’m on a one-man mission to put the comedy back into comedy, and get rid of the celebrity. Some of the funniest people in this business are the ones most Americans have never heard of. These are the people I’m fortunate to know, and try to interview as often as possible.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a minister’s son. And I love Continue reading

SoundBits: Annie and Burl Have Got Each Other, Babe

Not since Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé has a couple given matrimony such a good name—to say nothing of making it look so breezy and fun. Come December, Burl and Annie Gregory, hosts of Annie & Burl Live!, will have been married six years. But if any malaise has set in between the Chicago-based pair since they skittered down the aisle, you’d never know it. Month in, month out for more than two years now, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory have taken to the airwaves twice a week with their quick-witted, slightly-naughty banter that might best be described as Hepburn & Tracy meets Sonny & Cher. But don’t take our word for it; take a gander for yourself...

CAPTION: Hose your daddy? The happy couple at play.

Hose your daddy? The happy pair at play.

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With shows airing live each Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET, ABL delivers an often humorous look at news and current events, while delivering memorable interviews with guests ranging from comedic icon Tim Conway to film tough-guy Frank Vincent. Co-hosted by Ryan “Rev. RockDog” O’Neil, this is the only BlogTalkRadio show that Continue reading

SoundBits: Audley Stephenson Makes Hoops Dream a Reality

Perhaps better than anyone in cyberspace, Audley Stephenson knows that basketball isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life. And each week on The NBA Breakdown, he and co-host Dave Mendonca, who broadcast from their hometown of Toronto, prove it by not only covering the latest news of the season, but how pro hoops impacts everything from entertainment to fashion to humor to politics. Recent guests have included former NBA all-stars like John Starks and Elvin Hayes, and current sportscasters like ESPN’s Dick Vitale and The Best Damn Sports Show‘s Chris Rose. But there’s also been Kid-N-Play’s Chris Reid and R&B chart-topper Montell Jordan, who’ve shared their recollections of hanging with the pros. There there’s Kevin Johnson, the onetime NBA point guard who went on to become the first African-American mayor of Sacramento, Calif. While we’d love to tell you more, the 24-second clock will be kicking in any moment now, so it’s time to pass the ball to Audley…


Audley: Consistently slam-dunks from north of the border.

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The NBA Breakdown is a fun, high-energy basketball talk show. Dave and I interview big guests while delivering even bigger laughs. That’s because we disagree most of the time, so our opposing viewpoints often lead to good-natured verbal brawls. But for mild and hardcore fans alike, this is hoops talk the way it should be.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

(1) I got a job as an usher at the Air Canada Centre-home of the Toronto Raptors-just Continue reading

SoundBits: Ciao-hound Marty the Paisan

(1) Take three parts Chico Marx, two parts Pat Cooper and one part Howard Stern. (2) Mix vigorously in a large pot. (3) Simmer for two hours. (4) Let marinate overnight. (5) Serve with a sprinkle of parmesan and pinch of the cheek. YIELD: Laughs galore. So reads the recipe for Marty the Paisan’s success. For more than a year now, the host of Sundays Sauce Pot, who was born in East Haven, Conn., and now makes his home in Port Saint Lucie, Fla., has entertained us with his outrageous antics while interviewing such fellow Italian-Americans as comedian Dom Irrera, Married with Children star David Faustino and crooner Franco Corso. So without further ado (apart from passing the pillowcase for, ah, donations), we now present your favorite goomba and ours, Marty the Paisan...

CAPTION: Marty: Who you callin' funny? Funny how - ha-ha funny?

Marty: Who you callin' funny? Funny how — ha-ha funny?

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Sundays Sauce Pot is more than just a comedy show. From interesting news to intriguing topics to special guests to song parodies, we’ve it all, and so much more. Our program is not only the most entertaining hour on Internet radio, it can be very addicting. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself listening live on Sundays from 7 to 8 p.m. EST, as well as to the archives.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

Well, for starters, my sister and my mom are Continue reading

SoundBits: Screen Vet Alisa Reyes Offers a Fair-Sex Outlook

Alisa Reyes is no stranger to fame. Fifteen years before launching The Alisa Reyes Show this summer on BlogTalkRadio, she spent three years as a castmember on the Nickelodeon sketch-comedy series All That. From there, it was stints and guest turns on such hit shows as The Bold and the Beautiful, NYPD Blue, Boston Public, ER and Six Feet Under. There have also been a slew of movie appearances, including the upcoming 4-Bidden, with Eric Roberts and Robin Givens, and DaZe: Vol. Too, with Gary Busey. If that’s not enough of an Alisa-fill for ‘ya, you can also catch the Big Apple native and current L.A. resident deejaying on Playboy Radio. Impressed? We sure are, which is why it’s time to say, Give it up, folks, for the one, the only, Alisa Reyes!

CAPTION: Alisa: "Striking" beauty.

Alisa: "Striking" beauty.

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I’m an actress, former Nickelodeon kid and Sirius Radio host. I’m also quick-witted and love talking to the fellas. My show segments include “She Should Have Been a Blonde,” “Girlfriends Review,” “Who’s That Girl” and the soon-to-be-famous Top 8 countdown, “Pink Mayhem.” If you’re looking for a female perspective on life – particularly on men – this is the show for you.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

I love extreme sports. I once had Continue reading

SoundBits: The Popularity of Jokerette’s ‘Big Brother’ Show Is No Joke

For a woman whose recent shows have averaged more than 7,000 live listeners each – to say nothing of thousands more downloads Cat LeDévic (aka Jokerette) is one cool cucumber. Within minutes of our request for this interview, the host of Joker’s BB Radio returned her answers, complete with a fascinating array of biographical tidbits that ran the gamut from classic teen-sex flicks to perilous Mideast adventures that sound like something out of a Jason Bourne book. Not only that, the Nashville, Tenn., resident – and onetime model who attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC – has also found time to pen a novel. But in typical Cat fashion, that 2006 thriller, titled The Scroll, is just the first in a series of three she has planned for its heroine, technical troubleshooter Maggie Purcell. In the meantime, Cat, a technical writer by day, enjoys her time at home with her companion and their six cats. (“Three Siamese, two Egyptian Maus, and one rescue, who eats nonstop,” she tells us.) By now you’re no doubt chomping at the bit to hear from Cat herself, so we shall tarry no longer.

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show – why should listeners tune in?

Big Brother is one of the most popular summertime shows on TV. With all its fights and laughter, it’s irresistible. And our show, Joker’s BB Radio, permits listeners and callers to join in the fun.

CAPTION: Cat: Reality powerhouse.

Cat: Reality powerhouse.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

(1) I was in Porky’s. I was a majorette in the famous shower scene.  (2) I lived in Iran, during the revolution. I had a gun to my head Continue reading