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Fausta’s BlogTalkRadio Show Wins High Praise

Congrats, Fausta!

Fausta, a longtime esteemed host on BlogTalkRadio, has earned high honors at The Best of Blogs Best Podcast/Video Blog category.

After competing with other top Podcasts and Videos, Fausta’s fans made their voices heard.

When the votes were tallied, Fausta came out on top with her show on BlogTalkRadio, which focuses on political and cultural subjects and guests.

Check out Fausta’s blog.  Her show is affiliated with Pajamas Media and Heading Right on BlogTalkRadio.  For news and political discussion 24/7, tune into the Heading Right Station.

Political Cage Match on Debate Central

Perhaps that headline is a bit sensationalist. But I do enjoy the lively, informative discussions that BlogTalkRadio political hosts engage in at Debate Central.

Debate Central BlogTalkRadio hosts Jenn and Jack will square off Saturday at 7pm ET on Debate Central in the first Heading Right/Heading Left blogger debate! Adam Lambert and Ed Morrissey will moderate this discussion covering the hot topics of the Iraq war and health care. Join them for this no holds-barred political debate.

Jack hosts Blast the Right Radio, and Jenn hosts Jenn’s Jungle Republic Radio.

The State of the Politics on BlogTalkRadio

Right meets Left today on the Alan Levy show. Alan gets a state of the union on politics on BlogTalkRadio with special guests Adam Lambert and Ed Morrissey.

Heading Left director Adam Lambert will step up to the plate with Political and Heading Right Director Ed Morrissey today at 2pm ET on the Alan Levy Show.

headingleftHeading Left is the central hub for Progressives and Democrats on BlogTalkRadio. This is where the best progressive thinkers, writers, pundits and characters from the online community gather to discuss current events and politics through the miracle of BlogTalkRadio.

heading_right Heading Right is the central hub for Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio. This is where the best conservative thinkers, writers, pundits and characters do the same.

Heading Right Radio Host Ed Morrissey CLC Blogger of the Year

Ed Morrissey, host of Heading Right Radio and Political Director of BlogTalkRadio, has won the CLC Blogger of the Year Award for his Captain’s Quarters Blog.

MorrisseyCaptain Ed started Captain’s Quarters in October 2003. As the political director of BlogTalkRadio, Ed has taken strong control of the political scene here. His show, Heading Right Radio, consistently produces outstanding content with such notable guests as John McCain, Fred Thompson, and so many others. His outstanding content, commentary and opinion have led to quotes on USAToday OnPolitics blogs and across the new and traditional media space.

He also manages the HeadingRight site: the central hub for Conservatives on BlogTalkRadio.

Ed humbly wrapped up the CLC in his post on his blog. Other bloggers proud of Ed’s achievement have posted their writings below:

Congratulations, Ed, we’re proud to have you on BlogTalkRadio. This award is well earned.

Fred D. Thompson Interview on CQ Radio Today

Fred Thompson met with CQ Radio host Ed Morrissey at the Minnesota State Fair this afternoon.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThompson, an actor and former U.S. Senator from Tennessee, is a possible republican presidential candidate. Morrissey recorded their conversation and will play it on today’s CQ Radio at 3pm ET.

Senator John McCain To Appear Live on Blogtalkradio

As our one year anniversary approaches, you will see a few shows and posts dedicated to the many exciting things that took place on Blogtalkradio over this past year.

Today at 2pm EST on Ed Morrissey’s CQ Radio show, Senator McCain will appear live on Blogtalkradio. Senator McCain who has been getting battered pretty bad in the press these days will certainly get a fair shake from Ed and Blogtalkradio.

From the outset, we always intended that Blogtalkradio would be a balanced network from a political perspective. Accordingly, we air political shows from bloggers that are on the right, left and center. Our top political hosts are highlighted on Blogtalkradio sponsored blogs entitled Heading Right and Heading Left. I suggest that you take a look and listen to some of the compelling political commentary being produced on this network.

Thank you for tuning in and joining the conversation,


Exclusive statement from Fred Thompson on CQ Radio!

Fred Thompson responds to criticism of his stance on abortion in an EXCLUSIVE audio statement in conversation with BlogTalkRadio Political Director Ed Morrissey on his popular daily political show CQ Radio.

Fred Thompson is a former Republican Senator from Tennessee, actor, attorney, and lobbyist who is being discussed as the dark horse in the Presidential race to 2008.

Check out Fred Thompson’s statement here on CQ Radio, because you don’t want to miss what this controversial and popular candidate has to say.


Next week BTR Political Bloggers Debate Top Issues LIVE!

Ever wondered what it would be like if debates were unplanned and actually measured the debaters’ abilities to argue their respective sides? It seems the rhetoric that politicians deliver during the debates is always so stiff, not at all spontaneous or reflective of their knowledge and ability to think on their feet.

That’s why we are kicking off Bloggers Debates at Debate Central here on BlogTalkRadio. The idea is that two bloggers will square off on a few key issues, coming at them from their unique perspectives. Two of the topics will be mutually decided upon ahead of time, each for ten minutes, and the last third of the show is a wild card. Yes, the third topic of debate will be one hundred percent unplanned, coming from listeners, callers, or emails.

Which better bloggers to begin with than James Boyce of Heading Left and Smoking Politics, and Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters and Heading Right? James contributes to the Huffington Post and is former Senior Advisor to John Kerry’s campaign, while Ed blogs at Captain’s Quarters, an incredibly popular politically Conservative site, and has interviewed Mitt Romney and John McCain for BTR among many others.

These two politically active and opinionated hosts will go head to head on Debate Central. These two very informed and passionate bloggers and BTR hosts will be tackling Fred Thompson’s impact on the Republican race, Bill Richardson and his plan for Iraq, and taking your calls for the final ten minutes of the debate. Get those topics ready!

Please make sure to let us know how you liked the event. We’d love your feedback so we can best bring you many more debates between the top political bloggers in the coming weeks!

Due to scheduling issues, the first official Bloggers Debate has been rescheduled for next Thursday June 21 at 7:30pm EST. Mark it down in your calendars! You won’t want to miss their intellectual arsenal, especially with an extra week to prepare!