Jack Nicholson Smackdown? He Could Never Reach Me! Says Bill Duke

Director Bill Duke may be five years younger and six inches taller than Jack Nicholson, but he knows better than to diss The Joker’s beloved L.A. Lakers.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, Bill—a longtime L.A. resident—chats about getting away with cheering for visiting teams while perched on the sidelines of the Staples Center alongside other Hollywood heavyweights.


"I prefer ‘team' ball players," Bill (l) tells us vis-à-vis Boston—rather than the L.A. "star dunkers" that Jack (r) adores.

When host Janice Malone asks, “You’re a die-hard team of who— which team is it again?” Bill replies:

“The Boston Celtics. And my second team is Cleveland—LeBron [James], yes!

“But I can’t say that in L.A. too loud because there are people lurking and they do bad things. They have flags on their cars,” Bill, 67, who has made such flicks as A Rage in Harlem and Sister Act 2—and acted in such classics as American Gigolo—continues.

As to how he evades harm, Bill, who stands 6-foot-4½, adds that, when he goes to Lakers games, “I’ll wear a Lakers jacket or jersey, but then I’ll cheer for Boston or Cleveland, and that confuses everybody.”

And as for keeping out of trouble with Jack, 72, he says:

“He can’t reach me. If he could reach me, he’d do something bad.”

To hear Bill’s full interview, click here.

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