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HGTV’s Stephanie McWilliams Gives BlogTalkRadio Some Fun Shui

BlogTalkRadio welcomes Feng Shui expert, Stephanie McWilliams, host of HGTV’s “Fun Shui.”

Today at 4pm, join Betsy as she welcomes Stephanie to tell you how to improve your lives through utilizing the principles of Feng Shui and explains why your home environment affects your happiness, money and yes, even more intimate things.

From Stephanie’s Evolving Arts Site:

Feng Shui takes a look at the powerful relationship we have with our environment, and helps us to artfully arrange these spaces so we feel as good as we possibly can. When we feel better and begin to think more optimistically about our hopes & dreams, we can draw these opportunities powerfully into our lives.

In this day and age, full of cell phones, pagers, blackberries, laptops, wireless internet, emails and GPS systems, we are bombarded with stimulus. Our world is transforming rapidly, and our lives are becoming more and more complex. Of all the times throughout history, we are in need of environments that heal. To maintain the pace, activity and responsibility we all are carrying, it is VITAL that our homes become a source of rest, rejuvenation, inspiration and health.

Knitting in Baghdad with KnitGrrl

Think you have a hard time finding yarn? Join BlogTalkRadio host Shannon Okey on The Knitgrrl Show today to hear about knitting live from Baghdad.

Knitting in BaghdadTonight at 11pm ET, join this special edition of The Knitgrrl show as Shannon welcomes US Army specialist Lorie Jewell live from Baghdad. Lorie and her knitting friends will discuss what it’s like to knit – and live – in Iraq

Shannon is the author, co-author or editor of more than ten fiber- and fabric-related books;, her fiber arts website; a columnist for knit.1 magazine; a frequent contributor to other crafty magazines; and a co-owner of Stitch Cleveland.

Don’t miss this great and unique show tonight.

The Bachelorette stars Trista and Ryan Sutter on BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio welcomes Trista and Ryan Sutter, the couple who found love in front of millions on national television during ABC’s The Bachelorette.

Sutters Today at 1pm, Out of the Blue talk radio host Anita, presents Total Mom Solutions – exclusive interview with new parents Ryan and Trista Sutter!

The Sutters will share their journey as new parents and talk about what’s in store for the future!

Tune in for Out of the Blue Talk Radio – honest and funny. Anita shares great guests and humor and relates to everyone about the ordinary and extraordinary events of daily life

Career Advice, Entrepreneurs and Generating Business on BlogTalkRadio

This Saturday is chock full of career advice, entrepreneur discussions and marketing tips from your BlogTalkRadio hosts.

Marketing Lady wants you to make time for marketing. Today at noon ET, on Let’s Talk Success, The Marketing Lady asks “Are you so busy that you don’t have time to even market your business?” Never fear, she will give you tips and advice on how to make time to do marketing for your business every day.

At 1pm ET, Words Cause Radio airs “Womentrepreneurs Part 2: Women Generating Business Opportunity Out of Thin Air and Having Fun Too” as Dean and Jared continue their series on women entrepreneurs including discussions with several extraordinary women: the founder of, the creator of three different businesses that are all focused on fun, and the coach of last year’s 2nd place team at the US Open of Swing Dance! Be sure to check out Part 1.

Then at 2:30pm ET, HelpIwant tackles the tough topic of making career and personal transitions – resetting your life’s path. Facing personal and professional realities which are sometimes forced upon us by external events can be daunting if not approached with a plan or some forethought. Deborah Bailey is a career coach and special guest who will provide her insights.

Niki Taylor Makes BlogTalkRadio a Supermodel

Supermodel Niki Taylor, and host of Bravo’s “Make Me a Supermodel,” headlines tonight’s Radio Happy Hour with Dr. Blogstein.

Niki_Taylor_002 Tonight at 9pm ET, Niki Taylor will tell the good Doctor if he has what it takes to become a supermodel, how she’s persevered though a soap opera-like life story and whether or not she hangs out with other beautiful people. Pay close attention to this interview and hang out in the live chat room during the show and you can win some cool prizes (so we’re told).

Also this week, NASCAR driver and Hollywood stunt man Stanton Barrett stops by the Radio Happy Hour. We’ll hear about his death defying stunts on some of Hollywood’s biggest films, his racing career and his athletic pedigree. Plus, Matt and Bryce from the band Stealing Jane. All this and more with Dr. Blogstein!

Model and Host Isobella Jade LIVE in Time Square

Isobella Jade, BlogTalkRadio host, author and model broadcasts live at the event today.

Lashes Isobella takes her show on the road today at 5:30pm ET to visit the Sephora in Time Square, New York City to experience the Pimp Your Lashes Event at Sephora with the Make Up For Ever brand. Pros are training ladies in the art of lash pimpin’ and providing them with the skills they can take home (plus a handy snapshot of the handiwork).

Our own Ms. Jade will be broadcasting live from the event and providing her usual advice and hints for women, especially those interested in the modeling industry.

Ask Finesse Mitchell on BlogTalkRadio

If you want to know whether to buy that pair of skinny jeans, by all means, ask your girlfriends. But when it comes to men – ask Finesse.

FinesseTonight at 6pm ET, the Hill Girls bring you Finesse Mitchell author of “Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much.” Finesse is a former Saturday Night Live cast member, but long before that, he made quite an impact in the world of stand-up comedy. His witty sense of humor, Southern charm and stage presence makes him one of the brightest young stars on the comedy horizon.

Finesse gives women even more of his witty, “Un-Phil” like advice on love/dating and figuring out BLACK MEN.

Valentine’s Day on BlogTalkRadio

Happy Valentine’s Day from BlogTalkRadio. Our hosts have pulled together some great content for you, of course.

Valentine Starting at 1pm ET, Mr. Media welcomes Sara Zarr, Young Adult novelist – and 2007 National Book Award finalist back to the program. The best-selling author of “Story of a Girl” will talk about her second book, “Sweethearts,” on its day of release, Valentine’s Day!

At 2pm ET, Rendezvous with Renee brings you Relationship Expert and author of “The Rules to Love,” Brian O Lynch to her show. Today the topics include all that things the makes relationships work and the things that tear them apart and how to delete the drama.

At 2:30pm ET Animal Talk Naturally Gone Wild! has a special Valentine’s Day Presentation featuring the author of Cupid’s Secret, Buck Kalinowski. This is an amazing true story of an abused horse and how love found her and saved her.

At 9pm ET, Doctor Anonymous features the Valentine’s Day Estrofest with special guests medbloggers Dr. Val, Jenni from, Crzegrl, and EmergencyEmm.