Heeeeerrrrreeee’s Ed McMahon!

Editor’s Note: To read Ed’s June 23, 2009 obituary and appreciation, click here.

The man who originally made “Heeere’s Johnny!” two of the most famous words in the English language will be on BlogTalkRadio tonight. Ed McMahon!

McMahon Ed McMahon is famous for being Ed McMahon. He was Johnny Carson’s famous sidekick for years on The Tonight Show. He’s been an announcer on numerous shows and hosted blooper shows, greatest TV commercial shows, Star Search and of course, the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.

He’ll be live tonight On A Conversation with Andrea and … Ed McMahon at 9pm ET. This is a rare opportunity to talk with Mr. McMahon, the man who sat beside the great Johnny Carson for all those many years and accomplished so many great things.

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