Kelly Cutrone: I Hired Stephanie Pratt Just so Lauren Conrad Could Fire Her

Kelly: Complicit in questionable workplace practices.

Kelly: Complicit in questionable workplace practice.

Now that The Hills‘ finale is finally on the horizon, public-relations maven Kelly Cutrone is revealing the reality behind the MTV reality series.

Interviewed on Artists on Demand Radio, the People’s Revolution founder dishes about what really went down with Stephanie Pratt during Season 5 of the MTV reality show, which signs off forever on July 13 after six hit seasons.

“[Stephaine] Pratt should not have been [hired at Peoples Revolution], but I let her stay there because (a) Lauren wanted to bring her in,” she tells host Ashleigh Cook of Steph’s frenemy Lauren Conrad.

“And (b) I knew Lauren was going to end up firing her, and I thought that would be a really good experience for Lauren to learn how to fire somebody.

“It’s not a easy thing to do.

“I let Pratt work there knowing that she was coming in as the ‘firing experience’ for Lauren.

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The interview from Kell: With Stephanie (l).

“Lauren thought that Pratt was coming in, thinking that she had got her friend a job, but I knew Pratt wasn’t going to make it,” Kelly, who’s also star of the Bravo reality series Kell on Earth, continues.

Kelly also revealed that People’s Revolution is branching out beyond PR, marketing and branding—and into TV.

“We just signed a deal, which hasn’t been announced yet, to do a scripted show for network based on the fashion industry that [People’s Revolution] is not on, but we’re executive producing.”

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