Oh, Snaps! Robin Milling Does Late-Night Duty with A-listers Aplenty

You gotta hand it to Robin Milling. In her quest to capture the most compelling performers on tape, she burns the candle at both ends—as evidenced by this series of snaps she just passed on to us. As host of Milling About, which launched in October 2009 here on BlogTalkRadio, the New York-based veteran entertainment […]

Oh, Snaps! Lisa Johnson Mandell Joins Janet Powers as Co-Host of ‘Work It Girl’

We don’t impress easily, so believe us when we say Lisa Johnson Mandell‘s networking prowess is something the likes of which has rarely been seen at BlogTalkRadio. As an L.A.-based entertainment journalist and film critic, Lisa spent 25 year rubbing elbows with such powerhouses as Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Ben Stiller. But in her […]

Oh, Snaps! Chenese Lewis Gets Her Interview on with Sherri Shepherd, Gladys Knight and Finesse Mitchell at Essence Music Fest

Nice work if you can get it! And Chenese Lewis got it big-time, at the 2010 Essence Music Festival. Our L.A.-based PLUS Model Radio host (who’s originally from Baton Rouge) was in New Orleans for the must-attend event this past weekend, with a prime perch on Radio Row. There, at BlogTalkRadio’s booth, Chenese hobnobbed with […]

Oh, Snaps! ‘Elvis’ Wishes Wayne Newton a Happy Birthday (‘Sammy’ and ‘Dino’ too!)

While it’s impossible to know everything that goes on here at BlogTalkRadio—what with our more than 1,000 hours of programming each day—it seems safe to say that this item takes the, ah, cake for year’s most memorable. Last week, host Vincent Schilling welcomed Wayne Newton for a live, hour-long broadcast celebrating the incomparable entertainer’s 68th […]

Oh, Snaps! Annie and Burl Kick It with Frank Vincent at ‘Chicago Overcoat’ Premiere

As ultimately-whacked mob boss Phil Leotardo on The Sopranos, Frank Vincent put the bad in bada-bing. And now he’s back on the Mafia map as aging hitman Lou Marazano in the new flick, Chicago Overcoat, which had its world premiere Oct. 10 at the Chicago International Film Festival. So who did Frank and his fellow […]

Oh, Snaps! NaVell Lee Does Red-Carpet Duty at Daytime Emmys

If you want a slew of terrific celebrity interviews, as NaVell Lee knows, don’t wait for Moses to come to the mountain, bring the mountain to Moses. And so, mic in hand, our Buzzworthy Radio host—and daytime-drama guru—did just that on Aug. 30 at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Among the […]

Oh, Snaps! Zachary Sang Does Mega Jam ’09

There’s just no stopping Zachary Sang. In addition to reeling in great guests like Hannah Montana star Moises Arias, JONAS stars Chelsea Staub and Nicole Gale Anderson, Prom Night star Brittany Snow and Aquamarine star Sara Paxton each week, our WZAP Radio host has been busy this summer covering the hottest teen events in the […]

Oh, Snaps! Olivia ‘Rules’ with Tears for Fears Pose

If Fruit Salad hosts Pauly and Marky are our undisputed Snaps! champs, Olivia Wilder is quickly coming up the rear. In recent months, the Olivia Wilder Times host has buddied up to Titanic star Billy Zane and Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler. And last week, at the Tears for Fears concert in Saratoga, Calif., she […]