Cheech Marin: My Cop Dad Loved ‘Up in Smoke’—It Made Him a Hit with the Juvies

Go figure. Cheech Marin‘s father—who spent decades as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department—never batted any eye at the fact that his son built an empire on glorifying ganja.

In fact, officer Oscar Marin reveled in it.

CAPTION "I haven't had any scandals. I'm perfect," Cheech (above) quips to us.

"I haven't had any scandals. I'm perfect," Cheech (above) tells us.

Interviewed today at 1pm ET on Milling About, Cheech chats about his dad’s reaction to Up in Smoke (tagline: “It will make you feel very funny!), the 1978 cult classic co-starring comedy partner Tommy Chong—which tells the story of two stoners who unknowingly smuggle a van made entirely of marijuana from Mexico to L.A.

“He liked Up in Smoke because it made him real popular in the juvenile delinquent set. He was a juvenile officer, so he was like, ‘Oh yeah my son’s Cheech. Come over here and talk to me. Tell me all your stuff,'” Cheech tells host Robin Milling.

“He never scolded me because I was making more money than he was at the time!”

Cheech, who’s currently  starring The Perfect Game—which tells the true story of the first non-U.S. team to win the Little League World Series—also riffs on Tiger Woods.

“He will not come out of this unscathed. His image will be forever changed,” the funnyman says of the links champ’s serial-cheating scandal.

“That was the biggest fall from grace I’ve ever seen, only because his image was projected as so pristine.

“If he was a wild and crazy guy throughout it’d be a different story. But he had this ‘everything is perfect’ image and he’ll never have that image again. Ever.”

To hear Cheech’s full interview, click here.

To read more about The Perfect Game, which opens today nationwide, click here.

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