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‘Hannah Montana’ Star Jason Earles: Hanging Out with Miley Cyrus Is Like ‘Hanging Out with a Dude’

Not only does Miley Cyrus have the best of both worlds, she is the best of both worlds.

So says her TV brother, Jason Earles, who feels comfortable enough around the superstar poptart not to curb his bodily functions – and vice versa.

CAPTIONS: “Ten years from now when we look back at ‘Hannah Montana,’ I hope it’s viewed in a positive way,” Jason (above) tells us.

“Ten years from now when we look back at ‘Hannah Montana,’ I hope it’s viewed in a positive way,” Jason (above) tells us.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, Jason – who plays Jackson Stewart on the mega-hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana – recounts a typical day on-set with Miley.

“She’s sort of like – and don’t take this the wrong way, I hope she doesn’t take this the wrong way – she’s sort of like hanging out with a dude,” he tells host Zachary Sang.

“You can’t say anything to shock her. We spend more time burping and farting around each other on the set – I think people would be just shocked with how non-shockable she is.

“She’s also cool to just joke around with. We play a lot of Guitar Hero in her dressing room. When we have breaks, we run out and get sushi together,” adds Jason.

Typical bother-sister-like relationship, you say?

Well, what if we told you Jason is old enough to be 16-year-old Miley’s dad?

CAPTIONS: Clowning around with Miley (right) on-set: Wonder if she ‘nose’ bro’s true age. (Photo courtesy: Disney)

Clowning around with Miley (right) on-set: Wonder if she ‘nose’ bro’s true age. (Photo courtesy: Disney)

That’s right, de- spite the fact that Jason is listed as 26 years old on his Wikipedia page, in a January 2007 USA Today interview, he gave his age as 29 – which would make him 31 today.  (And if his IMDb page is to be believed, he’ll turn 32 next month.)

Nonetheless, Jason isn’t about to ‘fess up to being a trinegenarian.

“The only thing you’ll get out of me, sir, is that I’m 18, 19 on the show,” he tells Zach.

“I actually am a couple of years older than that in real life. But to me, age is just a number. It’s sort of all about how you feel.

“And as far as the show goes, I play the older brother. I think I do a pretty good job at it and I think people like it and that’s all that’s important to me.”

To hear Jason’s full interview, click here.

Backstage Security to Jim McGreevey: No Hannah Montana for You!

Did former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey try to bribe his way backstage at a Hannah Montana concert?

Yes, says WZAP Radio host Zachary Sang, who happened upon the disgraced pol at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., last year – and whose tale is recounted in the New York Post‘s Page Six gossip column today.

“I was at a Hannah Montana concert and he was trying to bribe the security guard to let him get [backstage],” the 15-year-old student at Wayne Valley High School in nearby Wayne, N.J. – tells Dr. Blogstein’s Radio Happy Hour host Dr. Blogstein on this week’s edition of the show.

“I am a Miley Cyrus fan! Jim (right) with Zach at the Hannah gig in 2008.

I am a Miley Cyrus fan! Jim (right) with Zach at the Hannah gig in 2008.

“They wouldn’t let him in, though – they didn’t,” continues Zach. “I carry my tape recorder with me everywhere I go where I think people are going to be around.  So when he was done talking to the security guard by the door, I kind of inched my way in, put my record- er in his face and started asking him questions.

“I asked him why he was at a Hannah Montana concert and he just said that his daughter was there somewhere. But I didn’t see his daughter around anywhere,” adds Zach, an aspiring journalist who documented the interview on tape and later wrote about it in his school newspaper.

Jim, whose 2006 memoir, The Confession, chronicles the rise and falls of his political career, resigned from office in 2004 after admitting he had “engaged in an adult consensual affair with another man.”

To hear more from Zach on McGreevey’s Hannah Montana snub, click here.

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Yes, Romi, that WAS a Quake! ‘Hannah Montana’ Star Shaken Up While Live on BlogTalkRadio

Quick – someone get Romi Dames a scale!

A Richter scale, that is.

Shaken up by L.A. quake.

Romi: Shaken up by L.A. quake.

Because the Hannah Montana star may need it the next time she’s on BlogTalkRadio.

While chatting with Olivia Wilder Times host Olivia Wilder last night, the actress – who plays Traci Van Horn opposite Miley Cyrus on the hit Disney Channel show – suddenly felt her building shake.

“Oh, my gosh!  There’s an earthquake! Ah, I think so. Was that an earthquake?” she said live on-air.

Moments later – having asked a nearby pal what happened – Romi added, “Oh, apparently it was just someone on the roof.  Never mind.”

But moments after that, she was once again skeptical.

“I’m not convinced . . . There might have been an earthquake. Will someone tell me if there was an earthquake in L.A.?”

Miley (left) with Romi on “Hannah Montana.”

The trouble with Traci: Miley (left) with Romi on “Hannah Montana.”

Though the issue was never settled on-air, Olivia – who podcasts from her home in Scottdale, Ariz. – later checked with the U.S. Geological Survey.

The verdict?

Romi’s fears were right:  The shock that shook her up was indeed a quake.

“The magnitude 4.5 event occurred 2 miles SSW of San Bernardino, Calif.,” the USGS said.

To hear Romi’s interview, click here.

Adrienne Bailon’s Pal Says He and She Floated Nude- Pic Rumors to ‘Make Her Seem More of an Adult – Rather Than a Disney Star’

Like fellow Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens, Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon has become embroiled in a sex-pic scandal.

I never thought we would actually release nude photos" (like this one - that were leaked on the Internet), say Jonathan, "That was the agreement Adrienne and I had."

"I never thought we would actually release nude photos," says Jonathan of the Cheetah Girl (above). "That was the agreement Adrienne and I had.” (Photo courtesy: Disney)

But unlike Miley and Vanessa, Adrienne consciously set out to transform her image from virginal girl-next-door to cybersex kitten – or so says her good pal, Jonathan “JJ” Jaxson, host of BlogTalkRadio’s JJsDirt.com On-Air.

As to who leaked the nude photos of the now-tarnished pop tart this weekend, Jonathan – who interviewed Adrienne on BlogTalkRadio earlier this year – says in a special BlogTalkRadio report, “Adrienne swears it wasn’t her. I know it wasn’t me.”

Then again, the former Hollywood publicist – who admits he and Adrienne originally planted rumors that there could be nude shots of her on her stolen laptop – does say that the Cheetah Girl’s intention was to thrust herself up a notch on the sex-appeal meter:

“We decided to put [the rumors] out there as a plot to gain more attention for Adrienne’s image and make her seem more of an adult and, possibly, a sex symbol – rather than a Disney star.”

To hear Jonathan’s special report, and his interview with Adrienne, click here.

It’s Another All-Star ‘Mix’!


We’re so excited we can hrdlee tipe strrrate…


That’s what happens when The Daily Mix is brimming with a gig of our favorite stars – like it is again this week.

Coming to you as always at 9 p.m. ET, this star-studded show answers such all-important questions as:

“It’s really trippy when people that I idolize are fans of mine,” Margaret Cho tells BlogTalkRadio.

“It’s really trippy when people that I idolize are fans of mine,” Margaret Cho tells BlogTalkRadio.

—Why Gilbert Gottfried is feeling “awkward” about his 13-month-old daughter. (Hint: The fact that she’s a “squinter” – like her daddy – is just half the problem.)

—How Kirk Cameron landed the lead in the new feature film Fireproof. (Hint: Bobby De Niro would be proud.)

—Which legendary rock star is as big a fan of funny lady Margaret Cho as she is of his.

—What Barry Bostwick – along with thousands of extras – was restricted from doing on the set of the upcoming Miley Cyrus flick.

—What Rosanna Arquette did 25 years ago that recently embarrassed the dickens out of her 13-year-old daughter Zoe.

—What Crispin Glover promises to do in your hometown if you simply email him and ask.

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, every Monday at 9 p.m. ET!