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How to Start & Run a Podcasting Network

Recently, we interviewed BlogTalkRadio host Iyanna Jones and the mastermind behind the Go Pro Radio Network. She is a writer, filmmaker and singer and has a background in entertainment and marketing by way of her tenure at media giants such as HBO, MTV and BET.

Iyanna came to BlogTalkRadio University to talk to our audience about how she started her podcasting network on BlogTalkRadio.  Her network features an array of quality shows including her own weekly radio show entitled, This is Iyanna Jones. As a member of her network, Iyanna provides a physical recording studio facility and production for her hosts.  She has created a very special and curated community of broadcasters and it was inspiring to hear her story.

 Listen as Iyanna shares her experience and best advice for running a network of podcast content.

How to Build an In-Home Podcasting Studio

linda reznicekBuilding an in-home podcasting studio can give you the feel of a real radio studio and the flexibility of interviewing your guest(s) in person, not to mention optimize your sound quality.  On BlogTalkRadio University, we interviewed host Linda Reznicek on how to build an in-home podcasting studio. Linda hosts Real Sisters Talk and after being on the network for only one and half years, the show has already garnered over 1 million listens

There’s several reasons why Linda has been so successful on our network. Not only does her show sound fantastic, but she’s also interviewed some pretty amazing guests like Pulitzer poet and former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass, Pulitzer Poet Claudia Emerson and Grammy Winners Eric Tingstad, Jose Feliciano & Mason Williams.  Throughout her podcasting career, she has worked very hard to research and find the best equipment needed for her studio and she was kind enough to come on the show and share all of her knowledge on the topic. Linda has now even upgraded from broadcasting from her home to another studio location, and she took us through all that she has learned along the way.

What I loved hearing Linda say was that she wanted to convey this information to all of her fellow hosts in the spirit of the BlogTalkRadio community.  She believes that the better every host sounds, the better our network sounds to the world. Thanks for coming on Linda!

Without further ado, take a listen to Linda’s tips and don’t forget to take notes!

Listen to MarketingClub on BlogTalkRadio

How To Make An Intro For Your Radio Show or Podcast

We just did a show on Planning Committee all about tips on creating an audio intro for your BlogTalkRadio show that attracted our highest number of live listeners! Apparently, the topic is one that a lot of our hosts are wondering about and we were happy to provide some info on the topic.

An audio intro is a great way to add a fun element that your listeners can identify your program with. It’s actually another opportunity for you to personalize your broadcast and show your listeners a bit more of yourself, whether it be in the music you select or the way you write the intro script.

If you choose to use our platform to create the intro, it’s also a great way to get comfortable using the studio and working with audio clips – kind of like doing your first test show. There are 3 ways to go about creating an intro and a number of tips to keep in mind that we covered on this episode of Planning Committee. Tune in here.

C.C. Chapman Goes One-on-One with Content Marketing Leaders

We have some exciting news! C.C. Chapman, podcasting pioneer, will be hosting a live audio interview series called Content Conversations with our parent company, Cinchcast.  The series will feature some of today’s most influential and innovative content marketers and kicks off on April 13th with guest, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for Marketing Profs.  Additional interviews for the series have been slated on the calendar with experts from leading organizations such as Boeing, SAP, Marketo, Federated Media and more!

C.C. is quite an expert himself on the topic of content marketing, recently co-authoring the best-selling book, Content Rules, which tackles how companies can authentically communicate and engage with their audiences using non-traditional approaches like blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc. No doubt, there’s going to be a lot of great insights uncovered in these Content Conversations and hope that you’ll come away with some new tips & tricks you can apply to your own shows on BlogTalkRadio.  New interviews will be added on an ongoing basis so be sure to sign up to receive updates and highlights from the series here.

To learn more about Content Conversations and the upcoming lineup of interviews, click here.

Programming Highlights; March 23, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:

be-the-media-for-christieAt 1 PM David Mathison, author of Be The Media and host on BlogTalkRadio, discusses how you can build your platform and brand by writing a book, through speaking, podcasting, and maximizing the potential of social media with Paul Lawrence Vann.

frankenstein-dude-for-christieAt 4 PM Fred Wiebel, Jr., author of Edison’s Frankenstein, joins Movie Addict Headquarters to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first film appearance of Mary Shelley’s iconic monster.

Vancouver Olympics LugeAt 6 PM Special guests include Svein Romstad, Secretary General of the International Luge Federation, and Gordon Price, Director of The City Program at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver who discusses the city’s sustainability efforts with World Footprints.

indian-author-for-christieAt 7 PM Book Club Girl welcomes Thrity Umrigar, acclaimed and bestselling author of The Space Between Us to discuss her newest novel in paperback, The Weight of Heaven, set in a globalized India.

ahaha-some-dude-for-christieAt 9 PM The Career Catalyst welcomes Jeffrey G. Allen, a leading placement lawyer and author of the most bestselling career books, including Instant Interviews.

Thousands of live radio shows broadcast live everyday on BlogTalkRadio. Find out what’s on live now.

Stuck for Ideas? 10 Tips for Finding Something to Talk About


by Deb Ng

Blogging and online radio aren’t so different. As a blogger, I have to come up with fresh material several times a day, as a BlogTalkRadio host, you have to come up with fresh material once a week or more often.

I have productive days when the ideas don’t stop flowing.  Other times, I’m at a loss. As someone who has been writing and blogging for over a decade, I do have a few tricks for finding topics to write about, and I don’t mind sharing them with you here today.

  1. Keep an idea notebook - I have been keeping notebooks for years. I jot down thoughts, ideas, lists, charts and anything that comes to mind. I have a stack of them in my office and every time I’m stuck for a topic, I dust off my notebooks and give them a browse.
  2. Read your feeds – Another of my favorite ideas is to read my feeds. I have over 300 blogs and sites in my Bloglines. Taking some time to catch up on my feeds always puts ideas into my head.
  3. Check out blogs and websites in your genre – What are other people talking about? Is there any news? scandals? Maybe a writer in your niche will be willing to be interviewed. You never know if you don’t have a look around.
  4. What’s going on in the chat room – See what your listeners are talking about. They probably have some great questions or thoughts for your idea notebook.
  5. Go for a walk – Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a nice long walk in the park or around the neighborhood.
  6. Listen to some of your older shows - Past segments might spark ideas for future podcasts.
  7. What are your fellow hosts talking about? Check them out. Call in. Chat. Participate. Once you get started you may get a few ideas of your own.
  8. Poll your listeners – Ask your regulars what they’re interested in learning more about.
  9. Visit the library - Browse all sections relating to your genre for books to review and discuss or just to get ideas.
  10. Chat with the people who have been there – Visit the BlogTalkRadio forum or Yahoo group and talk to hosts and listeners there. Many of them can suggest topics, or ways to get over your podcaster’s block.

What do you do when you’re stuck for ideas?

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For Your Consideration: The Podcasting Legal Guide

podcasting_legal_guideby Deb

I found something interesting in my travels today, The Podcasting Legal Guide. Most of the issues covered are common knowledge, however, it’s a terrific overview of the legalities of podcasting.

Now, this guide only covers United States law and isn’t meant to be taken as concrete legal advice, but if you’re looking for guidelines, it’s a very useful reference. Licensed under the Creative Commons, the Podcasting Legal Guide covers:

  • An overview of legal issues podcasters (including online radio hosts) should consider
  • Legal issues in creating your own podcast
  • Legal issues in distributing your own podcast
  • Basic Background to podcasting
  • Background & further resources

Many of our hosts have questions regarding copyright laws and other legal issues and this guide covers the basics. If you can’t find the answers here at BlogTalkRadio, the Podcasting Legal Guide is a handy tool to have on hand.

How Podcasting and Online Radio Can Benefit Business


by Deb Ng

If you look through the job ads lately, you might notice more and more businesses are looking for bloggers, social media experts, community managers, and more. This is because it’s more important than ever for companies to have an online presence to succeed.

It’s not unheard of for corporations to start blogs or open a Twitter account, because they’re learning the best way to get people to rally around a product or service is through an aggressive social media campaign – and that can include podcasting and online radio.

Like blogging, online radio is a terrific way to discuss products and services and build up community around a brand. Hosting a weekly radio show to announce new releases, offer technical support, interview experts, and even answer consumers’ questions help build trust and give an impersonal company a more “human” touch.

People tend to support a business where they feel they know the players involved. Online radio is a terrific way to reach out and show the folks who use your service that you care.

Unless your business wishes to take advantage of our branded content services, online radio is like free advertising. So if your business wants to put its name on an interview, music or comedy hour, or even an online radio soap opera, for instance, it won’t cost a dime.

There’s no getting around it, in this day and age. A business must have an online presence to succeed.  Hosting an online radio show is a unique way to create buzz around a product or service and help to build community.

If you’re looking to create an online presence for your product or service, BlogTalkRadio is more than happy to help.