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BTR’s Female Field Guide Launched An App and Here’s How

Gyasmine George is the host of Female Field Guide, a women’s cheat sheet to sports, entertainment and relationships, which airs on BlogTalkRadio Sunday nights at 8PM PST. She recently unveiled her very own Android app for her show that has helped to boost her listener base. We thought it would be interesting for Gyasmine to share her experiences on BTR and advice for hosts looking to create a listening app for their own shows. We are pleased to introduce you to Gyasmine George.

How long have you been on BTR?
October 30, 2010 was my very first broadcast. Since then I’ve had almost 4,000 listeners!

What’s your angle at Female Field Guide?
Female Field Guide is unique because is it geared towards women who may be sports challenged and want to boost their sports IQ or women sports fans who desire to learn more. The show benefits single gals who may want to add to their stock of sports knowledge as they navigate through the dating scene, girlfriends or wives who desire a closer bond on with the men and sports fans in their lives, or the lady or man who has always wanted to learn more about sports, but just didn’t know where or how to gain the information.

Who would be a dream guest on your show?
I would say Lisa Leslie and Billie Jean King and as for male athletes, Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Tell us about your Android app. What does it do?
With my app, you can listen to my Blogtalkradio shows live or whenever you want. You can pause, rewind and play back the podcasts. You can watch my interviews via my video feeds and get the latest’s news and updates via my Twitter and Facebook feeds. You can also interact with and share articles, videos, and podcasts via Twitter, Facebook or email all within the app.

Where did you get the idea for the app?
I interviewed Billy Carson, founder of SheCanPlay.org, a women’s basketball website and message board, for a special Father’s Day episode. In conversation with Mr. Carson, I found out he designed an Android and Iphone app for his daughter, April Carson, who is a highly ranked basketball player and gave it to her for her high school graduation.

Why did you decide to design one?
What I do with Female Field Guide is so unique, and since I am striving to blaze new trails, I thought why not an app?

How did you bring the app to life?
After my interview with Mr. Carson, I contacted him regarding advice about a Female Field Guide app and he replied “That’s what we do!” In addition to SheCanPlay.org, Mr. Carson heads up ZenForce Media, a non-profit company dedicated to expanding businesses and individual’s social media networking reach via apps. They were great and designed my app so quickly and efficiently!

Why do you think an app is a good idea for hosts?
I have spoken to so many of my friends and supporters and sometimes it’s difficult for them to get to a computer to listen live or even to the archived episodes. BUT, everyone I know has a cell phone! Since my app dropped on Tuesday, July 12th, my listener numbers have doubled!

Do you have plans for bringing your app to other smart phones?
Oh absolutely! The iPhone app will be dropping in about a week and we are working on a Blackberry version as well.

Do you have any advice for hosts that want to make an app or learnings you can provide from your experience?
My fellow hosts, the time is now! In the past, athletes, entertainers etc. were profiled in magazines, posters, trading cards, but today they are more often featured on blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. With technology such as Androids, iPhones and iPads making a big difference in everything from education to business, we can certainly expect to see more apps featuring players, entertainers and prominent figures in the future. Also, do your research! Send out emails, surveys and ask around to find out how your target audience wants to listen – whether if it’s straight from BTR, on apps or social networking sites. And lastly, be along for the ride! This last year has been amazing and I am so grateful for Blogtalkradio. Internet radio is the future of radio! If you have any questions or advice, email me at gyasmine@femalefieldguide.com.

We’d like to thank Gyasmine for such a great interview. Please tune into Female Field Guide and visit her app here.

Host Esteban Contreras Goes from Bored Business Consultant to Thrilled Social Media Manager (Thanks to BlogTalkRadio)

Our scores of talented, authoritative hosts never cease to amaze us.

Most recent case in point? Esteban Contreras, host of The Social Nerdia Show! the companion to his SocialNerdia blog “about the convergence of technology, marketing, and social media, and the people/sub-cultures that make it possible.”

CAPTION: Esteban: Used his BlogTalkRadio job to land a job-with Samsung!

Esteban: Used BlogTalkRadio to land his dream job—with Samsung!

In a story today headlined “How Latinos Will Use Social Media to Change the World,” Fox News Latino tells how Esteban, who had a job— though not in the industry he wanted—took to BlogTalkRadio to change his fate.

“Contreras was a business consultant who was fascinated by social media. On his own time he learned to use blogging platform WordPress, along with Twitter, and BlogTalkRadio, a service that allowed him to interview experts in various fields, to create an Continue reading

Christian ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Okoye, and Former Isley Brother Member Chris Jasper Today on BlogTalkRadio

christian-okoye6Christian Okoye: The former NFL running back—nicknamed “The Nigerian Nightmare”—who played for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1987 to 1992, stops by the Bottom Line Sports Show to chat with hosts Gerald Brown and Jonathan Foy about the current gridiron season.

dj-carrascoD.J. Carrasco: The MLB pitcher, who began his career with the Royals, before moving on to the White Sox, Pirates and Diamondbacks—and, just last month, being signed to a 2-year deal with the Mets—stops by The Final Word to chat with hosts JayReelz and J.D. about the Amazins’ 2011 season, and what he hopes to achieve.

chris-jasperChris Jasper
: The former member of the Isley Brothers, who charted in 1988 with the R&B hit Super Bad—and was unducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 4 years later—stops by Layin’ It on the Line to chat with host Reginald Ford about his latest CD, Everything I Do.

natalie-stewartNatalie Stewart: Half of the British R&B duo Floetry, whose debut album sold 800,000 copies and spawned 2 Top 10 singles—Say Yes and Getting Late—drops in on Sippin on Ink to chat about her latest album, Floetic Soul, feauturing pals MC Lyte and Musiq Soulchild.

ann-handley-cc-chapmanAnn Handley & CC Chapman: The authors of the new book Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and more) that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business chat with host Zane Safrit about building relationships and finding success in the digital realm.

tim-bowmanTim Bowman: The smooth-jazz guitarist, who began his career as musical director for The Winans stops by Jazzin Em Up to chat with host Cres O’Neal about his latest album, The Collection, featuring the tracks Let It Shine, All My Life, Soul Dream and Smile.

Christina Aguilera, ‘Football Wives’ Star Melani Ismail, Jimi Hendrix’s Lady Love Rosa Lee Brooks and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

christina-aguileraChristina Aguilera: The 4-time Grammy-winner drops in to chat about her big-screen debut, in Burlesque. Co-starring Cher, the big-budget musical casts Christina—who tells Punch Drunk Critics host John Nolan, “I’m a little O.C.D.”—as a small-town waitress with a big voice who follows her dreams to an L.A. nightclub.

melani-ismailMelani Ismail: The wife of former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Raghib “Rocket” Ismail stops by The Beautiful Butterfly Show to fill us in on how she balances starring in the new VH1 reality series Football Wives with raising four kids and pursuring her pop-music career.

rosa-lee-brooks2Rosa Lee Brooks: Jimi Hendrix would have turned 68 last week. And to celebrate, his lady love—and R&B singer in her own right—Rosa Lee Brooks drops in on host Brown Suga to chat about working with the rock icon, and to sample tracks from his new box set, The Jimi Hendrix Anthology, which features a few of her own tunes.

richard-hatch1Richard Hatch: The hunky actor who played Capt. Apollo in Battlestar Galactica—while also appearing on such hit ’70 series as Hawaii Five-0 and The Streets of San Francisco—drops in on FanCentral Fancast host Kim Lockman for a BSG Blowout.

amber-osborneAmber Osborne: The CEO of Tampa, Fla.-based new-media PR firm Head of Lettuce Media—who has been featured on ABC News and CNN—stops by Train with Shane to chat with host Deborah Shane about how to destroying social-media bordedom while getting your message out.

stupidcancershow-3ccSurvivor Spotlight: Mel Majoros, producer of The Cancer Warrior show on Empower Radio, and singer-songwriters Mimi Ferraro and Christine Baze stop by The Stupic Cancer Show to talk with host Matthew Zachary about being cancer survivors, and how that has inspired their work.

Jeff Timmons: Hitting the High Notes

You may remember him as the hunky frontman for 90’s boy band 98 Degrees.  But if you ask Jeff Timmons, its been a long time since he graced stages the world over as part of the Grammy-nominated pop singing group.timmons1

Jeff Timmons is back, and better than ever.  He has reinvented himself, with a new solo singing career, as well as new media projects and endeavors.  The latest of which is a live interactive talk show on BlogTalkRadio where he interacts with fans, chats with friends, and shares his latest tunes.

Following the success of his 2004 solo album, Whisper That Way, which he wrote and arranged, Jeff has released his sophomore solo album in December of 2009, featuring new single, Emotional High.  Jeff is busy promoting the album and working with his multi-media distribution company, iamMedia.

Jeff joins The Alan Levy Show tonight at 8pm ET to discuss his career and how he is leveraging social media to promote his music.

Check out Jeff’s show on BlogTalkRadio.

Part Two: Using Social Media to Promote Your Show, Using Facebook

hosttip-of-the-weekThis is part two of our multi-part series on promoting your online talk radio show using social media. (Read part one)

This week we will focus on Facebook. Using Facebook is a great way to market and build your show’s community.  Below are some tips that can help.

TIP 1: Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Show
Starting a Facebook fan page helps build a community around your show.  Remember to provide value or content of interest to your followers and fans and listen to and interact with friends who make comments or share on your page. Make sure you are not using the page merely to push out information about your show time! Share links, ask questions, give tips and ideas to build your own community on Facebook.

dr blogstein screenshot One BlogTalkRadio host who uses Facebook fan pages to promote his show well is  Dr. Blogstein of The Radio Happy Hour.  Dr. Blogstein share updates about his show, but also includes other engaging content such as quizzes, photos, and more.

TIP 2: Join Facebook Groups
One of the best ways to meet like-minded people online is to join Facebook groups on topics of interest to you and your show. Share ideas and tips and further establish yourself as an expert in your show’s subject mattter within these groups. Then, fine appropriate times to talk about your show, especially if you have an upcoming notable guest of interest to the group.

TIP 3: Add Value to the Community
Make friends on Facebook with people who interest you, and stay active with them by commenting on their walls. If you become an online friend, they will want to learn more about you and what you are doing, including your work on BlogTalkRadio.

TIP 4: Set Up a Facebook Event
Have a special guest coming up or broadcasting live from an event such as a baseball game, concert, or conference? Spread the word by creating a Facebook event, and invite everyone you know online. Don’t forget to include the date, time, a detailed description of your show’s content, and the link.

TIP 5: Ask Your Friends to Spread the Word
When you post information about your shows on Facebook, be sure to include a brief note encouraging your friends to spread the word to other interested parties.

TIP 6: Add a Show Player or a Badge to Your Facebook Profile
player_embedShare your content by adding your player to your Facebook profile, and encourage your friends to do the same.

Just follow these simple steps:

Go to your show profile page on BlogTalkRadio
-Click on “Add this player to your websites” button
-Click on “Post to Social Networks using Gigya” button and select Facebook
-Click on Post, then Add to Profile

Or you can add the badge to your profile page by copying and pasting the badge code into the “Gigya My Stuff” application on your Facebook profile. To add the player or badge to your fan page you will also just need to add the “My Stuff” Application, and copy and paste code from the  “Add this player to your websites” page on BlogTalkRadio.

And, just like with Twitter, you can connect your BlogTalkRadio show directly to your Facebook profile to cross-promote. (For more information, check out this quick screencast.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

Stayed tuned for Part 3 of “Using Social Media to Promote Your Show.”

Until next week, y’all!

Programming Highlights; February 19, 2010

Tune in to some great live content today on BlogTalkRadio.
Today’s Programming Highlights:

deletingl1At 11 AM Autism Women’s Network welcomes Sara Childers, an 18 year old autistic college student, to talk about her work at an animal sanctuary, and the unspoken bond she shares with them.


deletinglaterToday at 1 PM Former Sopranos star Dominic Chianese, currently starring in The Last New Yorker, joins Robin Milling of Milling About for good old-fashioned deli and conversation at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop.


deletinglateAt 2 PM EST Adam Falcon, guitarist and singer-songwriter, joins Mr. Media to talk about his career, and penning chart-topping songs like “In Search of a Dream” and “True Blue,” both sung by George Benson.


deletinglatAlso at 2 PM Train With Shane welcomes Beyond Blogging authors Nathan Hangen and Mike CJ to discuss the book, profile top 15 bloggers and wrap up what’s hot in social media.


deletinglaAt 7 PM WDKK Radio welcomes Ricky “Freeze” Smith to talk about touring with Morris Day and The Time, producing and working on hit soundtracks and music videos, and writing tracks for Gladys Knight and The Pips, Angie Stone and Dynasty.


Thousands of live radio shows broadcast live everyday on BlogTalkRadio. Find out what’s on live now. Continue reading

Social Media Tips for Small Business on ‘Coach Tim’

socialnomics-graphicI do not think that anyone would argue the fact that social media is changing how we interact and do business online. Last week there was a great show on BlogTalkRadio hosted by Tim Dollmeyer of “Coach Tim.” It highlighted how social media can help a small business market more efficiently and effectively. The show’s featured guest, Erik Qualman, shared some interesting perspectives on the space and helpful tips from his recently published book called Socialnomics.

In this hyper-connected world we live in, we increasingly turn online to do research and make decisions on products and services. With the advent of social media, the online search has gone well beyond just searching and finding product listings on a company’s website. We can now read what other people think about products in a wide range of online forums and easily reach out to our networks with tools like Twitter or Facebook to get suggestions. Positive (and negative) feedback now spreads much more quickly. And according to Qualman, the influence of an individual’s social graph is continuing to grow in importance with the release of services such Google Wave, Google Sidewiki and others.

That is why it is so important for businesses of any size to understand and leverage social media as they build relationships with their customers and prospects. In Coach Tim’s show, Qualman referenced that businesses are having to shift their sales and marketing strategies and take a more Dale Carnegie-like approach, “Listen first, sell later.” And social media provides an excellent way to listen.

Qualman shared a simple four step plan for small businesses looking to get started with social media marketing.

1) Listen to what people are saying about your company (and your competitors.) Qualman suggested that this is the best place to start. He also provided some great suggestions on FREE listening tools: Twitter Search, Google Blog Search, and Yahoo Site Explorer. You can also find a great list of other social media listening tools in this Marketing Profs article

2) Interact and join the conversation. Find a way to participate in the conversation in a way that makes sense for your business. This is an area where BlogTalkRadio helps a large number of small businesses by empowering them to join the social media conversation with a live, interactive radio show. We also have a cool new service called Cinch that helps business join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with engaging audio, text and photo updates.

3) React to the conversation. One of the best ways to build relationships with your customers is to show them you value their feedback. Make sure that you are taking action on and acknowledging the feedback you receive.

4) Soft selling. If you take care of the first three steps, Qualman suggested the process of selling will be much easier, because you have been listening to what they want and have showed them that you value the relationship.

If you run a small business and are looking to find out how you can start to experiment with social media, this is a great show to listen to. You can listen to the full episode below.