Jackée: “I Wanna Do ‘Dancing with the Stars’!”

We know Jackée can walk funnier than a mofo. But can she dance?

Interviewed on Musings of a Muse, the 227 star says she can indeed— so well, in fact, that she wants to strut her stuff on national TV.

"Reality TV is here to stay," Jackée (above) tells us. "So get with it, or quit the business."

"Reality TV is here to stay," Jackée (above) tells us. "So get with it, or quit the business."

“I wanna do Dancing with the Stars!” Jackée tells host Suncera Johnson, who replies:

“I think we should take up an online petition”—to which Jackée replies:

“I think we should. I would be fabulous.”

Fabulous, perhaps, but without flaunting too much skin.

“Unlike Pamela Anderson, I would definitely be fully frocked! Ha-ha-haaaa!” she continues.

(Pamela, of course, appeared on Season 10 of Dancing with the Stars, which wrapped on May 25—three weeks after she was eliminated.)

Jackée also reveals an upcoming project with a fellow funny lady.

“They have something they call ‘real-com,’ which is reality mixed with comedy. Some parts of it are scripted, so you’re not just stuck out there,” she says during a discussion of the prevalence of reality TV.

“I just did one with Roseanne Barr. It was part scripted and part improvisation. And it was fun!”

Comin' back with a TV series—and Jackée in tow.

Roseanne: Comin' back to TV—with Jackée in tow.

Meanwhile, Jackée puts the kibosh on one particular comic discipline.

“I did stand-up one time, and it was very successful,” she says.

“But they didn’t laugh at one of my jokes—Lord, I almost lost my mind!

“I had a Michael Richards moment. I went out there—‘Y’all ain’t laughin’! Y’all supposed ta be laughin’!’

“So I will not be doin’ that again any time soon.”

To hear Jackée’s full interview, click here.

3 thoughts on “Jackée: “I Wanna Do ‘Dancing with the Stars’!”

  1. Sean Combs

    Jackée happens to be one of my all-time favorite people. This was an extremely insightful interview, and affirms that true talent is everlasting. I look forward to seeing her on “Dancing With the Stars”, and hopefully working with her very soon.


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