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USA Today’s OnPolitics directs listeners to Newt

We welcome USA Today readers who’ve been pointed to BlogTalkRadio to hear Ed Morrissey’s exclusive interview with former House speaker Newt Gingrichnewt1.jpg that aired yesterday.

This interview comes at an interesting time, as USA Today puts it, there is speculation and “chances that [Newt] might get into the Republican race himself” for the Presidency in 2008.

The On Politics section of USA Today aims to be “the news, the people, the road to Election Day,” points readers to media coverage that will influence and inform our decisions in the 2008 election.

In the interview, Gingrich also discusses his Solutions Day initiative, which takes place tomorrow.

Listen to the archived interview on BTR’s Heading Right Radio here.

Fred D. Thompson Interview on CQ Radio Today

Fred Thompson met with CQ Radio host Ed Morrissey at the Minnesota State Fair this afternoon.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThompson, an actor and former U.S. Senator from Tennessee, is a possible republican presidential candidate. Morrissey recorded their conversation and will play it on today’s CQ Radio at 3pm ET.

Senator John McCain To Appear Live on Blogtalkradio

As our one year anniversary approaches, you will see a few shows and posts dedicated to the many exciting things that took place on Blogtalkradio over this past year.

Today at 2pm EST on Ed Morrissey’s CQ Radio show, Senator McCain will appear live on Blogtalkradio. Senator McCain who has been getting battered pretty bad in the press these days will certainly get a fair shake from Ed and Blogtalkradio.

From the outset, we always intended that Blogtalkradio would be a balanced network from a political perspective. Accordingly, we air political shows from bloggers that are on the right, left and center. Our top political hosts are highlighted on Blogtalkradio sponsored blogs entitled Heading Right and Heading Left. I suggest that you take a look and listen to some of the compelling political commentary being produced on this network.

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Exclusive statement from Fred Thompson on CQ Radio!

Fred Thompson responds to criticism of his stance on abortion in an EXCLUSIVE audio statement in conversation with BlogTalkRadio Political Director Ed Morrissey on his popular daily political show CQ Radio.

Fred Thompson is a former Republican Senator from Tennessee, actor, attorney, and lobbyist who is being discussed as the dark horse in the Presidential race to 2008.

Check out Fred Thompson’s statement here on CQ Radio, because you don’t want to miss what this controversial and popular candidate has to say.