‘Dumb & Dumber’ Star Jeff Daniels: Ready to Duet with Jeff Bridges?

Here’s a lesson in how not to score points with the missus—as Jeff Daniels learned the hard way.

Interviewed today on Milling About, the Terms of Endearment star, who’s been writing songs for 30 years, tells host Robin Milling what inspired him to pen one about an RV.

"I don't write hits. I don't send out demos to famous singers. I just write songs," Jeff (above) says of his music.

Jeff: RV move (Real Vapid, that is.)

“I was in a recreational vehicle years ago, and I pulled into a truck stop and got recognized as Jeff Bridges, which threw me off,” says Jeff, whose new flick, Paper Man, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Lisa Kudrow, opens today.

“I topped off my tank, got into my recreational vehicle and pulled out—and I’d forgotten my wife!” adds Jeff of Kathleen, his high school sweetheart to whom he has been married for 31 years.

“Maybe me and Jeff should do a CD together. Or Dumb and Dumber-the sequel!”

Jeff, who’s currently starring opposite Lucy Liu on Broadway in God Of Carnage, also discusses his lack of success in the family business—a lumber yard.

“I really didn’t have any ability when it came to hammer and nails and saws and things being square and measured correctly. I just didn’t have that in me.

“Being the oldest son—and this is a family owned business for generations—there were attempts made to see if lumber was in my blood, like math and algebra and trigonometry and Soap Box Derby (I did that), and it just wasn’t.

“I couldn’t saw on the line; I couldn’t measure it right; things didn’t fit; I’d hang a shelf and it’s not even.”

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