Gil Birmingham: There’s Dramatic Gold in that there Chair

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"It wasn't really that difficult," Gil (above—and locomoting like a mofo) tells us of adapting to Billy's inability to walk.

Gil Birmingham—who plays the wheelchair- bound Billy Black in the smash-hit Twilight series —is as spiritual in real life as he is on the silver screen (albeit practical, too).

Interviewed on Artists on Demand Radio, the San Antonio, Texas, native discusses Billy’s corporeal limitations.

“The essence of characters aren’t really determined by whatever physical challenges they might have,” he tells host Ashleigh Cook.

“I think that’s maybe what I have in common with the character Billy. The soul and essence of an individual isn’t determined by just their physicality,” continues Gil, 43.

“I actually adapted to the wheelchair rather quickly—as you may have noticed in the first Twilight [film] with the little faux fight that me and Billy Burke [who plays Charlie Swan] did.”

“Being on the set in a wheelchair is a lot more comfortable than actually having to stand around for 12 hours. So there’s that advantage!”

To hear Gil’s full interview, click here.

To check out the trailer for the latest Twilight installment, Eclipse, which opens June 30, click here.

2 thoughts on “Gil Birmingham: There’s Dramatic Gold in that there Chair

  1. Franny Armstrong

    I was so ticked when they killed your character in TWILIGHT, Billy! You were awesome.
    I’d love to hear more about your future endeavors.

    Franny Armstrong

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