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Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee on BlogTalkRadio

Election 2008 coverage on BlogTalkRadio continues as republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee sits down with Ed Morrissey on Heading Right Radio.

huckabeeFormer Governor Mike Huckabee is taking Iowa and the nation by storm. He’ll join political director Ed Morrissey for this special Thursday edition of Heading Right Radio at 6pm ET. They’ll discuss his rapid rise in the polls, immigration, clemency and the controversial endorsement he recently received.

This special edition of BlogTalkRadio’s Heading Right Radio will begin at 6pm ET. Hear this exclusive live interview and join the 2008 Election conversation on BlogTalkRadio!

Ed Morrissey, BlogTalkRadio Political Director, on CNN

Ed Morrissey produces outstanding content with expert opinion and commentary that truly shows the depth of his knowledge and insight. Because of that, his opinion is often sought by people looking for an credible source.

So, when CNN’s “Out In The Open” with Rick Sanchez called for him to discuss the question-planting scandal on Hillary Clinton’s campaign – was it a surprise? Well, yes, but a welcome one. Here’s the clip with Ed Morrissey of BLOG. TALK. RADIO! (You’ll have to watch the segment to understand what that means)


Nice work, Ed, you’re a natural.

Rudy Giuliani on BlogTalkRadio

Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani stops by Heading Right Radio to speak with political director Ed Morrissey.

Giuliani A conversation with Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York City, and Ed Morrissey will be on Heading Right Radio at 3pm ET. Giuliani will speak about foreign policy, the state of the union and, of course, the 2008 Presidential Race.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview on BlogTalkRadio with award-winning blogger, Ed Morrissey of the Captain’s Quarter’s Blog.

BlogTalkRadio Becomes Congressional Content Provider to AirCongress, the Online Voice of Capitol Hill

BlogTalkRadio is pleased to announce that it has formed a partnership to provide original content to AirCongress, a site dedicated to the issues and members of Congress.

AirCongress AirCongress, headed by Danny Glover, is the online voice of Capitol Hill, the aggregated home of audio, video and latest news of, by and about Congress. AirCongress collects information publicly posted by members of congress and highlights additional content about federal policy from other sources, including the executive branch, trade associations, advocacy groups, government watchdogs, journalists, bloggers and now BlogTalkRadio. AirCongress is a multi-media platform which hosts text, audio and video content.

“Talk radio has been a staple in American political discussion for a generation,” said Glover, Executive Producer of AirCongress, “and BlogTalkRadio is expanding that conversation by moving it online and making it more democratic. AirCongress exists to help broadcast those kinds of messages to policy and political junkies on the Web, so I?m thrilled to have BlogTalkRadio as a partner.”

BlogTalkRadio Political Director, Ed Morrissey added, “The BlogTalkRadio network produces many content-rich shows in its political channel, which makes it exceptionally valuable as a content provider. AirCongress gives that congressionally-specific content a welcome home.?

You can read more about this partnership by viewing our press release on the BlogTalkRadio Press Page or visiting this news site.

The State of the Politics on BlogTalkRadio

Right meets Left today on the Alan Levy show. Alan gets a state of the union on politics on BlogTalkRadio with special guests Adam Lambert and Ed Morrissey.

Heading Left director Adam Lambert will step up to the plate with Political and Heading Right Director Ed Morrissey today at 2pm ET on the Alan Levy Show.

headingleftHeading Left is the central hub for Progressives and Democrats on BlogTalkRadio. This is where the best progressive thinkers, writers, pundits and characters from the online community gather to discuss current events and politics through the miracle of BlogTalkRadio.

heading_right Heading Right is the central hub for Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio. This is where the best conservative thinkers, writers, pundits and characters do the same.

Heading Right Radio Host Ed Morrissey CLC Blogger of the Year

Ed Morrissey, host of Heading Right Radio and Political Director of BlogTalkRadio, has won the CLC Blogger of the Year Award for his Captain’s Quarters Blog.

MorrisseyCaptain Ed started Captain’s Quarters in October 2003. As the political director of BlogTalkRadio, Ed has taken strong control of the political scene here. His show, Heading Right Radio, consistently produces outstanding content with such notable guests as John McCain, Fred Thompson, and so many others. His outstanding content, commentary and opinion have led to quotes on USAToday OnPolitics blogs and across the new and traditional media space.

He also manages the HeadingRight site: the central hub for Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio.

Ed humbly wrapped up the CLC in his post on his blog. Other bloggers proud of Ed’s achievement have posted their writings below:

Congratulations, Ed, we’re proud to have you on BlogTalkRadio. This award is well earned.

Politics are heating up on BlogTalkRadio

As election time nears, the political arena gets hotter and hotter, and BlogTalkRadio’s political talk is no exception.

All sides of the political spectrum are gearing up for 2008, and the discussions on BlogTalkRadio contribute to the buzz. The next couple of days have some special broadcasts in store for us.

First, on Sunday evening the bloggers from MyDD.com are back to discuss their plans for people-powered politics and the Progressive Movement.

mccain.jpgAdam Conner, Aaron Banks, and Jonathan Singer bring you the latest news and issues in the progressive blogosphere. Don’t miss these guys as they reemerge on BlogTalkRadio at 8pm ET. Call in and join the conversation!

And Heading Right Radio’s Ed Morrissey is broadcasting live from the Conservative Leadership Conference in Reno on Monday LIVE with Senator John McCain.

Not a stranger to BlogTalkRadio, Senator McCain has conducted several exclusive interviews with Ed on the network. Each time we get a more intimate glimpse of the presidential hopeful than we usually get access to on television or in the papers. This is McCain uncensored and accessible to listeners, for a rare two-way discussion.

Listen LIVE on Monday at 3pm ET.

USA Today's OnPolitics directs listeners to Newt

We welcome USA Today readers who’ve been pointed to BlogTalkRadio to hear Ed Morrissey’s exclusive interview with former House speaker Newt Gingrichnewt1.jpg that aired yesterday.

This interview comes at an interesting time, as USA Today puts it, there is speculation and “chances that [Newt] might get into the Republican race himself” for the Presidency in 2008.

The On Politics section of USA Today aims to be “the news, the people, the road to Election Day,” points readers to media coverage that will influence and inform our decisions in the 2008 election.

In the interview, Gingrich also discusses his Solutions Day initiative, which takes place tomorrow.

Listen to the archived interview on BTR’s Heading Right Radio here.