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Former NY Mets Pitcher Ron Darling, Shaquille O’Neal’s Mom Lucille and Chi-Lite Marshall Thompson Today on BlogTalkRadio

ron-darlingRon Darling: The former MLB pitcher—who racked up 13 shutouts and 1,590 strikeouts during his 13-year career, and who currently works as a baseball commentator for TBS and SportsNet New York—chats with Teen Groove on the Move host Lenore Luca about the upcoming season.

lucille-oneal-3Lucille O’Neal: The mother of one of the greatest NBA stars of all time— Shaquille O’Neal—drops in on Lady Charmaine Live host Charmaine Bassett to chat about her new book, Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go: From Mental Welfare to Mental Wealth.

shohreh-aghdashlooShohreh Aghdashloo: The actress sits down with Buzzworthy Radio host NaVell Lee to chat about The Stoning of Soraya M. Based on the book by Freidoune Sahebjam, the feature film tells the story of an Iranian woman falsely accused of adultery— the punishment for which is death by stoning.

tami-roman-5Tami Roman: The ex-wife of Kenny Anderson—the NBA guard who left her broke—drops in on The Mutha Knows Show host Mutha to chat about Season 2 of VH1’s Basketball Wives, and about her big-screen comedy, Something Like a Business, co-starring Kym Whitley.

marshall-thompson3Marshall Thompson: The leader of the legendary ‘70s soul quartet The Chi-Lites, who charted with such tunes as Oh Girl, Have You Seen Her and Give It Away, drops in on host Stevie Mack to chat about the group’s current tour with “The ‘70s Soul Jam.”

Deepak Chopra, ‘Basketball Wives’ Hubby Eric Williams and Bond Girl Rosamund Pike Today on BlogTalkRadio

deepak-chopraDeepak Chopra: The mind-body healing pioneer stops by Chopra Center Radio to chat with host davidji about his new book, Soul of Leadership. Also during this Hour of Enlightenment, you’ll be guided through a process that helps you connect to your deepest dreams and desires.

denyce-gravesDenyce Graves: The mezzo-soprano —who USA Today has hailed as “an operatic superstar of the 21st century”—drops in on The African American Voice in Classical Music to chat with host Patrick D. McCoy about the church’s role in her development as an artist.

rosamund-pike1Rosamund Pike: The Die Another Day Bond girl stops by Movie Geeks United to talk with hosts Jamey DuVall and Jerry Dennis about her latest flick, Barney’s Version, co-starring Dustin Hoffman, Paul Giamatti and Minnie Driver. Plus: The Freebie actress Katie Aselton.

eric-williamsEric Williams: The former hoops star —whose wife, Jennifer (right), recently ripped fellow NBA spouse Erin Barry for getting cozy with Eva Longoria’s soon-to-be ex-hubby Tony Parker—drops in on host DeAnna “Mz Deeva” Shields to chat about all the Basketball Wives hoop-la.

jay-sean1Jay Sean: The British rap star’s chat with SAJA host Sree Sreenivasan from January of last year is officially BlogTalkRadio’s No. 1 most popular show of 2010—with more than 443,500 listens. If you’re among Jay’s many fans across the globe, tweet him today @jaysean and say, “Nice going!”

tc-carson1TC Carson: The actor-crooner, who played Kyle Barker on the Fox sitcom Living Single, and recently starred in the Houston’s Ensemble Theater Company’s production of Five Guys Named Moe, chats with Layin’ It on the Line host Reginald Ford about his new CD, Truth.

aj-cook1AJ Cook: The Canadian cutie who plays Jennifer “JJ” Jareau on Criminal Minds—and who previously starred in Fox’s supernatural series Tru Calling—stops by Buzzworthy Radio to chat with host NaVell Lee about what’s coming up on the CBS FBI profiler series.

queen-harrison4Queen Harrison: The NCAA champion hurdler from Virginia Tech who competed in the 2008 Summer Olyimpics in Beijng stops by the Get Up Show to fill host Chris LaMonica on her new deal with sporting-goods maker Saucony—and about snagging the 2010 Bowerman Award.

mz-optimizm1LaSean Shelton: Our Mz OptimiZm host holds open auditions for kids 5 to 17 year old who want to strut their singing, rapping, instrumental or spoken-word talents while trying out for a spot in at the Nu-Reign Talent Showcase Concert in NYC. Semi-finalists will be featured on Dover, Del.’s WAMS FM.

‘My Life As Liz’ Star Liz Lee and ‘The Peacemaker: L.A. Gang Wars’ Star Malik Spellman Today on BlogTalkRadio

liz-leeLiz Lee: The My Life as Liz star stops by her favorite radio show—Somewhere in Vegas—to hang with host Marq with a Q while chatting about Season 2 of her hit MTV series, which gets under way Feb. 8, and about her new comedy album, Lady Ha Ha.

malik-spellmanMalik Spellman: The gang mediator for A&E’s reality series The Peacemaker: L.A. Gang Wars—which is produced by Ice T—chats with Real Talk’s Michael McFadden about putting on a bulletproof vest to go to work, then spending the rest of his day making sure no one shoots anyone.

wally-brysonWally Bryson: The Raspberries guitarist, who—with frontman Eric Carmen—co-wrote the band’s 1972 hit, Go All the Way, sits down with Icon Fetch host Tony Peters to fill us in on his latest musical venture, the Bryson Group, featuring son Jesse Bryson, and that group’s new CD, Dry.

jesse-palmerJesse Palmer: The former NFL quarterback, who’s now a college football analyst for ESPN, drops in on Ask Mom RN host Tamara Walker to chat about his “Bowl Game” promotion for charity. Plus: Dr. Michelle May, author of Am I Hungry? What to Do When Diets Don’t Work.

jacob-arbackJacob Arback: The CEO of MUSL-TV, which focuses on physical competition and culture, stops by Tomorrow Will Be Televised to chat with host Simon Applebaum about what to expect on the new cable net. Plus: Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver, creators of the Syfy series Being Human.

‘Midnight at the Oasis’ Singer Maria Muldaur, ‘Die Hard’ Star Robert Davi and Astrologist Susan Miller Today on BlogTalkRadio

maria-muldaurMaria Muldaur: The folk singer best known—and beloved—for her 1974 hit Midnight at the Oasis stops by Icon Fetch to chat with host Tony Peters about her latest CD Garden of Joy, a collection of jug-band tunes featuring old pals John Sebastian and Dave Grisman.

robert-daviRobert Davi: The actor who has graced such hit flicks as Die Hard and License to Kill drops in on Enlisted Spouse Radio host Beth Wilson to fill us in on his Jan. 15 Frank Sinatra tribute concert in Los Angeles—where he’ll be backed by a 50-piece orchestra.

kris-williamsKris Williams: The former flooring installer—who’s been tracing her family’s roots since she was 11—drops in on Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone to chat about the new season of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, which gets under way tomorrow night, with a visit to Hamlet’s castle.

susan-millerSusan Miller: The Cosmo Girl astrologist—whose book Planets and Possibilities was praised by Liz Smith for its “truly human, feeling and acute intelligence”—drops in on Breaking Through host Georgiann Kiricoples to offer a celestial forecast for the New Year.

michael-badnarikMichael Badnarik: The author of Good to Be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom—a software engineer who was the Libertarian Party nominee in the ’04 presidential race—chats with America 9-1-1 host Dan Baltes about the newly GOP-heavy Congress.

Alan Thicke and Terri J. Vaughn Today on BlogTalkRadio

alan-thicke1Alan Thicke: The Growing Pains star (aka the father of R&B prince Robin Thicke) stops by Ask Mom RN to dole out last-minute Christmas gifts ideas. Also joining host Tamara Walker’s holiday special will be Gateway Atlanta host Stephanie Oswald and Biggest Loser chef Cheryl Forberg.

james-shapiro11James Shapiro: The Columbia University professor stops by Sins of Omission to talk with host Paulie Abeles about his book Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? an historical investigation into the true authorship of the plays and sonnets attributed to the Immortal Bard.

terri-vaughn4Terri J. Vaughn: The actress who first captured our hearts as Lovita Alizay Jenkins Robinson on The Steve Harvey Show stops by Conversations of a Spirited Actor to chat with host Tracey Moore about her Take Wings Foundation, which helps build self-esteem in at-risk teenage girls.

herb-grossHerb Gross: The lead singer for The Invictas—those ‘60s rockers scored scored a cult hit with The Hump—stops by to fill Who You Calling Old? host Cecile Forte in on the band’s latest project, Rock Til Ya Drop, a new TV show that mixes music festivals with sporting and gambling events.

jackie-black1Jackie Black: The author of Meeting Your Match: Cracking the Code to Successful Relationships stops by PI Window on Business to moderate discussions with three couples who’ve been “financially unfaithful”—and help get them on the road to re-establishing mutual trust.

Mark Zuckerberg on the Future of Facebook: ‘There should be programmatic interfaces to access anything that a human can’

If Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t already master of the universe, he’s hoping to ingrain the world’s largest social network even deeper into 21st century life.

Interviewed in person at Facebook’s Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters by social-media guru Robert Scoble via Cinch—BlogTalkRadio’s sister platform that makes creating and sharing audio dispatches easy—the 26-year-old billionaire spoke candidly about the company’s future.

CAPTION: "If you look five years out," Mark (above) tells us, "every vertical or industry is going to be rethought in a social way."

"If you look five years out," Mark (above) tells us, "every vertical or industry is going to be rethought in a social way."

“Our view of the world is very much that there should be programmatic interfaces to access anything that a human can. Eventually I think we’ll get there, but probably not for a while,” Mark said during the 35-minute chat.

“If yesterday you thought of Facebook as a mobile application that a lot of people are using, what we’re trying to do in the future is build a platform—it’s not a vertical platform, it’s not iPhone, we’re not trying to sell a phone.

“What we’re trying to do is, no matter where you go and what phone platform you’re using—and probably the most important thing: the web, mobile web—we want to make it so that all those experiences can Continue reading

Mark Zuckerberg: Why Most Facebook Users Don’t Want Their Carpenters as ‘Friends’

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has made socializing within your desired circles—rather than having “friends” thrust upon you—easier than ever.

Interviewed by tech blogger Robert Scoble via Cinch—BlogTalkRadio’s sister platform that makes creating and sharing audio dispatches easy—the 26-year-old billionaire chats about the release of three new Facebook features: Download Your Data, Platform Apps Dashboard and Groups.

CAPTION: "It's actually very different when people self-select and create these spaces," Mark (above) says of friend lists. "And that's the social solution we're trying to go for."

"It's actually very different when people self-select and create these spaces," Mark (above) says of friend lists. "And that's the social solution we're trying to go for."

“Download Your Data makes it so you can create and archive ZIP files of all of the stuff you’ve put on Facebook—all of your photos, videos, status updates, wall messages, profile information—so you can do whatever you want with it, and just download it all,” says Mark during the in-depth discussion.

“And that is pretty important because we, philosophically, believe that people own all that information. So they should be able to upload it and take it with them wherever they want.

“The Platform Apps Dashboard makes it so you can see how apps that you’re using are using your information. That should create more transparency around the type of info that apps are requesting and using, and should, hopefully, hold them accountable Continue reading