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Joey Lawrence: I’m an Actor — Not a Celebrity!

Don’t try making a connection with Joey Lawrence in cyberspace.

Because the Blossom hottie wants nothing to do with social media.

“I’m a guy who keeps my private life very private. So I don’t do this ‘celebrity’ stuff… I’m old-school that way,” Joey, who stars opposite Melissa Joan Hart in the new ABC Family flick My Fake Fiancé, debuting Sunday, tells Mr. Media host Bob Andelman.

CAPTIONS: "You brought it on yourself," Joey (above) cautions fellow celebs who attract unwanted TMZ attention.

"You brought it on yourself," Joey (above) cautions fellow celebs who attract unwanted TMZ attention.

“The idols I grew up watching – Clint Eastwood, Clark Gable, Harrison Ford – these are guys that keep their private life private… And that’s what I’m about.

“I’m not a big fan of this Twitter and MySpace and all this stuff, where these celebrities constantly feel they need to be a celebrity – which is not what we are. If you’re an actor, you’re not really a celebrity.

“The line gets blurred between these reality stars and the actual movie stars – these young people who feel they need to compete with the reality stars and turn their private life into a film.

“And that’s when you get into a big problem, because everybody knows your every move… And then when TMZ is following you everywhere and you’re covering yourself up, stumbling out of a club, it’s like, Get away from me! Don’t bother me!”

To hear Joey’s full Mr. Media interview – in which he also discusses why he keeps his hair super-close-cropped these days and how he first met Melissa Joan Hart – click here.

10 Ways to Connect with the BlogTalkRadio Community


The BlogTalkRadio community is a tight-knit and congenial group that spans the genres. Each show has its community and those communities mingle with other communities, and it’s all one big happy. If you would like to be more connected with the members of the BlogTalkRadio community, here are 10 ways to connect.

1. Chat Rooms – All BlogTalkRadio shows offer a chat room feature. Some host would rather not be distracted with chats, but the majority of BlogTalkRadio hosts love a lively chatroom. You’ll find the various shows each have their own communities and all are welcoming. BlogTalkRadio’s chatrooms are a favorite way for our hosts to connect.

2. Twitter – Over 7,000 BlogTalkRadio hosts are on Twitter! You’ll find Shaun Daily rocking the BlogTalkRadio Twitter account and you can follow me as well. Do a Twitter search for BlogTalkRadio and you’ll find many members of the BTR team as well as hosts and listeners sharing details about their favorite shows.

3. Facebook BlogTalkRadio has a Facebook group. For updates or sharing with other members of the BlogTalkRadio community, feel free to join us! BlogTalkRadio also has specific groups for Politics, Entertainment, Books, Technology and more.

4. Ning – Join us as we build up our social network on the BlogTalkRadio Ning. We have a daily discussion, news and updates, photos shared by other members of our community and much more!

5. The BlogTalkRadio Forum – Our BlogTalkRadio forum features areas for hosts helping hosts, equipment recommendations, bragging about shows and accomplishments, and much more. The forum is fairly new and we would love to see you there!

6. The BlogTalkRadio Yahoo Group – We have thousands of members in our BlogTalkRadio Yahoo group and they love to share ideas and advice!

7. MySpace – You’d be surprised at how much of the BlogTalkRadio community has a profile on MySpace. Be sure to befriend BlogTalkRadio on MySpace for news, updates and bulletins.

8. Plurk – Plurk isn’t as popular as Twitter, but we still have a presence there and so should you! Follow BlogTalkRadio on Plurk.

9. Comments – Like a show you just listened to? Comment. Share comments with other hosts and listeners!

10. Blogs – In addition to this BlogTalkRadio Blog, many of our hosts and listeners have their own blogs. Read their profiles and support their online communties.

BlogTalkRadio As a Social Network


When we talk about social networks,  Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, .Ning and usually come to mind. Most of the Web 2.o crowd think of BlogTalkRadio as a place to listen to diverse programming and host online radio shows, and they’re not wrong. However, BlogTalkRadio is indeed a social network. It’s a lively online social radio community that can be used as a marketing tool, research resource or just a place to make new friends.

BlogTalkRadio offers many ways for  community members to learn, network and interact. For instance, each live broadcast offers the ability for listeners to particulate in a live chat and even to call in to ask questions of hosts and guests. This is a favorite way for members of the BlogTalkRadio community to mingle with like-minded people. The chatrooms are also a worthy networking tool. While spamming the chatroom with links or show pitches is generally frowned upon, many of our listeners do enjoy talking to the people they meet in the chatrooms and take it to the forum or email once the chatroom closes.

Like many social networks, BlogTalkRadio allows its registered members to “friend” other members. There are benefits to befriending others in the BlogTalkRadio community as it’s a way to learn about upcoming shows and events. Members may also send direct messages to each other as a way to connect and carry on a discussion. Like Facebook, BlogTalkRadio friends receive updates when new shows are posted, when friends comment and more.

As a research tool BlogTalkRadio is top notch. With hundreds of shows being broadcast daily, interested parties can listen to hours of programming on a favorite topic or topic. Not only are our hosts experts, but they also interview the best in the field. BlogTalkRadio can be used for research for homework, projects, term papers, blogs, articles and so much more.

Members of BlogTalkRadio also have access to the BlogTalkRadio forum and Yahoo group. The chatrooms are only open for the duration of the live broadcast and direct messages only include two people in the conversation. The forum and Yahoo group allow our members to share and interact at length.

As you can see, BlogTalkRadio is more than a place to listen to online radio. It’s another way to learn, interact, network and make friends online.

How do you use BlogTalkRadio?

CNN’s Rick Sanchez ‘Is the Chief Twit’ Says Colleague John Roberts

EDITOR’S NOTE (Oct. 1, 2010): CNN’s Rick Sanchez has been fired from the network for calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” and suggesting that “everybody who runs CNN” is Jewish. Below is a story involving Rick from March 19, 2009.

John: All a-Twitter over colleague's cyber-success?

John: All a-Twitter over colleague's cyber-success?

Democratic though it may be, social media can still breed petty jealousies.

Case in point: John Roberts, who gives fellow CNN newsman Rick Sanchez a good ribbing this week.

Interviewed on Morning Media Menu, John and his American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry discuss their show’s newly-launched Facebook and Twitter applications with host Steve Krakauer.

“How many people are calling us now in ‘amFIX’ on Twitter?” Kiran asks John.

“I think we had about 100 when we started off on Monday. We’ve got 600 now. I mean, we’re not up to Rick Sanchez’s 65,000 yet. But we’re increasing exponentially.”

Later in the chat, Steve, who’s podcasting from American Morning‘s Manhattan set, returns to the topic of the CNN Newsroom anchor.

“You talk about Rick Sanchez as sort of the standard-bearer of Twitter,” he says. “But what about—”

That’s when John whips out this zinger:

Rick (above): Sultan of Social Media.

Rick: The Sultan of Social Media.

“He is the chief twit—ter here.”

After a hearty laugh, Kiran—who, like John, begins her workday at 3 a.m.—jumps to her co-anchor’s defense.

“He got up this early,” she tells Steve. “He can say that!”

Will Rick respond? Stay tuned.

Click here to hear John Roberts and Kiran Chetry’s full March 17, 2009  interview.

Click here to hear Rick Sanchez’s full Feb. 10, 2009 interview.

Click here to check out Rick Sanchez’s blog.

Are You Following Us On Twitter?

How do YOU use Twitter Search?

Are you following us on Twitter?

by Deb Ng

We’ve been getting heavy into the Twitter campaign and it’s working. Not only is the BlogTalkRadio team tweeting out the love, but hosts and listeners are promoting their shows as well. If you’re interested in receiving updates on the latest blog posts or current shows, we hope you’ll follow us! My BlogTalkRadio Insider co-host, Shaun Daily,  is the Twitterer behind the BlogTalkRadio account and rocking the banter. You’re also welcome to follow me!

Also, if you’re interested in learning which BlogTalkRadio hosts are on Twitter, check out the BlogTalkRadio forum. We have a thread going where the Tweeting members of the BlogTalkRadio community are letting us how to follow them. Twitter Search is another superb way to find the BlogTalkRadio friends who Tweet.

Hope to see you on Twitter!

Twitter’s Greatest Hits

How do YOU use Twitter Search?

by Deb

Over the weekend I had an epiphany. Since we’re always using the forum, this blog and BlogTalkRadio Insider to help our hosts find ways to bring traffic and listeners to their shows, why not also bring out some gems from the BlogTalkRadio vault. Saturday’s feature, Chris Brogan’s Greatest hits was quite the success and I hope those who listened to some of the archived segments walked away with something useful.

Since Twitter is a huge topic of discussion among the BlogTalkRadio community, I thought it was time to bring out Twitter’s Greatest Hits. Some of these links are single segments, others point to a Twitter oriented show page. As with the last “Greatest Hits” feature, I hope you walk away with the knowledge you need to succeed using this popular microblogging platform. Behold:

Twitter’s Greatest Hits:

  • In June, 2008, Tim Phelan gave a mini Twitter tutorial.
  • Warren Whitlock, or @warrenwhitlock if you follow him on Twitter, not only wrote the Twitter Revolution, he also has a weekly Twitter radio show right here on BlogTalkRadio.
  • A new Twitter-oriented show makes its debut today – Twitter Radio!
  • Last month the Columbia Journalism School presented a Twitter briefing.
  • Would you believe there’s a Twitter cruise? Check out Twitter by the Sea.
  • Last week, Black Talk Radio explored the various Twitter applications.
  • Every Tuesday Jason Crouch and Ken Cook bring us Twitter Tuesday!
  • To Twitter or not to Twitter. Find out when Karen Rands explores this social networking phenomenon.
  • Why should you follow me anyone on Twitter? Learn the answers on SEO101.
  • Twitter can also be used to raise awarness and funds for charitable causes. On User Friendly Thinking Connie Reese discussed using Twitter to raise cancer awareness.
  • In October, Social Media Explosion, welcomed  the authors of The Twitter Handbook, Warren Whitlock and Deb Micek.
  • In November Jim Turner of Social Mediasphere featured a discussion on Twitter and how it can be monetized.
  • Even the FlyLady and friends discussed Twitter!
  • This past September, Paul Cooley discussed using Twitter to build up your business.
  • In October, Socially Speaking welcomed Laura “@pistachio” Fitton who discussed the different benefits of microblogging.

BlogTalkRadio features over 500 Twitter-oriented broadcasts in our vault. If you’re interested in learning how to use Twitter to build up contacts and community, do browse our listings.

10 Reasons You Should Host Your Own BlogTalkRadio Show


by Deb

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I answer a lot of questions on the social networks regarding BlogTalkRadio. The two questions I’m asked the most are “How do I start my own BlogTalkRadio show” and “Why should I host a BlogTalkRadio” show. I answered the first question a couple of weeks back, and today I’m happy to tackle the second.

Here are 10 great reasons to host your own BlogTalkRadio show:

  1. Establish yourself as an expert – Like blogs, books and websites, a regular podcast can help you become established as an expert, especially as more people tune in each week to hear your advice or catch your interviews with other experts.
  2. Gets your name out there – A lot of folks like having an online radio show because it puts there name out there in the webisphere. This comes in handy when it comes to applying for jobs, speaking gigs, writing and blogging projects and more.
  3. Marketing – Online radio is a terrific marketing opportunity. Talk about your books, blogs, websites, charities, events and more – all to your heart’s content.
  4. Build up community – Take your community to a whole other level with your online radio show. The people who follow your blogs or rally around your  product are sure to call in to your show and chat in the chat room. It’s just another way to bring them all together.
  5. Online radio and podcasting makes an great accompaniment for blogs. If you have a blog, online radio and podcasting is a wonderful way to expand on certain topics and bring in experts for a discussion. Your community will enjoy interacting this way as well.
  6. Have discussions with important people in your  niche. If you ever wanted to pick the brain of an expert in your field, your radio show will allow you to do this at length. Even better, you can share this with a community of listeners.
  7. Top-notch support. BlogTalkRadio offers ’round the clock support. If there’s ever a problem contact support@blogtalkradio.com and someone will be with you immediately. Plus you’re able to ask question in the forum and Yahoo group and we even offer live support every night.
  8. Meet and network with a terrific community. Our hosts and listeners are loyal, helpful and outgoing. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you they’re good people and the best reason to sign up with BlogTalkRadio. With a BlogTalkRadio account, you have the ability to meet, connect and brainstorm with the nicest folks online.
  9. It’s free. No explanation necessary.
  10. It’s simple. Technically, all you need is a phone to have a BlogTalkRadio show. A laptop helps so you can man the switchboard and check out the chat room, but it couldn’t be more simple. Simply sign up and you’re a host. We do offer free training and other tools to ensure your success, but it’s so simple anyone who can talk on the phone can host a show.

What’s your favorite reason for hosting a BlogTalkRadio show?

How Are You Using Twitter Search?

How do YOU use Twitter Search?

How do YOU use Twitter Search?

by Deb

I’m totally digging Twitter Search lately. Not only is it great for a vanity search – to see who might have @ responded to me that I missed, but it’s also a great way to find like-minded people to follow.

Now, if you have a BlogTalkRadio show it’s also a terrific way of finding who is talking about your topic. You’ll find links to news bits, interesting blogs, people to follow, folks to interview and folks who might become listeners.

Twitter is an amazing networking tool. Use Twitter Search to find other BlogTalkRadio hosts and listeners. I’m finding more and more of us are socializing via Twitter and sharing tips and technical advice. On a daily basis, I chit chat with Sunny Goodman, Dr. Blogstein, Jenn Fowler and many other BlogTalkRadio hosts with a Twitter presence.

I also search Twitter to find out who needs help with BlogTalkRadio. When folks ask questions, it’s my job as Community Manager to help them out. I can help make them comfortable with the BlogTalkRadio interface, answer their questions, or put them in touch with the folks who can offer technical support. All community managers need to have a heavy Twitter presence, and BlogTalkRadio is no exception. Twitter is such a huge referrer of traffic to our site, and Twitter Search is an important tool for everyone who is part of the BlogTalkRadio community.

How do you use Twitter Search?